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Partido Popular (PP) will draft a bill for crypto regulation with the possibility of a tax cut for blockchain startups. Joined 6 other Southern European countries in signing an agreement for the advancement of DLT through promotion and legislation.

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Blockchain Unifying Public Transport Payments Across Madrid, Spain

In Madrid, a partnership between leading Spanish bank Banco Santander and blockchain certification startup Vottun will soon allow the city transport users to pay for their transit using a single unified digital payment system powered by blockchain. Vottun develops interoperable platforms over which blockchain applications can be built and made to interact with distinctly different public or private blockchain networks.  The idea is to create an application that can be used by Madrid commuters to centrally access and pay for all different modes of public mobility available within the city. The use of blockchain here is justified as it helps bolster the security behind the payment platform through its decentralized ledger technology, with Vottun promising high levels of user data security in the application.  This is part of an initiative called Madrid in Motion, which was begun by the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT) in an attempt to digitalize the city's transit system and bring order to the myriad ...Full story available on

Celsius Network Now Offers Low Cost Loans in Euros and Stablecoins to Users in Spain

Crypto and token holders in Spain will now have access to the same low-interest, crypto-backed loans Celsius has been offering in the US Celsius Network (, the industry-leading cryptocurrency platform, announces today that it started offering cash and stablecoin loans to users in Spain. Starting at just 4.95% per year, these loans represent the lowest cost available anywhere with the option to borrow in euros, dollars, or stablecoins. Celsius Network provides a global platform that focuses on financial inclusion, a high interest-earning wallet, and low APR loans to crypto and stablecoin holders. Celsius acts in the best interest of its community, offering an alternative to the traditional banking system. Celsius offers ...Full story available on

LATOKEN Gathered Crypto Startups and Funds in Spain

LATOKEN Investors’ Reception in Barcelona, Spain on the 13th July has gathered more than 60 representatives of crypto/VC funds, startups, and other participants of the blockchain industry. The Barcelona event was opened by the CEO of LATOKEN, Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, who made the presentation about the best fundraising practices from 130+ IEOs. Recently LATOKEN was once again recognized by the researching firm InWara as #1 IEO market in terms of token sales amount. This is proof of why Valentin has lots of expertise to share with the audience to give tips on how a startup can attract 1m target audience and convert them into contributors. During the discussion panel about market making and data privacy regulations, the audience was especially interested in the report made by Belen Martin, Corporate & EU Data Privacy Lawyer at Lexley Worldwide. She spoke about data privacy and cryptocurrencies, particularly how GDPR impacts crypto. Top tips from Belen for blockchain projects: avoid storing personal data using any means to anonymize data, collect data off-chain or in private permissioned blockchain networks and consider personal data carefully when connecting with public networks. During “The cutting-edge blockchain use-cases” discussion panel, several startups made presentations about how they are trying to implement blockchain technologies in real life. EduNode CEO, Lucas Gil Cantón, spoke about how cryptography can influence the EdTech sector and help to solve problems with the fake diplomas, the lack of skills validation and the high costs of education. Andrea De Marco, Co-Founder of Spheroid Universe made a presentation about the augmented reality platform they are developing and explained how it can change the daily living of ordinary people all over the world. Solomon Choi, founder of MACH project, blockchain-based P2P asset trading platform spoke about how their product can reduce fraud damages in peer-to-peer assets trading, that only in South Korea totaled $8,5 mln. in 2018. At the final stage of LATOKEN Investors’ Reception event in Barcelona, startups had a chance to pitch their project directly to institutional investors and VC/crypto funds, including Founder and Managing Director at VC-A Christophe Schwoertzig, Investment Manager at Macte Invest Girts Lakstigala, Peter Bocharov from SafeHaven Hedge Fund and others. LATOKEN Investors’ Reception is a part of Blockchain Economic Forum events, organized by LATOKEN on a regular basis. Internationally well-known people, ex-presidents and finance ministers, multi-billion-dollar VC funds, top fintech founders and CEOs regularly visit Blockchain Economic Forum to discuss the transition of capital markets and payment systems to the blockchain. Check out upcoming LATOKEN events in your region: LATOKEN Investors’ Reception in London, the UK on 2nd September;BEF in London, the UK on 20–21 September;BEF in Davos, Switzerland on 20–25 January 2020. Book your pitching slot and buy tickets here. During LATOKEN Investors’ Reception in Barcelona 60+ participants were at Barcelona LATOKEN event Solomon Choi, Founder of MACH project at the moment of pitching his project to the investors The post LATOKEN Gathered Crypto Startups and Funds in Spain appeared first on Bitcoin Garden.
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Litecoin (LTC) Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary!

Litecoin (LTC) is celebrating its 8th anniversary.  Eight years ago, the Litecoin Network was launched the day in which Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, died at 56. The firs […] The post Litecoin (LTC) Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary! appeared first on UseTheBitcoin.
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Banks are Feeling Threatened of Bitcoin and for Good Reason, Tim Draper

A new opportunity for a new currency Governments have to adapt to not control through currency Venture capital investor and Bitcoin bull Tim Draper currently in an interview shared how currencies today are based on faith in the government. But Bitcoin is a currency that isn’t backed by the government rather frees us from that […]
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Bitfinex and Tether Lawsuit Analysis: The Severity of Roche Freedman’s Case

Stablecoin firm Tether and its associate exchange Bitfinex have received a suit filed by a New York-based legal firm Roche Freedman against Tether token (USDT, stating that it is engaged with market manipulation as the consequence of an unpublished paper. The case encloses that the above-mentioned firms were involved in a “sophisticated scheme” on account […]
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Ripple Consolidates its xRapid, xCurrent and xVia Features Under One Network; RippleNet

Ripple recently announced the consolidation of its services within RippleNet offering. The blockchain-oriented firm known for its convenient transfer features in the blockchain ecosystem made these changes to enhance service delivery to clients. The New Ripple Network Outlook A spokesman from Ripple noted that besides the change of name, the firm had sought to make […]
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