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A cryptocurrency with a fixed price, usually pegged to a stable non-volatile asset, such as the US dollar.

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MEDSiS Announces Launch of "Maxwell" Stablecoin into the United States Market After Signing Agreement with US Blockchain Payments Company, Ternio

MIAMI, Aug. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MEDSiS International announced today a new strategic partnership that would bring their "Maxwell" stablecoin into the US and European markets.  This new partnership with Ternio, a US based Blockchain and payments company, would add a third (and eventual fourth) currency to the Maxwell suite and close the loop on their Phase 1 planning of bringing in a major currency as a backstop.  This comes on the heels of MEDSiS' announcements with WTIA, Argentina, and Brazil for the Q3 and Q4 2019 plans for Maxwell.   "Though we've been focused on Argentina and Brazil, our goal was always to have a partnership with the US and launch with the dollar.  Ternio is the partner we've been searching for," comments Joshua Dax Cabrera, CEO of MEDSiS. The agreement between MEDSiS and Ternio will allow customers to download MEDSiS' mobile wallet, "Control," and register for either a virtual or physical payment card within the continental US. Though this is not uncommon in the marketplace, Ternio's experience with their BlockCard product and MEDSiS' addition of the Maxwell and tens of millions of foreign customers under contract create an ecosystem unlike anything available today.  What is more, with Ternio's upcoming entrance into the EU/EEA, MEDSiS will soon be available to customers in more than 34 countries globally. "This is only Phase 1.  We always knew that we had to triangulate and add three currencies, but ...Full story available on

Tether to Launch RMB Stablecoin "CNHT"? CryptoNews

Tether is rumored to launch RMB Stablecoin. Such a move could land crypto in serious trouble in China as the RMB is tightly controlled and regulated. Binance Venus is also on its tails. Ukranian miners accidentally leak sensitive Nuclear Powerplant data. #Cryptocurrency #crypto #Tether RMB Stable Coin 👍🏻Subscribe to Boxmining for Cryptocurrency Insight and News: 🔒Hardware Wallet: 👍🏻Brave Browser: 📲Enjin Wallet: 👍🏻Unstoppable Domain: 📲Binance Exchange : #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Cryptocurrency ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Telegram groups (Discuss Crypto with us!) Telegram Discussion Group: Telegram Announcements: ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ♨️Social (Add me on Social Media!) Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Steemit: ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● I'm not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●

Factom Launches New Stablecoin called PegNet Stablecoin

The post Factom Launches New Stablecoin called PegNet Stablecoin written by Richard Kastelein appeared first on Blockchain News - Blockchain News and Opinion - Security and Utility Tokens, Tokenomics, Cryptoeconomics Well-known open-source developer-friendly blockchain platform Factom Protocol is launching PegNet, a decentralized, non-custodial, fully auditable network of tokens pegged to different currencies. PegNet is built on the Factom Protocol and allows conversion to pegged tokens that track a wide range of currencies. This will allow users to maintain their value in a large set of […] The post Factom Launches New Stablecoin called PegNet Stablecoin written by Richard Kastelein appeared first on Blockchain News - Blockchain News and Opinion - Security and Utility Tokens, Tokenomics, Cryptoeconomics
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Tether Wants To Issue CNHT, A Stablecoin Pegged To Offshore Renminbi

Currently, Tether issues three stablecoins pegged to the euro (EURT), Japanese yen (JPYT) and the United States dollar (USDT). ChainNews, a Chinese news outlet, reported that Tether Limited is planning to add a new member to its stablecoins collection with CNHT. This new stablecoin will be pegged to the Chinese currency Renminbi held in offshore accounts.  CNHT Stablecoin Zhao Dong, a shareholder at Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange told the news outlet that Tether will start issuing CNHT stablecoin in the near future with the stablecoin’s reserve being secured in a Belgian bank. He went on to say that RenrenBit, his lending firm, would pioneer investing in the upcoming stablecoin project. Dong stated: “Personally, I think the offshore yuan stablecoin could boost the circulation of offshore renminbi and internationalize it. Regulators may be happy to see it proceed and succeed.” It’s worth noting that Tether has not issued an official statement regarding this news yet. Therefore, it is still unknown which blockchain(s) will support the new stablecoin keeping in mind that Tether’s USDT is built on top of Bitcoin, Tron and Ethereum blockchains. Will This New Project Flourish In The Chinese Market? As we reported, the Chinese government claims their central bank-backed digital currency is ready to be rolled out. This digital currency will probably work as the digital yuan both domestically and offshore. Therefore, Tether may encounter some hurdles when trying to acquire approval for this stablecoin in China. Then let’s say Tether gets the necessary approval for the Chinese yuan pegged stablecoin. Another obstacle would be popularizing it in China owing to the fact that presently most cryptocurrency trading platforms in China support USDT, US dollar-pegged stablecoin. According to a screenshot provided by Chinese markets analyst and founding partner at Primitive Crypto Dovey Wan, Zhao says that this project might not sit well with Chinese regulators and it might also not gain traction like USDT. He noted: “Hope this won’t destroy Tether. I don’t think that CHNT will be in sufficient demand as local residents continue to exchange USDT for Yuan. Tether’s Legal Woes Continue In spite of being the largest stablecoin provider, Tether has an unfaltering legal battle with the New York Attorney General (NYAG). Tether and its sister company Bitfinex are currently being investigated for allegedly covering up a loss of $850 million that Tether lent Bitfinex. Yesterday, Tether and Bitfinex issued a similar response after the presiding judge Joel Cohen denied their motion to dismiss the case claiming that NYAG lacks the jurisdiction to investigate the case. According to this response, Tether and Bitfinex plan on appealing this decision. The post Tether Wants To Issue CNHT, A Stablecoin Pegged To Offshore Renminbi appeared first on ZyCrypto.

Tether Proposes Yuan-Backed Stablecoin

Tether, Inc. has proposed the creation of a new stablecoin backed by Chinese yuan, to take advantage of China’s demand for trading and crypto transfers.
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Bitcoin, Bakkt and Ethereum Classic Headline Volatile Week for Crypto Industry

Coming off one of its worst declines since the 2019 bull market began, bitcoin appears to have found support above $10,000, a psychologically significant level that has […] The post Bitcoin, Bakkt and Ethereum Classic Headline Volatile Week for Crypto Industry appeared first on Hacked: Hacking Finance.

Waves (WAVES) Decentralized Exchange Announces ERC-20 Support

Waves, a decentralized platform building operability for Web 3.0 protocols, has officially announced support for the ERC-20 token standard for projects launched on Ethereum. As per the press release, voting for the first listing occurred last year, and Bancor (BNT) won by a significant margin. As of August 22, 2019, BNT was trading on theRead MoreRead More. The post by Ashwath Balakrishnan appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News\
BTC Manager

Ex-Overstock CEO Byrne Talks Timing Of Resignation With Fox, 'Political Espionage'

Former Inc (NASDAQ: OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne stepped down Thursday after two decades of running the company. His resignation is quite bizarre and includes references to the "deep state" and Clinton family. Hours after his resignation, the executive appeared on Fox Business' "Bulls & Bears" to discuss his decision.  The Timing Overstock held a party Tuesday to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and now is a "perfect time" to resign, as everything is in a "perfect place," Byrne told Fox Business. Most notably, the tZero blockchain business was just voted as a potential winner in the ...Full story available on

One of the Top 100 Coins is Up 220% today. What’s the Deal with it?

A controversial cryptocurrency, RChain is currently showing massive growth in its trading volume. It is ranked 74th on Coinmarketcap with 220 percent growth in the past 24 hours. Zero Trading Volume on Some Exchanges According to the data provided by Coinmarketcap (CMC), RChain (RHOC) cryptocurrency is exhibiting the aforementioned price surge on August 23, 2019. RHOC is currently trading at $0.188 against the US Dollar and has a the market cap of $70,373,643. It is interesting to see that on August 22nd, this cryptocurrency was at $0.057 but it suddenly skyrocketed to over $0.188 on August 23rd. RChain Crypto | Coinmarketcap RChain runs on top of Ethereum platform and is available on 7 crypto exchanges in different trading pairs. Presently, RChain is actively trading on Bitinka, KuCoin, CHAOEX, BitMarket, Bilaxy, Hotbit and CoinPlace cryptocurrency exchanges with a very low 24-hour trading volume. A few exchanges are even showing zero trading volume of the coin. RChain Market | Coinmarketcap Although it is a top 100 coin today, such a sudden spike in the trading volume of a cryptocurrency is unusual it is bound to make the crypto community skeptical. This cryptocurrency was at $2.90 in January this year with the 30th rank on CoinMarketCap. Fishy Behaviour According to the earlier reports, RChain Cooperative claimed that the RChain organization was facing bankruptcy. In early 2019, it was asserted that RChain’s liabilities were exceeding its liquid assets, thereby making it “Functionally bankrupt”. As per another post in April 2019, RChain informed its community that the company suffered a scam. Accordingly, KuCoin exchange (which is one of the exchanges which listed RHOC token) blocked the crypto wallet address of the scammers. RHOC in its blog summarized the scam as follow; “The RHOC being held by the scammers will not be honored upon reaching Genesis”. Th reason behind the coin’s sudden growth is unclear, but it is to be noted that this behaviour is typical of coins that are involved in pump and dump schemes. So readers, what do you think about RHOC’s token spike? Let us know in the comment below Image Source – Chainrock medium blog The post One of the Top 100 Coins is Up 220% today. What’s the Deal with it? appeared first on Coingape.

15% Ethereum Classic Pump Stokes Giddy Altcoin Season Dream15% Ethereum Classic Pump Stokes Giddy Altcoin Season Dream

By CCN Markets: Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently on a massive bull run this week, increasing its price by 30% in three days. The cryptocurrency continued its surge steadily today, skyrocketing its value by over 15% today. $ETC #EthereumClassic making a bit of a commotion. Is this finally the start of $altszn ? #crypto #bitcoinboom […] The post 15% Ethereum Classic Pump Stokes Giddy Altcoin Season Dream appeared first on CCN Markets Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently on a massive bull run this week, increasing its price by 30% in three days and by over 15% today.
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