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Peter David Schiff is an American stock broker, financial commentator, and radio personality. He is CEO and chief global strategist[2] of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., a broker-dealer based in Westport, Connecticut.

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After Receiving Bitcoin Gifts, Peter Schiff Could Turn Bitcoin Believer

If you have to mention top 10 who hate bitcoin with all their hearts, you’ll have to mention Peter Schiff. He is one of those who have talked down on bitcoin. He doesn’t even see any good thing with it. He cares less of the price. However, of recent, Peter Schiff, who is an avid gold investor confessed he owns some bitcoin. This came as a shock to some prominent members of the crypto community. Peter Schiff confessed he got about $100 worth of bitcoin as a gift. Schiff’s confession earned him some more worth of bitcoin. Firstly from Morgan Creek Digital Assets cofounder, Anthony Pompliano. Pomp gave him an extra $100. So did some other members of the community, totaling about $2,800. Peter Schiff Rethinks, Hopes To Become A Bitcoin Believer Just like the joy of having a baby, Peter Schiff’s bitcoin gifts made him rethink his position on bitcoin. This he noted in one of his recent posts via Twitter saying; “I will be hosting the 1st ever Peter Schiff Bitcoin challenge live on my Youtube channel on Monday, July 15th at 9 PM EDT. If you think you can change my mind on Bitcoin, here’s your chance.  Bring your best argument and be prepared to defend it.” Pomp, who wants credit for being the one who will change Peter Schiff’s mind, asks for 15 mins live stream before everyone else takes their shot. “Want to do the live stream together and I can spend 15 minutes trying to give you a difference of opinion before everyone else sends in thoughts?” Anthony Pompliano asks. Pomp Gets His Shot, But Even Better Anthony Pompliano will be getting more than just 15 minutes of a live stream on YouTube as he had proposed. In Pomp’s recent tweet, he confirmed that he, Pomp and Peter Schiff will have a debate on “Bitcoin and Gold on CNBC’s Crypto Trader.” The debate will be moderated by the show’s very own host, Ran NeuNer. Hopefully, Anthony Pompliano will play his cards right, making Peter Schiff a bitcoin believer. Warren Buffett, Next In Line As the bitcoin generals continue to “recruit soldiers”, the community expects Warren Buffett to be the next bitcoin believer. Buffett is one tough nut to crack, he’s one unrepentant bitcoin pessimist. He once called bitcoin a “gambling device” with “a lot of frauds connected with it.” However, the crypto community looks forward to Justin Sun’s power lunch with the billionaire on the 25th of July. At the meeting, Sun hopes to enlighten Buffett on cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and their impact on the ecosystem. The post After Receiving Bitcoin Gifts, Peter Schiff Could Turn Bitcoin Believer appeared first on ZyCrypto.

Peter Schiff Open to Singing a Different Song, Changing His Mind About Bitcoin

When it comes to the cryptocurrency sector there's no shortage of cynics and naysayers who have many reasons to doubt the use and applications of the technology. Many people including Nouriel Roubini and Kevin O’Leary to name just a few, have publicly described the cryptosphere as a scam or largely illegitimate. As with anything else, […]
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Crypto Pundit and Goldbug Peter Schiff Begins to Warm Up to Bitcoin

In recent weeks, both Bitcoin and gold have started to show signs of the early stages of a bull run is beginning. However, goldbug Peter Schiff, founder of SchiffGold, says that while gold is indeed laying the foundation of the next bull run, Bitcoin is actually in a “sucker’s rally,” and has even compared buying Bitcoin to throwing money into the garbage. The comments have made Schiff a target in the crypto community, and has received a barrage of comments pushing the investor to pay more attention to the digital version of his beloved precious metal, which shares so many of the same qualities that make it unique. But the Bitcoin basher may finally be coming around, and is welcoming a conversation on Bon the first every crypto asset and is hoping that he may be convinced of its value. Peter Schiff Now Owns Bitcoin: Is the Goldbug Turning Crypto Bull? The outspoken founder of precious metals investment firm SchiffGold, Peter Schiff, has been on a Bitcoin bashing rampage in recent weeks. In his defense, his entire business and belief system is at risk of being unseated by something he thinks is trash, and is reacting accordingly to protect his investment. Related Reading | Crypto Pundit Peter Schiff Says Gold Is In Early Bull Market, But Bitcoin Is a Sucker’s Rally But he might just be finally coming around, now that he actually owns some Bitcoin. I have been gifted $2,800 worth of Bitcoin. Thanks to all for your generosity. What should I do with my stash? 1. Use it now to buy 24 Karat gold jewelry at for my wife. 2. Ignore the FUD and HODL until Bitcoin moons and buy a Lambo for myself. — Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) July 10, 2019 Schiff claims he was “gifted” about 0.25 BTC according to current prices from crypto supporters encouraging him to learn more about the digital asset. The investors asks what he should do with his BTC: buy gold with it for his wife, or “HODL” until Bitcoin “moons and buy a Lambo for myself.” While he remains a “skeptic,” it’s at least piqued his interest enough to host the first ever “Peter Schiff Bitcoin challenge” live on his Youtube channel. He’s opening the floor for someone to change his mind about Bitcoin. I will be hosting the 1st ever Peter Schiff Bitcoin challenge live on my Youtube channel on Monday July 15th at 9 PM EDT. If you think you can change my mind on Bitcoin, here’s your chance. Bring your best argument and be prepare to defend it. — Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) July 10, 2019 Cryptocurrency Has Broken Through to Traditional Finance In addition to the biggest goldbug in the world beginning to come around to Bitcoin, so is the rest of the traditional world of finance. Institutions are finally paying attention, and investors have begun to flock to Bitcoin alongside gold, the Japanese yen, and the Swiss franc as an economic hedge in the face of impending global economic collapse. Related Reading | Prominent Investor: Mainstream Finance Is Now Considering Bitcoin As a Safe Haven Asset The world of traditional finance has finally began to give cryptocurrency and more importantly, Bitcoin, the respect it deserves. The trend can also be seen in reverse. Crypto traders who once only stuck to the emerging asset class have started to become increasingly interested in traditional assets outside of crypto, and exchanges have begun to cater to that demand. Both eToro and PrimeXBT offer a range of traditional financial assets outside of crypto, including stocks indices, commodities, forex, and even the gold that Peter Schiff holds so dearly. If Peter Schiff can be convinced that Bitcoin has real value next to his beloved gold, it won’t be long until the rest of the world realizes Bitcoin’s potential.     Crypto Pundit and Goldbug Peter Schiff Begins to Warm Up to Bitcoin was last modified: July 10th, 2019 by Tony SpilotroThe post Crypto Pundit and Goldbug Peter Schiff Begins to Warm Up to Bitcoin appeared first on NewsBTC.

Peter Schiff Inviting People To “Change His Mind On Bitcoin”

Gold-bug Peter Schiff says he’d like bitcoin bulls to convince him how the top-ranked crypto is superior to gold as a safe-haven asset. Give me Reasons to Like Bitcoin as I Accumulate 1BTC Tweeting on Tuesday (July 9, 2019), Schiff declared his openness to being enlightened about bitcoin’s superiority over gold. An excerpt from the tweet reads: I’m inviting people to try to change my mind on Bitcoin. Feel free to take a shot. You never know you may convince me that I’m wrong. My mind is open. I'm doing a bitcoin challenge live on my YouTube channel on Monday night. I'm inviting people to try to change my mind on Bitcoin. Feel free to take a shot. You never know you may convince me that I'm wrong. My mind is open. — Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) July 9, 2019 The market forecaster and chairman of SchiffGold — one of the largest international precious metal dealers, has a history of denying the prominence of BTC. This stance hasn’t stopped Schiff from keeping a bitcoin wallet. SchiffGold even adopted BTC as a payment method. From calling bitcoin worthless back in 2017, Schiff has moved on to declaring that BTC does have some appeal but governments could shut it down easily. Since sharing his BTC address, the veteran gold-bug has received over $2,000 in bitcoin donations. These donations have been much to the chagrin of some commentators who say there are more deserving people who should receive these donations. For Schiff, the open challenge to people to change his mind about BTC is a payback for the donations received thus far. Any Upward Gold Movement Would Mean Greater BTC Boom Gold-bugs and bitcoin bulls do, however, have a point of consonance. Both sides believe there is an imminent market crisis. These forecasts come even as the economy appears to be stronger than it has been in recent times. However, many expect the Federal Reserve to adopt a more dovish monetary policy which could have serious implications for the market going forward. Speaking to CNBC earlier this week, David Roche of Independent Strategy predicted that gold could reach $2,000 before the end of the year. The price of gold is up almost 10 percent since the start of the year, even briefly topping $1,400 at the back end of June — a multi-year high. For bitcoin bulls like Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital, any market situation that takes gold to $2,000 would cause an even greater parabolic rise in the spot price of BTC. As previously reported by Bitcoinist, Max Keiser believes BTC can easily move 25-30x faster than gold. For Keiser, the smart money will choose to use bitcoin as a hedge once the Fed goes dovish. Do you think bitcoin will replace gold as the de facto store of wealth? Let us know in the comments below. Images via Twitter @PeterSchiff and The post Peter Schiff Inviting People To “Change His Mind On Bitcoin” appeared first on
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