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New Liquid Infinity by Quoine Gives Users 100x Leverage to Trade Bitcoin

A major crypto exchange known as Quoine has officially kicked off a new trading feature on their Liquid platform called the Liquid Infinity. Quoine, which has its headquarters in Japan and with other offices in Singapore and also Vietnam, now lets users trade with 100x leverage on its new Liquid Infinity. Currently, trading pairs such […]
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Liquid by Quoine introduces new high leverage bitcoin trading service

CryptoNinjas Quoine, the digital asset exchange company headquartered in Japan with offices in Singapore and Vietnam, today announced an add-on to their Liquid trading service with the launch of Liquid Infinity, users can now trade with up to 100x leverage when trading bitcoin. BTC/USD... Liquid by Quoine introduces new high leverage bitcoin trading service

Bitcoin [BTC]: Singapore Court finds Quoine liable for wrongfully reversing BTC trade in 2017

The field of cryptocurrencies has been affected significantly because of the ongoing bear market and that, in turn, has led many to question the entire model. The rise in issues has also caused many regulatory bodies and governments to step up and intervene in the process. The latest example is the Singapore International Commercial Court [SICC], which found that the operator of Quoine, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, wrongfully reversed seven trades from electronic market maker B2C2 in April 2017. The Court revealed that the Singapore-based exchange was guilty of a contract breach as well as a breach of trust. The court document said: “The plaintiff claimed that the defendant’s reversal of the trades was in breach of the Terms and Conditions which governed the trading relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant at the material time, and was thus a breach of contract.” The document further stated: “Further, the plaintiff also claimed that the defendant held the proceeds of its account on trust for it and that the unilateral withdrawal of the BTC which had been credited to its account was therefore in breach of trust.” Back in 2017, Quoine had initiated seven sell orders for Ethereum to Bitcoin transactions at the rate of 10 BTC for 1 ETH, which according to reports was 250 times more than the existing market rate. Once the transactions concluded, B2C2 received the proceedings of the seven orders that were reversed the next day by Quoine. The current legal proceedings come after a case was raised by B2C2 asking for the recovery of 3,092 BTC. With the current ruling, the court has not explicitly asked Quoine to return the BTC, following which the SICC stated: “The plaintiff’s remedy lay only in damages which, if not agreed, will be assessed at a subsequent hearing.” Post the judgment, Quoine’s CEO, Mike Kayamori, claimed that the exchange was going to review the judgment and consider the options to file for an appeal. The post Bitcoin [BTC]: Singapore Court finds Quoine liable for wrongfully reversing BTC trade in 2017 appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Quoine Found Liable for Wrongfully Reversing BTC Trades in Singaporean First

In the first Singaporean legal dispute involving BTC, Singapore-registered cryptocurrency exchange Quoine has been found to have wrongfully reversed seven trades placed by market maker B2C2 during April 2017. The ruling has been made following four months of proceedings. Also Read: Thailand Approves Country’s First ICO Portal Quoine Held Liable for Reversing Trades Selling 309 ETH Priced at 10 BTC Each The Singapore International Commercial Court has found Quoine to be liable for a breach of contract and breach of trust for unilaterally reversing orders placed nearly two years ago by United Kingdom-based market maker B2C2. On April 19, 2017, B2C2 placed 12,617 ETH/BTC orders, only 15 of which were filled, including the seven orders that are the subject of the dispute with Quoine. The disputed trades comprised orders to sell 309.25 ETH for BTC at between 9.99999 BTC and 10 BTC each. With the exception of the disputed trades, all other orders were executed at a price of approximately 0.04 BTC per ETH. On April 20, 2017, the trades were reversed, triggering B2C2 to take legal action against Quoine. The trial sought the recovery of roughly 3,085 BTC. While the Singapore International Commercial Court has ruled in favor of B2C2, Judge Simon Thorley did not order Quoine to transfer the 3,085 BTC in question due to bitcoin currently being priced “substantially higher” than in April 2017. The judge stated: “When the bitcoin were originally credited to its account, the B2C2 software immediately began to hedge the proceeds by selling bitcoin … Before the trades were reversed, B2C2’s systems had sold slightly under one-third of proceeds on nine different exchanges,” adding that ordering repayment to B2C2 “would cause substantial hardship to Quoine which any potential difficulty in assessing damages does not outweigh.” Quoine Argues B2C2’s Trades Were Executed as Result of Technical Glitch According to the Supreme Court of Singapore, Quoine claimed that after 23:30:00 on April 19, 2017, its platform experienced a “technical glitch” causing “the quoter program to cease working” and as such all orders on ETH/BTC “ceased to be available and no true market price was available.” Between 23:52:52 and 23:54:33 on April 19, 2017, while the quoter program was not functioning, B2C2 placed the seven disputed trades priced approximately 250 times higher than the then-average price of ETH. As a result of the quoter program being unable to “access all the data necessary to establish a true market price, it sought to do so by reference to … the data arising out of the plaintiff’s seven orders,” causing leveraged traders’ positions to be liquidated. With no other orders available, the program matched the liquidation orders with the plaintiff’s seven orders, resulting in nearly 3092.52 BTC being credited to B2C2’s account in exchange for 309.25 ETH. Do you agree with the judge’s ruling? Tell us why in the comments section below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock At Bitcoin.com there’s a bunch of free helpful services. For instance, have you seen our Tools page? You can even lookup the exchange rate for a transaction in the past. Or calculate the value of your current holdings. Or create a paper wallet. And much more. The post Quoine Found Liable for Wrongfully Reversing BTC Trades in Singaporean First appeared first on Bitcoin News.
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Quoine CEO Believes Bitcoin Will Reach New All-Time High in 2019

The CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange and financial company Quoine believes Bitcoin will reach a new all-time high in 2019. Since December 2017, Bitcoin lost around 80% of […] The post Quoine CEO Believes Bitcoin Will Reach New All-Time High in 2019 appeared first on UseTheBitcoin.
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Quoine CEO Predicts New Bitcoin All-Time High by the End of 2019

During an interview on Bloomberg TV on December 3, Mike Kayamori, the CEO of Japanese cryptocurrency exchange and fintech… The post Quoine CEO Predicts New Bitcoin All-Time High by the End of 2019 appeared first on Invest In Blockchain.
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Quoine CEO Expects New Bitcoin (BTC) All-Time High In 2019

Quoine Chief: Nobody Knows Where The Bitcoin Bottom Is Even after Bitcoin (BTC) posted a dismal performance in November, purportedly the asset’s worst month since April 2011, diehard believers in this nascent asset class have maintained their zealous faith. Tom Lee, for instance,  recently told CoinTelegraph that Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), and XRP all have “staying power,” before adding that he expects for 2019 to be a “very good” year for BTC. And interestingly, Lee isn’t alone in touting such sentiment. After recently interviewing Roger Ver, the chief executive officer at Bitcoin.com, Bloomberg sat down with a crypto industry CEO, Mike Kayamori, to gain further insight into the tumultuous crypto market. The anchor first mentioned BTC’s dismal performance, asking the industry insider if this is the long-predicted crypto market “flush out.” Kayamori, who heads Quoine, a “leading fintech company” centered around blockchain, first noted that while $4,000 was touted as THE technical bottom, BTC obviously fell right through that no holds barred. Echoing Ver’s thought process that the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, the Quoine chief the noted that when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, like a prediction for a bottom, “nobody knows.” “That said,” he continued, “when you look at historical [trends] and how things are going [now], I think the bottom is near.” Kayamori’s comments regarding a bottom interestingly echo those made by Ronnie Moas, director at Standpoint Research, and ThinkMarkets chief analyst Naeem Aslam. The latter mentioned recently stated on the matter: Whenever there’s a [market] panic of this [size], it’s almost certain that we’re nearing a bottom… So we are very close to finding that Bitcoin bottom, wherever that bottom lies… Now is the point where you start preparing yourself to be in a position to participate [in crypto]. Kayamori, speaking on why he believes the BTC bottom is looming, drew attention to the Bitcoin Network’s rapidly dropping hashrate, noting that miners capitulating indicate that profitability “equilibrium” is near. He added that markets, driven by emotional traders, often over-shoot corrections and bull runs, with crypto presumably being no different. Kayamori Expects New Bitcoin All-Time High By EOY 2019 Interested by his comment, the Bloomberg TV host then asked the Quoine CEO about where he expects for prices to head in the near future. Kayamori, who evidently has a vested interest in the strong performance of cryptocurrencies, told the outlet that he originally expected for bitcoin to recover by 2018’s end, but then noted that this isn’t likely to occur. However, he went on to claim that as 2019 kicks into full gear, with the arrival of Bakkt, Fidelity Digital Asset Services, along with a multitude of other retail and institutional investor-focused products, BTC could begin moving drastically on “new momentum and sentiment.” Explaining why this could be this case, he drew attention to Japan’s local market, noting that local regulators, including the self-regulating JVCEA, have begun to open up the market to new players, adding that new assets listings could help push market movement. Concluding his interview, which painted a bullish picture for cryptocurrency market, Kayamori noted that by the end of 2019, bitcoin will “likely” surpass its all-time high at $20,000. At the time of writing, BTC has found itself at $3,755, down 4.0% in the past 24 hours after weeks of tumult and chaotic price action. Image Courtesy of Icons8 Team Via Unsplash The post Quoine CEO Expects New Bitcoin (BTC) All-Time High In 2019 appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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QUOINE CEO Believes Bitcoin Will Sky Rocket To All Time High BTC Prices In Next 12 Months

With the anniversary of Bitcoin’s most substantial price coming soon, analysts and other market experts are constantly predicting what the digital asset will do next. Mike Kayamori, the CEO of QUOINE, believes he knows exactly the pattern that Bitcoin is on, though he doesn’t see the trajectory mimicking last year’s spike until the end of 2019. Even then, rather than matching it, he believes that the price will “surpass” all former highs, based on a Bloomberg Markets: Asia interview today. Considering the damage done during the slump that impacted nearly every token, Kayamori believes that the new momentum won’t begin until 2018 ends. As he explained, he said that “there’s nothing new, no catalyst” that is happening anytime soon to be that cause of price increase. Even with many industry leaders calling the $4,000 price for Bitcoin the “technical bottom,” the coin didn’t keep that place, losing even more value. He commented, “That said, when you look at historical [patterns] and where things are going, I think the bottom is near.” He elaborated his point by bringing up the pressure that Bitcoin miners are facing, as some of them shut down their own operations to avoid any more loss than what they’ve already sustained. He said, “If there’s enough miners going out of business, that [means] equilibrium is near. When you look at how markets overshoot, both up and down, you can probably say it’s close to the bottom.” Kayamori believes it is the Japanese regulators that will drive this price spike, expecting that they will start approving new token listings and exchanges. The regulators recently became stricter with the $534 million worth of theft that happened at the beginning of this year with Coincheck, a Japanese exchange. Kayamori also brought up how many exchanges have almost met the requirements imposed upon them by the Financial Services Agency’s (FSA’s) business improvement orders. With this adherence, the restricted exchanges will hopefully be moving back into the crypto space. The exchanges and token listings for Japan are becoming the healthiest that they’ve ever been. Positively impacting compliance, asset segregation, and secure cold wallet storage, the crypto ecosystem in Japan is experiencing “consolidation,” which will only lead them into more lucrative and compliant performance. Japan was the “first global economic powerhouse” that took on the feat of regulating cryptocurrency, and their mission to regulate the industry will ultimately benefit investors and exchanges. They are even creating a new model to replace Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as a fundraising method, which will be called Security Token Offerings (STOs) instead. This could help to eliminate a major crowdfunding effort that has been plagued with multiple scams over the years. Along with all of these changes to the crypto industry of Japan, the local government is also working on reducing the risk of tax evasion from users that manage to turn a profit in their crypto transactions.
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US Telecoms Giant AT&T Now Accepting Crypto Payments via BitPay

US Telecoms Giant AT&T Now Accepting Crypto Payments via BitPay United States telecom and media giant AT&T now accepting cryptocurrency for paying phone bills online, according to an official press release on May 23. AT&T will process bills paid in cryptocurrency using crypto payments platform BitPay. BitPay is a platform that converts cryptocurrencies to fiat […] Cet article US Telecoms Giant AT&T Now Accepting Crypto Payments via BitPay est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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Now Is Not The Time’ Rabobit Cryptocurrency Wallet Project Canceled By Dutch Bank Rabobank

Rabobank Goes Back On Its Rabobit Crypto Wallet Project Netherland-based bank Rabobank has pressed the pause button on its quest to build a cryptocurrency wallet according to TNW. The project which started since early last year is reportedly being abandoned by the bank which sought to bridge the gap between bank accounts and cryptocurrency. A […]
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AT&T Will Now Accept Bitcoin For Your Phone Bill

US-based mobile users can now use bitcoin and cryptocurrency to pay their bill thanks to a new partnership between AT&T and BitPay. AT&T Will Take Your Bitcoin Bitcoin’s path to mass adoption continues forward as major US telecom giant AT&T has announced that customers now have the option to pay their bills in cryptocurrency. The addition of crypto payments makes AT&T the first major U.S. mobile carrier to offer this option and Kevin McDorman, AT&T’s vice president of Communications Finance Business Operations said: We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services [and] we have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer. Currently, the crypto payments are limited to bill payment only and AT&T did not specify whether customers would be able to purchase smartphones and other accessories online or in AT&T’s brick and mortar stores. Customers interested in making crypto payments can simply select BitPay as the payment option when they login to their accounts online or through the myAT&T app. Will Corporations FOMO into Cryptocurrency? AT&T is not the first major US-based corporation to accept cryptocurrency payments as Overstock, Expedia, Subway, Shopify, and Microsoft are just a few of the major multinational corporations accepting crypto payments. Just recently, Whole Foods and a slew of other big-name retailer have also started accepting bitcoin via another third-party payment partnership. But considering AT&T’s name recognition and dominance in the telecom sector the announcement is sure to make waves and is extremely positive news for the cryptocurrency sector. Are you going to spend your bitcoin on a cell phone bill? — Mr.Hodl (@MrHodl) May 23, 2019 As one would expect, not everyone is over-the-moon about the telecom’s new found love for cryptocurrency. Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano excitedly tweeted the news and is currently being bombarded by an array of semi-skeptical replies to AT&T’s announcement. Would you use your Bitcoins to pay your phone bill? Share your thoughts in the comments below!  Images via TradingView.com, Twitter, Shutterstock The post AT&T Will Now Accept Bitcoin For Your Phone Bill appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

AT&T now accepts Bitcoin as payment for its 150+ million subscribers

AT&T, the world’s largest telecommunications company, became the first major U.S. mobile carrier to accept Bitcoin for payment. AT&T customers will now be able to select BitPay as a payment option, allowing for bill payment in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The telecom company had over 150 million subscribers as of Q4 2018. “We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services,” said Kevin McDorman, vice president, AT&T Communications Finance Business Operations. “We have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer.” This story is in progress. The post AT&T now accepts Bitcoin as payment for its 150+ million subscribers appeared first on CryptoSlate.
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