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A cryptographic key that can be obtained and used by anyone to encrypt messages

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Wyoming citizens cannot be compelled in any proceedings to disclose private keys, claims Caitlin Long

As of recently, the U.S. government has been loosening its regulatory leash on the crypto-landscape, making sure not to miss out on its share of financial dominance. In a rare instance, Caitlin Long and Trace Mayer & Tyler Lindholm, together featured on Peter McCormack’s podcast to discuss Wyoming’s role in leading this initiative. Long started […] The post Wyoming citizens cannot be compelled in any proceedings to disclose private keys, claims Caitlin Long appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Bitcoin Origins: Dead Men Don’t Lose Private Keys

The judge presiding over the Kleiman vs. Wright trial ruled that 50% of all Bitcoin-related intellectual property created by Craig Wright prior to 2013 must be handed over to the estate of the deceased Dave Kleiman.  Depending on how much you buy into the Craig Wright carnival show, that could turn out to be half […] The post Bitcoin Origins: Dead Men Don’t Lose Private Keys appeared first on CCN Markets

‘New’ Satoshi Nakamoto Reveal (Part 2): Real Name, Lost Private Keys, New Project and More

Coinspeaker ‘New’ Satoshi Nakamoto Reveal (Part 2): Real Name, Lost Private Keys, New Project and MoreOh gosh. As soon as we got to worry that the real Satoshi Nakamoto is in jail or dead or, god forbid, Craig Wright; we can finally relax because he is good and alive and exists under the name – Bilal Khalid (even though this as was previously discovered in a check of the domain name registrar for the ‘Satoshi Reveal’ website).Remember this name because he is going to change history as we know it – not. In fact, he will not change anything, not even a BTC circulation (the thing you would have expected from the real Satoshi, right?). Why? Because he lost his private keys. Yes, you’ve read it absolutely right.But, as we have already said – don’t go yet, there is a new blockchain project made by Mr. Khalid or, what he wants to be called now – James Caan. Of course, the PR company is here just for the, ermmm, truth.Back in 2007 one little known wannabe star called Kim – gave her computer for repair. What went out from it – is a history. The worker hacked in her private files and released what we now know as – Kim Kardashian Superstar, a 41 minute movie. What she did – was history. From the Paris Hilton helper, she became one of the richest and most influencing women of the world.However, when our Caan handed his computer for repair, he got – nothing. Exactly that. Even though he says himself that he felt like his old computer is dying, he still didn’t feel the urge to write the keys done on a piece of paper.He explains:“I was also experimenting on many ways to secure the wallets for Bitcoin and how not to leave important Bitcoin data. I was so conscious not to leave the wallet.dat file or private keys in redundant or backup hard drives, as there were no secure cloud platforms at that point. And, as I described earlier, I was truly paranoid. “He further explains that he transferred all the relevant files to his Fujitsu Lifebook laptop and then to a refurbished Acer Aspire laptop that he bought online from a well-known chain in the UK. When he woke up next morning – everything was blank – no reason at all. He sent it back to a “support guys” and they changed his hard disk no question asked – because, that’s how you do it right? And that’s how, kids, the 980,000 Bitcoins were gone.But, that’s not all. Even though he may have continued with the mining (and even repeat the whole thing), Caan said that he simply lost faith in his project when Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen started speaking with the CIA. After that, he seems to forget the whole story after finding a job as an IT guy in the hospital. Why this sounds exactly like a story that some frustrated IT guy who works in the hospital would make up – we don’t know.Oh, but we do know because Mr. Caan has another product to present to us (no, this wasn’t a PR stunt after all). With AnnurcaCoin he now wants to revive a dead Indiegogo project from March 2019 which only raised £83 of its £824,258 target.Well, the first installment of ‘Yet Another Fake Satoshi,’ like the second, revealed very little of any worth. Readers were treated to a long-winded autobiographical screed concerning irrelevant tidbits about the self-proclaimed Satoshi’s childhood and upbringing.However, let’s just look on the writing style a bit, shall we? There is no way the same person wrote these “letters of revelation”. Since he graduated, as he says from Al-Khair University in Pakistan, it might be clear why his English is so perfectly bad. It seems even online courses from Yale, Duke and University of California-Irvine didn’t help him. Also, his coding also seems to be completely forgotten because we are pretty much sure that most people (especially young ones) know how to make a web page in WordPress.The writing style itself would have better suited Barbara Cartland novels and not the Satoshi’s White Paper as we had an opportunity to read. Somebody also should explain Mr. Caan that ‘cypher’ and ‘cyber’ are not the synonyms.Also, let’s not forget the name. The name made from randomly selected letters from the name of the bank (Bitcoin was made to overcome banks but who cares, right). Maybe Litecoin’s creator Charlie Lee made (again) the best point when tweeted:The origins of the word Litecoin were derived not just from it being a "lite" version of Bitcoin.I was looking at "Lime Tea Company Incorporated" and the light-bulb moment came where the letters were calling me to pick the name.The letters were:LIme TEa COmpany INcorporated— Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] (@SatoshiLite) August 18, 2019But let’s bear with Caan for one day more because we can’t wait to hear what’s this “whole new and improved version of Bitcoin called Tabula Rasa”.In the end, we can just say that, next time when you rent a PR company to promote your whatever it is you’re doing – at least make a fake porn leakage because, the way Caan did it now – will not keep him up with ‘Satoshians’ in any way.‘New’ Satoshi Nakamoto Reveal (Part 2): Real Name, Lost Private Keys, New Project and More

Bitcoin’s Satoshi Reveal Part 2: Lost Private Key, the CIA, & the Godfather

By CCN Markets: The second part of the Satoshi reveal by the (new) self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin proved to be even more outrageous than the first. In it, ‘Satoshi’ confirmed himself to be Bilal Khalid – as was previously discovered in a check of the domain name registrar for the ‘Satoshi Reveal’ website. We also […] The post Bitcoin’s Satoshi Reveal Part 2: Lost Private Key, the CIA, & the Godfather appeared first on CCN Markets
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The Beginner’s Guide to Monero

Monero is an anonymous digital currency that enables untraceable and unlinkable transactions by obfuscating a public ledger. It combines ring signatures, stealth addresses, Kovri and RingCT in a way that hides senders, recipients, their IP addresses and transacted amounts

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$100K Bitcoin Price Valuation | Stock To Flow Model? Electroneum ETN | Tron TRX Poloniex

Less than 3 million $BTC left to be mined. Bitcoin halving in 208 days. When can you expect a 100k BTC - Real Vision Interview with Plan₿ Response to Above Model Bitcoin Halving to Push Market Cap Into the Trillions? Bitcoin as a Savings Technology Poloniex finds new backing led by Tron’s Justin Sun Electroneum ETN is Testing BETA App for AnyTasks Platform Sign up for Altcoin Buzz FREE Newsletter: CRYPTO.COM MCO $50 REWARD Sign up for eToro ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit our website: Connect with us on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Telegram: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for the best cryptocurrency wallets? Check these out: BitLox: CoolWallet S: Trezor: Ledger Nano S: KeepKey: Read about them here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #altcoin #altcoins #crypto #BTC #ETH $BTC #bitcoinprice #ethereum #electroneum #cardano #enjin #hpb #digibyte #bitcoinnews #btcnews #libra #chainlink #ripple #xrp #xrpripple #binance #bitcoinnewstoday #cryptonews #litecoin #cryptocurrencynews #news NOTE The information discussed on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube or other social media channels is not financial advice. This information is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. Any information and advice or investment strategies are thoughts and opinions only, relevant to accepted levels of risk tolerance of the narrator and their risk tolerance maybe different than yours. We are not responsible for your losses. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments so please do your due diligence and consult the financial advisor before acting on any information provided. Copyright Altcoin Buzz Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Startup Kava Ready To Raise $3 Million Through IEO On Binance

A few days ago, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced the Kava (KAVA) token sale on the Binance Launchpad. This is one of the many projects that conducted an […] The post Startup Kava Ready To Raise $3 Million Through IEO On Binance appeared first on UseTheBitcoin.
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Tron [TRX] Up 5% Amid Rumours of Justin Sun Investing in Poloniex

Tron (TRX) has grown 5% in the last 24-hours following rumours of Tron CEO Justin Sun investing in Poloniex’s new digital firm.  Justin Sun May Invest in Poloniex On Friday, cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced in a blog post that it was spinning out of Circle and forming another company – Polo digital assets with new backers and a global focus. Among Poloniex developmental plans is focusing on global traders and spending $100M on expanding and developing the platform. Also, US customers will no longer be able to use Poloniex from the next month. According to rumours, one of the new backers of Poloniex is Justin Sun. The unconfirmed news comes from several Circle employees who refuse to be named. According to sources, Justin Sun is leading the Asian investment consortium backing Poloniex’s new company and he visited Circle’s Boston headquarters regarding the same yesterday and today. Justin Sun has not yet confirmed if the rumours are actually true. TRX Up 5% Amid Rumours TRX has grown 5% in a sluggish market in the last 24-hours, and this upward movement seems to have come as a reaction to the news of Sun’s plans of investment. Source: CoinMarketCap Tron began the week at $0.0161. It reached a weekly high of $0.168 on Tuesday, but it could sustain the upward movement for long, and it closed at $0.0157. On Wednesday, it tumbled further and hit $0.0148 before bouncing to $0.152. On Thursday, it plunged to the weekly low of $0.0146, but embarked on an upward movement again, closing at $0.0154. Yesterday, plummeted to a low of $0.0147, but began an upward journey again to reach $0.0155. Today, it rose to $0.0157 to mark a nearly 5% gain in a 24-hour period. At press time, it is trading at $0.0155. Other Developments at Tron Today, Tron announced the details of its association with Huobi Global. Justin Sun tweeted that users would now be able to deposit TRC20-USDT on Huobi with upto 30% Annualized Percentage Rate (APR) interest as a reward. Source: Twitter Today, as an update on its partnership with the sports betting platform,, Tron announced that users would be able to use their TRX to bet on the platform from October 20. The post Tron [TRX] Up 5% Amid Rumours of Justin Sun Investing in Poloniex appeared first on Coingape.
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