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Could the US Ban Bitcoin 2020?🧨 Binance $186 Million Q3 Profit

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US ban TON ICO, but investors will not be refunded

The US regulator announced that it suspends Telegram's ICO and begins investigation into illegal coin offering. The TON blockchain seems not to be launched in October, but investors are unlikely to receive reimbursement.

As investors grow more educated, there is growing concern of regulation says Grayscale

Investors in digital asset manager Grayscale have become far more educated in the past decade, managing director Michael Sonnenshein tells The Block on a recent episode of The Scoop. This is changing the conversations surrounding deals, since investors have a baseline knowledge, but not the way to garner an investment. "While most investors these days we encounter have that kind of preliminary 101 digital currency education, it is still interesting to see in the age that we're in that handshakes and face to face interactions and giving investors the opportunity to ask questions that they may not otherwise ask through a phone call or over email is something that we do in person," Sonnenshein says. This means much of the Grayscale team is often out on the road, conquering investments one city at a time. Though investor knowledge has grown in the past decade, Sonnenshein said there continue to be questions surrounding the regulatory landscape and how Grayscale predicts it will change.  Bitcoin also remains the popular play, which Sonnenshein attributes to the wide resources surrounding the cryptocurrency. Still, he said investors are often looking to diversify, even within the digital asset class. "Following usually an investment in bitcoin we start seeing folks look at assets like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic or even looking at our diversified fund – digital large cap fund," he said. 
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FCA Invites UK Crypto To Sign Up For Mystery Regulation

It appears the UK’s financial watchdog is laying the groundwork to regulate crypto as it starts requesting blockchain companies to register with them. The catch is these companies will need to take a leap of faith, as they’ll be committing themselves to a framework that hasn’t actually been finalized yet. In a recently released consultation paper, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has said that, in its role as AML/CTF supervisor for the UK’s crypto assets industry, it is planning on opening up registration for its… [insert hypothetical regulation here]… in January 2020. Pending full ratification, and following a consultation period until mid-December, the FCA will charge companies a $5,000 registration fee followed by periodic fees determined, in part, by members’ revenue. David Prais, Chairman of the Greater London Investment Fund, which provides funding for businesses looking to grow in London, welcomed the initiative as a “positive move for the [crypto] industry”, believing the $5,000 registration fee, inexpensive by most standards, is designed to encourage as many cryptocurrency businesses as possible to become FCA-regulated. For businesses, SMEs and up, the main appeal is that the £5,000 fee will be a relatively inexpensive means to receive recognition from the FCA. “It is probably deliberate, to try and get people to register,” he explained. “You can basically get regulated at a very low entry price,” Prais added. They don’t mention what the ongoing costs will be, but as it will entirely be funded by the companies they regulate, ongoing fees could well increase as the FCA hires staff to oversee a growing domestic cryptocurrency industry. A leap of faith for UK crypto and blockchain business? According to the consultation paper, the new regime will not impact how cryptocurrency businesses deal with their customers. It is instead focused on ensuring UK businesses adhere to the 5th anti-money laundering directive (5AMLD), which also comes into force this January. That said, the exact scope of the regulation has not been confirmed. “The Treasury has not, as yet, finalised the activities to be included in the scope of the MLRs, and the requirements that cryptoasset businesses will need to comply with”, reads the paper. “We have no idea what rules they’ll implement”, said Prais. You can join now when it’s easy and inexpensive, but “…once you start down the tunnel, you’re in the tunnel”, Prais said. Although they’ll likely be light-touch at this stage, “As time goes on it will become a progressively heavier and heavier touch”. One of the main benefits of regulation is it will help connect the regulator to companies and projects working in the space. But in their quest to protect investors from fraud and bad actors, regulators rarely relax their requirements as time goes by. Rules for internet-based payment solutions started off light in the 1990s; twenty years on online payment processors are required to use multiple authentication processes and adhere to strict data privacy laws. Crypto regulation was always inevitable and UK businesses are already beginning to feel the effects. The FCA’s proposal to prohibit on retail access to crypto derivatives received significant backlash from the industry, but it’s not certain whether they’ll press ahead with the ban. That said, it is a promising sign that crypto is moving from fringe activity into a respectable segment of the burgeoning fintech industry.   The post FCA Invites UK Crypto To Sign Up For Mystery Regulation appeared first on Crypto Briefing.
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India thinks whether to ban or not BTC, Upbit states the importance of crypto regulation, Dutch central bank to regulate crypto companies, Spain is preparing a draft regulation bill, South Korea convenes for debate with seven crypto exchanges, Chile declares that crypto regulation is in progress & other news on regulation

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A Security Token Offering (STO) is a form of raising capital for a startup by distributing tokens to investors. While ICOs mainly deal in utility tokens that grant their holders access to services and products associated with respective blockchains and dapps, security tokens can be thought of as digital documents representing the investor’s rights to equity, a revenue share, debt, etc. STOs provide a better investor protection as they need to be compliant with appropriate regulations

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Bank of Canada Exploring Possibility of Launching a Digital Currency

Bank of Canada, the Canadian central bank, is exploring the possibility of launching a digital currency that would replace cash and track how people spend their money. The aim of the proposed currency would be to mitigate the “direct threat” posed by cryptocurrencies to the economic sovereignty of governments and central banks, an issue that has featured prominently in the headlines recently amidst intense regulatory pushback on Facebook’s proposed coin, Libra. The proposal was pitched to Stephen Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada, and its board of directors in a presentation entitled “Central Bank Money: ... ﾿ Read The Full Article On Get latest cryptocurrency news on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our Terms Of Use and Disclaimer.
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Bermuda Kicks Off Natural Blockchain I.D System Development With Shyft Network

Bermuda's blockchain identification system recently kicked off. This project is currently under development with the main partners being Perseid and Shyft Networks. The blockchain i.d ecosystem is set to leverage decentralization in keeping records for the citizens of Bermuda. This small Island nation joins Catalonia who is also creating a digital ledger for i.d record […]
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Brave Blockchain and Privacy Browser Scores 8 Million Active Monthly Users

Blockchain-powered privacy web browser, Brave, has just announced in an official blog post that the browser now has 8 million active users who use it monthly and a daily user mark of 2.8 million. The platform’s growth has been quite commendable and is slowly increasing in popularity, gearing up its head to compete with other bigger browsers. The Brave platform now also has 290,000 Brave Verified Publishers, who earn Brave’s Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) as payments for the content they produce and make available. Of this number, the announcement states that 15,000 are Twitch streamers with 33,000 website publishers and creators and a whopping 200,000 content creators on YouTube. Two months ago, Brave began allowing Twitter users to tip other accounts that post interesting content, using BAT. Since inception, 28,000 users have now signed up for this service and are free to tip and receive as well. The Brave team is heavily focused on putting control in the hands of content creators and eliminating the middlemen as much as possible. For a long time, major ad services companies like Google and Facebook, have not only been profiting too much off users’ contents but seem to unnecessarily tracking ad and user activity. Since the Brave platform is powered by blockchain technology, there is little to no chance that there will be any unnecessary tracking. Brave also incentivizes its users to watch ads on the platform and pays these viewers in BAT. The Brave Ads platform is an opt-in service that was officially launched back in April and according to design, users are paid 70% of revenue from the ads just for viewing them. Today, there have been 385 successful campaigns on the platform. Furthermore, Brave also reports that its platform engagement has hit an impressive 14% click-through rate, much higher than the industry average of 2%. The post Brave Blockchain and Privacy Browser Scores 8 Million Active Monthly Users appeared first on ZyCrypto.

Privacy-focused Brave browser boasts 8M monthly active users

Privacy-focused internet browser Brave has hit 8 million-mark in terms of monthly active users. Announcing the news on Wednesday, Brave said daily active users, on the other hand, have surpassed the 2.8 million mark. The browser, with opt-in blockchain functionality, also compensates content creators, users and advertisers in its native Basic Attention Token (BAT) for viewing online ads. Brave said it has delivered nearly 400 ad campaigns to date. The browser maker further said that it now has over 290,000 verified publishers - 200,000 of those are YouTube creators, 33,000 website publishers, 15,000 Twitch streamers and 28,000 are Twitter accounts. Brave also offers a cryptocurrency wallet for ether (ETH), ERC-20 tokens and collectibles, including BAT.
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