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a form of securities fraud that involves artificially inflating the price of an owned asset through false and misleading positive statements, in order to sell the cheaply purchased asset at a higher price.

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Binance CEO CZ accused of causing ‘pump and dump’ by prominent trader after being blocked on Twitter

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, has been dealing with a host of issues, both good and bad. Over the past month, the exchange has seen several token launches and a hack which resulted in the loss of over $41 million. Now, CZ is being accused of causing the “pump and dump” of several coin’s prices, via their actions. These allegations are fronted by DonAlt, the prominent cryptocurrency investor and analyst with over 98,000 followers on Twitter. The analyst added that he follows the likes of “CZ and Binance” for “VITAL information” and to be “well informed.” DonAlt added that any deviation against Binance’s opinions will get you “blocked.” His tweet, referencing the censorship at the behest of the largest exchange in the world, together with a picture attesting the same read, I follow exchanges for VITAL information. CZ and Binance literally pump and dump prices with their actions. You kind of have to follow them to be well informed. While that is happening, they force feed you shit. If you complain or voice dissatisfaction – You’re blocked. pic.twitter.com/moSaG0P7zR — DonAlt (@CryptoDonAlt) May 23, 2019 It should be noted that DonAlt’s comments came less than a day after he complained that the exchange and its CEO were relentlessly “shitposting.” Despite voicing his dissatisfaction at being blocked, he had previously said that he had “personally muted” both Binance and CZ. The trader had tweeted, I wish Binance and CZ would stop shitposting so much. I personally muted both accounts. Couldn’t stand having a shitty Twitter feed consisting out of low effort RT’s of girls asking for hoodies and Pizza. Most cartoon characters on here have a cleaner timeline than they have… — DonAlt (@CryptoDonAlt) May 22, 2019 Interestingly, CZ, who often veers away from Twitter conflicts responded to DonAlt. The Binance CEO stated that if the trader was displeased at the content put out by the former, he can simply “Click unfollow, and stop complaining,” citing the “Freedom of choice” argument as his concluding point. He responded to DonAlt, why do you still follow me? lol. Click unfollow, and stop complaining to try to change others, change yourself. Freedom of choice. — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) May 23, 2019 Following the incident, CZ blocked DonAlt. With the accusation of Binance allegedly causing a ‘pump and dump’ in several cryptocurrencies’ price, the trader was evidently irritated about their incessant marketing equating his Twitter timeline to a “professional dumpster,’ due to Binance’s shares. Maintaining that he respects the exchange’s “transparency” regarding timely updates during the period of their hack, DonAlt added that he had “several arguments” with the exchange about the posts relating to their IEO projects. Josh Rager, another prominent crypto-trader and advisor at Token Bacon and Level Invest, added on to the criticism of Binance, stating, The worst part is his little group of minions that tag him in anything not positive I’m shocked at the amount of people who kiss his ass They have no clue what goes on behind scenes — Josh Rager (@Josh_Rager) May 23, 2019 The post Binance CEO CZ accused of causing ‘pump and dump’ by prominent trader after being blocked on Twitter appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Crypto Update: Coins Pump and Dump in Frantic Weekend

The cryptocurrency segment saw its most active days since the April break-out, with the skyrocketing Bitcoin leading the way higher. After taking out the $6000 level, the […] The post Crypto Update: Coins Pump and Dump in Frantic Weekend appeared first on Hacked: Hacking Finance.

Is Bitcoin's Surge for Real or "Pump and Dump"?

Bitcoin surged higher today past some key resistance levels. But is this likely to be the start of a major uptrend - or just another pump and dump? We look at the facts. For more on Bitcoin visit: https://www.leadingtrader.com/bitcoin-strategy-video/ For membership: https://www.leadingtrader.com/join/
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Crypto.com Chain Spikes 1,000%, But is This an Elaborate Pump and Dump?

A very confusingly named crypto project has quickly risen up the crypto rankings to become a top 20 coin with it jumping some 10x in about three days. The very... The post Crypto.com Chain Spikes 1,000%, But is This an Elaborate Pump and Dump? appeared first on Trustnodes.
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Four Common Scams in Crypto

Sheer novelty and high promise of blockchain technologies draws a wide curious audience. But, paradoxically, the burgeoning blockchain space is already ripe with fraud.

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Mike Novogratz: Facebook’s GlobalCoin Won’t Rival Bitcoin

Coinspeaker Mike Novogratz: Facebook’s GlobalCoin Won’t Rival BitcoinMajor Bitcoin bull and former Wall Street exec Mike Novogratz recently discussed the current state of the cryptocurrency industry. The Galaxy Digital CEO explained why he thinks the crypto winter is finally over and why ‘Facebook Coin’ won’t rival Bitcoin.During his interview, Novogratz reminded that everyone had their own version of Bitcoin and the supply exponentially grew. Bitcoin, he thinks, had really established itself as a store value. He said:“This is hard to do because there is just one more stored value of this kind. It’s gold. It is hard to be worth something just because it’s worth something. Almost everything else is different. For example, Uber shares are worth something because people are using it. What Bitcoin has done is a unique thing.”He also referred to Bitcoin’s intrinsic value saying:“You can take all the gold in history that has been mined and put it in three Olympic swimming pools and it’s worth $8,5 trillions. Why? Because it sits in the vaults.”Novogratz went to mention that retailers are buying Bitcoin but also the institutions are moving in. There are Yale, Harvard and Stanford endowments.Microsoft Wanting to Link with Bitcoin Blockchain is a Big ThingThe CEO claims the original Bitcoin boom witnessed around 2016-2017 was influenced by the retail-driven investments by around 98%. This means more companies were buying cryptocurrency at a time when it looked like the future of finance. The recent developments in the crypto world are also affected by ‘credentialing’ according to the CEO especially with the recent move by Microsoft in the industry.“Also, there is Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world that says they want to do identify solution by linking it to the Bitcoin blockchain. Now this is big.”Microsoft recently announced their initiation of an identity solution to add to the Bitcoin blockchain. As more investments crowd Bitcoin, its value soars higher as witnessed in the recent spike. Microsoft is not the only big organization enabling the ‘credentialization’ of Bitcoin. Not long ago, Facebook lifted all the bans it had imposed on cryptocurrency and any blockchain-related advertisements.He also mentioned Facebook coin saying that it is really important for the ecosystem.“Crypto is going to be part of Facebook’s future. However, this coin will be listed to some stable currency and will be used for payyments. Bitcoin on the other hand is not going to be the payment currency – it will be stored vault, just like gold. If you really think bitcoin is gonna win this store of value, everything else needs to be used for something.”GlobalCoin Isn’t a Threat to BitcoinAs we’ve already wrote, Facebook’s GlobalCoin will probably be established as a stablecoin, pegged to the dollar or local currencies in the countries that will be allowed to use it. It is also likely to run on a private, centralized blockchain, owned and controlled by the company. Based on this fact, it can not be perceived as a direct competition to Bitcoin or other peer to peer decentralized digital currencies.Other coins that piqued Novogratz’s interest include Ethereum and EOS. These projects have to encourage developers to build on top of their platforms. Just few days ago he was comparing various cryptocurrencies with chemical elements in the periodic table. He then considered the role of altcoins, hinting that each coin will have “to prove themselves out” in order to provide a certain use case.On this note, Novogratz argued out that “there’s no one building anything on the Litecoin blockchain,” as opposed to the Ethereum blockchain.Recently, Novogratz made yet another Bitcoin prediction, claiming that the major cryptocurrency will beat its all-time-high record of $20,000 within the next 18 months.Mike Novogratz: Facebook’s GlobalCoin Won’t Rival Bitcoin

Binance Exchange soon To Roll Margin Trading Service For the First Time

An official blog released by Binance exchange confirms the launch of Margin trading service. However, earlier on May 24, 2019, Binance tweeted two screenshots, seeking user’s suggestion on which layout would they be preferred, a white background one and the black background. It was first noticed on Binance’s Twitter handle when a tweet was posted with two different colors included with the tab of Margin. Nonetheless, it was to create the buzz of its upcoming feature but according to TechCrunch, it has already been tested among a few users. As the testing has already been undergone, it is worth to predict that the margin trading option will go live anytime soon. By usage, Margin trading is an option that enables traders to boost up their buying power by using their balances as collateral. However, it wasn’t available at Binance exchange even the binance itself as the largest exchange as well as  the margin trading option carries potential profit margin. It is the first of its kind of Binance to launch margin trading service whereas the other trading platforms including BitMex, Huobi Pro, Poloniex, Coinbaes’s GDAX and Kraken are already serving this service to their customers. Also Read – Binance’s BNB Token Jumps 12% to Hit $34 Following Margin Trade Interface Tease At the moment, Binance is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of adjusted volume of the last 24 hours. It presently counts the volume of $2,088,850,554. Nonetheless, its native token, Binance Coin (BNB) is soaring a new peak of $33.87 against US Dollar. According to data provided by Coinmarketcap (CMC), BNB is surging with 6.42 percent over the past 24 hours and presently valuing the average trading volume of $4,781,168,385. Image source – Coinmarketcap What’s your take on BNB’s soaring value.? Do you think it will jump higher citing margin trading option by Binance exchange.? Let us know in the comment below Image source – Techcrunch The post Binance Exchange soon To Roll Margin Trading Service For the First Time appeared first on Coingape.

Is Facebook Launching its GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency Next Year? BBC Says Yes

There’s been a lot of information circulating that Facebook is moving into the crypto market. And while some of this information is outright false, other bits are true — at least, that’s what the sources say. Take today, for example. On Friday, BBC said Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is going to roll out GlobalCoin next year in several countries. Here’s everything we know. Facebook’s GlobalCoin Hitting the Market Soon? According to BBC, a London, UK-based broadcasting company, Facebook is planning to roll out its cryptocurrency “GlobalCoin” in 2020. The online media giant, according to the BBC ... ﾿ Read The Full Article On CryptoCurrencyNews.com Get latest cryptocurrency news on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our Terms Of Use and Disclaimer.
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Facebook’s GlobalCoin Allegedly to be introduced in 2020

The post Facebook’s GlobalCoin Allegedly to be introduced in 2020 written by Wieke Beenen appeared first on Blockchain News - Security and Utility Tokens, Tokenomics, Cryptoeconomics According to a report by the BBC, Facebook has serious plans introduce its own crypto currency. The facebook coin, internally referred to as ‘GlobalCoin’ will be introduced in multiple countries in the first quarter of 2020, after extensive testing at the end of this year. The new stablecoin which has been rumored about for a […] The post Facebook’s GlobalCoin Allegedly to be introduced in 2020 written by Wieke Beenen appeared first on Blockchain News - Security and Utility Tokens, Tokenomics, Cryptoeconomics
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