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CEE’s Biggest International Banking and Fintech Event – Monex Summit Europe to take place on 27th – 28th of November 2019, in Warsaw, Poland

Monex Summit Europe, provides networking services and organizes professional B2B meetings:  Monex Summit Europe aims to expand the knowledge and maximize deal-making opportunities for all participants within the region. The event will welcome the top managers; ranging from the industry’s biggest multinational players and banks to its most innovative startups and renowned speakers.   The summitRead MoreRead More. The post by Guest Post appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News\
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Inside the Middle East's biggest oil and gas conference, and assessing a damaged post-WeWork landscape

Dear Readers, As the US got caught up in President Donald Trump's impeachment proceedings last week, a different type of history was being made on the other side of the world. It occurred at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC), where all the world's top oil and gas executives gathered to sign a blockbuster deal. The agreement revolved around a new exchange that will enable futures trading on a highly valuable type of crude oil native to the United Arab Emirates, called Murban. The new contracts — expected to start trading in the second or third quarter of 2020 — will be hosted by International Exchange. Chief executives from BP, Total, PetroChina, Shell, Vitol, Taiwan's PTT, Japan's JXTG, Korea's GS Caltex, and Inpex were on hand to sign up as partners in the deal. They envision the Murban becoming a new global benchmark, slotting in alongside WTI and Brent crude, with a specific focus on serving Asian markets. Business Insider was on hand to witness the historic accord in person. Here's a first-hand account of the official announcement, the hubbub that accompanied it, as well as the global CEO summit that came after. The following day, another gathering of global executives took place, where top brass explained their backing of the deal. BI was in the room for that as well. But ADIPEC wasn't all about the Murban exchange. There was also a major focus on innovation and the digitization of oil and gas technology. To that end, the conference had self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun — the founder of Google's secretive lab called Google X — deliver a keynote address. BI was able to sit down for a private conversation with Thrun beforehand. He shared his artificial intelligence-driven vision for the future of the oil and gas industry, and offered a glimpse into how his mind works. To recap, here's BI's full coverage of ADIPEC: Inside a 'historic day' at the Middle East's biggest oil and gas conference, where all the world's top energy CEOs gathered to sign a deal that could permanently change the industry 4 of the world's top oil and gas executives explain why they're backing a landmark trading deal that could revolutionize the industry The godfather of the self-driving car shares his bold, AI-driven vision for the future of the oil and gas industry — and provides a peek into his disruptive mindset Going beyond that, here's a rundown of our other main coverage from the last week. It includes a grim look at what WeWork's recent failures mean for similarly unprofitable unicorns, a strategy for beating your peers during a market meltdown, and tips for avoiding so-called "value traps" in the stock market. WeWork is just the 'tip of the iceberg.' Here's why one market expert thinks Silicon Valley's business model 'is at the beginning of a massive unraveling.' Vincent Deluard, the director of global macro strategy at INTL FCStone, says Silicon Valley's overriding business model is fundamentally unsustainable as it stands right now. In an interview with Real Vision, he explained why he thinks WeWork's contagionlike effect will make it harder for companies to IPO. READ MORE HERE >> A fund manager who's crushing nearly all of his peers breaks down his unique strategy for continuing to outperform during a market crash Conventional wisdom suggests investors should hide out in "defensive" corners of the market during a downturn — like utilities and telecom stocks. But Joshua Bennett, a portfolio manager of the Alger subsidary Weatherbie Capital, has an alternative approach. In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, he laid out his favorite strategy for outperforming peers during a market sell-off. READ MORE HERE >> The top researcher at a firm managing $89 billion told us the 3 ways he analyzes whether a cheap stock is set for a surge, or if it's a trap Value stocks have made a comeback in recent months after underperforming the broader market throughout much of the 10-year bull market. Michael Mullaney, the director of global markets research for Boston Partners, shared with Business Insider his best strategies for identifying value plays — ones that don't fit the traditional mold of a "value trap." READ MORE HERE >> Other good stories from the investing realm: Jim Rogers, the investing guru who earned a 4,200% return with George Soros, told us everyone should read 3 books that made a 'huge impression' on his career Larry Hite built a $100 million dollar empire with a simple stock trading strategy. Here's his best advice for today's trader. The historic '60-40' rule of investing is finished for at least 10 years thanks to low bond returns, according to JPMorgan's $1.9 trillion asset-management arm. Here's what to do instead. 'You don't have to be the smartest guy in the room': A self-made real-estate expert who's increased his net worth 100 times by flipping houses explains how he does it Bank of America pinpoints the market's biggest vulnerability over the next decade, and offers its top investing strategies to prepare for an 'imminent' global recession As unicorns like WeWork and Uber test the IPO market with disastrous results, America's biggest wealth manager for the ultrarich shares his best strategies for investing in unproven giants A personal finance expert details the path to 'guilt-free spending' — and breaks down the ideal financial mix that can lead to a 'rich life lived outside the spreadsheet' Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: A big-money investor in juggernauts like Facebook and Netflix breaks down the '3rd wave' firms that are leading the next round of tech disruption
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Marathon Patent Group Announces Results of Annual Meeting of Stockholders

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:MARA) ("Marathon" or "Company"), today announced that on November 15, 2019, the Company held an annual meeting of stockholders (the "Meeting").  As of the record date for the Meeting, 7,853,461 shares of common and preferred stock were issued and outstanding. A total of 4,956,738 shares of common and preferred stock, constituting a quorum, were present and accounted for at the Meeting. At the Meeting, the Company's stockholders approved the following proposals: (i) Approval of issuance of shares over 19.99%. The share issuance was approved, and the votes were cast as follows: Votes For   Votes Against   Abstentions Broker Non-Vote 1,804,876   34,329   4,825 3,112,708 (ii) The reelection of each of the Class II following current directors of the Company, who were candidates for reelection. The directors were reelected, and the votes were cast as follows: Name   Votes For Full story available on

Trescon’s 14th World Blockchain Summit to Debut in Thailand This December

World Blockchain Summit (WBS) will expand its footprints into Thailand this December, hosting the world’s leading thinkers in blockchain who will give an outlook on the Blockchain and Crypto Ecosystem of Thailand. The summit will feature top speakers including Prinn Panitchpakdi, Felix Mago and Kullarat Phongsathaporn to name a few. The 13th global edition of Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit successfully concluded in Dubai last month, pulling together over 1000 participants that included C-level executives from enterprises, policy makers, top blockchain and crypto pioneers, industry experts, investors, solution providers and innovative startups. Even so, the gung-ho spirit of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts still seem to be up in full swing. With this edition, the year 2019 will see four new locations that WBS has touched upon including the already concluded Kuala Lumpur, Taipei and India editions. The summit is taking place on December 1st and 2nd at the Intercontinental, Bangkok. With its recent strides in the blockchain and crypto space coupled with vehement government support, Thailand is marching ahead as one of the most crypto-friendly development zones in Southeast Asia. Mohammed Saleem, Founder and CEO of Trescon speaks with an excited tone about the upcoming Summit, “Thailand has a very active blockchain and crypto ecosystem, making it an ideal location for budding blockchain & crypto projects! This edition will focus more on helping Thailand improve its regulatory framework. I am really thrilled to hear more about Thailand’s blockchain and crypto ecosystem from some of the most forward-thinking industry experts, investors and startups who will help achieve the nation’s vision of ‘Digital Thailand’”. World Blockchain Summit will aim to gather top speakers such as Prinn Panitchpakdi, Deputy Leader & Head of Economic Team, Democrat Party; Felix Mago, Co-Founder of Dash NEXT & Dash Thailand; Kullarat Phongsathaporn, Partner at Baker & McKenzie Ltd; Jirayut Srupsrisopa, Co-Founder and Group CEO for Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd and Board of Director – Thai Fintech Association and Sam Tanskul, Managing Director for Krungsri Finnovate Co., Ltd. among other top speakers. The conference will feature a comprehensive and unconventional blend of networking opportunities including a pre-event investor connect party, powerful keynotes, panel discussions and tech talks on key areas of discussion such as Positioning Thailand in World Blockchain Strategic Developments, Investor’s perspective on the environment for investing in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and The Role of Exchanges in a rapidly evolving market. Thailand’s well-structured regulations provide a conducive regulatory environment for ICOs, IEOs and STOs. In light of this, the 14th global edition of WBS will also host the Regional Finale of Pegasus Tech Ventures Startup World Cup on day one that will set the stage for 12+ startups from around the world. The winner will get an opportunity to take part at the Grand Finale of the Startup World Cup in San Francisco to pitch for a US$ 1 Million investment prize. #WBSBangkok 2019 is officially sponsored by Strategic Partners, Bitkub and Dash Thailand; Platinum Sponsor, Future1Exchange, Silver Sponsor, Synchrobit Hybrid Exchange; Pitch Partners, ProperSix Ltd and BabyToken; Exhibitors, Beldex International Limited OÜ and Cryptoknowmics and Association Partner, Thai Fintech Association. The post Trescon’s 14th World Blockchain Summit to Debut in Thailand This December appeared first on Bitcoin Garden.
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Web Summit Survey Shows Women in Tech Continue to Grow, Although Not on the Board

By Gina Clarke A recent survey taken at one of the largest tech events in the world, Web Summit, has shown that the gap between women and men in technology is narrowing. In a poll of 600 women the results showed that 42%, almost half, believe that gender ratios have improved over the last year. However, this was yet to translate to the boardroom, as a third were ‘unsure’ if representation was better. This comes after multiple allegations of sexism at large tech firms such as Facebook, and walkouts by employees at Google over inequality and sexual misconduct claims.  At the conference itself, female attendees have jumped from 25% in 2013 to 46% this year, though to have been boosted by ticket discounts. Around 70,000 people attend the four day event in Lisbon, Portugal each year.  Winnie Lee, the Chief Operator Officer at Taiwanese AI startup Appier said, “It’s great to hear that women in tech feel that they are becoming better represented.” She added that both men and women needed to be involved in AI to make sure that the technology is applied in the most creative way to benefit society. However, other women have voiced concern that greater efforts are still to be made. Laurel Toby of Supernode, a venture capital fund based in New York said, “Yes there are more women in tech, but until women are around the table making decisions, it really doesn’t matter that there are more of us. “When you have 30% representation by women, women start to feel comfortable enough to make themselves heard and to express their opinions. In tech we definitely haven’t hit that percentage yet.” Issues of women in power, particularly in the tech sector, have been commented on in both industry reports and by global organisations such as the United Nations. They criticised the sector for a lack of representation by women in STEM based subjects.  And a report from McKinsey in 2016 showed that women make up only one in four senior management roles. Although four in 10 women at Web Summit agreed that, “Many women are offered leadership roles just to fill quotas.” In terms of salary there do seem to have been improvements from a similar straw poll taken last year, as almost half of the respondents agreed that their salaries were in line with male colleagues, compared to 37% previously. The post Web Summit Survey Shows Women in Tech Continue to Grow, Although Not on the Board appeared first on The Fintech Times.
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2020 Gold Spike Summit: Doug Casey’s Strategic Investor Research Report

Chris Hurt introduces the program, stating first that he’s been able to learn his financial technique from “some of the most dynamic and sought-after minds” in this industry. In today’s video, Hurt met up with Doug Casey, who he describes as “a multi-millionaire and legend of the resource market,” to discuss gold, bringing up that […]
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World Blockchain Conference| Introducing Cross-chain Stablecoin “MOV”

On November 8th, Bytom hosted a special meetup at the World Blockchain Conference. Bytom’s team introduced a cross-chain stable coin: MOV. MOV aims at building a reliable financial infrastructure that truly aligns with the future of blockchain, while enables more use cases on blockchain. Tom Liu, senior researcher at Bytom talked about the designing concept and operation mechanism behind MOV’s system. As Tom spoke about the original intention to establish a stable coin project within the cross-chain ecosystem, he said that a complete cross-chain infrastructure is also about connecting different types of assets together. Through connecting multi-lateral exchange, liquidation and trade, crypto assets will have the opportunity to interact with each other, which will enable some brand-new use cases, then create a new financial system on blockchain. The prosperity of a multi literal crypto asset trading platform requires solid basic infrastructure. From trading to lending, to price setting and liquidation, a unified stable coin system and liquidation basic infrastructure means a lot to the cross chain unified body. Bytom’s stable coin project MOV differentiates from the other existing projects from 2 major aspects. First, most stable coin projects are more like a DAPP, but MOV is building a stable coin ecosystem, this will include solid, detailed basic infrastructure. The basic infrastructure and stable coin system are not independent of each other in our system. Second, most stable coin will take a lot of profit as they ICO, while MOV’s stable coin system will eventually give the profit back to the community. MOV’s stable coin system involves numerous participants, such as the debtor, creditor, lender. Third-party oracle community and outside partners will also be involved in the system. Tom then further explained the difference between MOV and other stable coin systems, MOV highlights the risk prevention system. Tom said “we do not believe that algorithms on blockchains can shield the users from this extremely unstable market in the early stage, we have an asset pool set aside as insurance, also to reward the community.” MOV’s stable coin system will focus on building a risk-sensitive feedback mechanism, it will also cooperate with users’ comprehensive risk analysis. The biggest issue for stable coin right now is how to bear the consequences after something bad happens. Some of them will do the liquidation base on mortgage, some promise 100% reserve mechanism. MOV’s system offers 3 different layers of liquidation mechanism: market, system and risky debt. The system is designed to protect the best interests of our users. In the end, Tom used a formula to explain MOV’s stable coin system: CR=PT. C is the combination of credit and mortgage security, R is the risk prevention system, P is the price of stable coin, T is the traffic flow of stable coin in market. No matter how risky the market is, as long as R is there, CR will remain stable, therefore will be able to maintain the price of stable coin. MOV’s ecosystem will create a new type of asset base on cross chain, enables cryptocurrencies to support numerous economic activities. What is more, it will also accelerate the acceptance process and use case exploration of stable coin.
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Grayscale Files to Make Bitcoin Trust First to Be Regulated by SEC

Grayscale Investment has submitted a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that could change the status of its popular bitcoin investment product.  On November 19, 2019, the company filed a securities registration form with the SEC which, if approved, would see its popular Bitcoin Trust product become the first-ever digital currency investment product to be regulated by the SEC.  The Bitcoin Trust was initially launched as a way to give more investors exposure to bitcoin with some barriers to entry eliminated, like the need to protect your own private keys. The pursuit of regulation by the SEC through this voluntary filing appears to be an effort in the same vein. “This filing is the latest step on the road to regulatory maturity for digital currencies,” according to a Grayscale press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. “After creating the first FINRA-regulated Bitcoin investment product, Grayscale once again is leading the industry in facilitating responsible regulatory oversight of the asset class. If the SEC approves the filing, the structure of the Bitcoin Trust would not change, nor would its regulatory classification. “This is a voluntary filing that, if deemed effective, would designate the Trust as an SEC reporting company and register its shares pursuant to Section 12(g) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Exchange Act”),” the press release reads. An SEC reporting company is also called a “reporting issuer.” By becoming a reporting company, Grayscale would likely be subject to periodic and ongoing disclosure requirements designed to keep investors informed on major updates concerning their investment. Potential Changes for Bitcoin Trust Investors Following approval from the SEC, accredited Bitcoin Trust investors would see a reduction in the statutory holding period for their investment from 12 months to six months, giving them liquidity sooner. This means that investors who had previously purchased shares in the trust’s private placement could resell them on the secondary market within six months. The trust would also be changing how it files quarterly and annual reports. With SEC approval, it would have to file its reports and audited financial statements as 10-Qs and 10-Ks — specific report templates as designated by the SEC.Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust became the first publicly traded bitcoin fund in 2015 (as the Bitcoin Investment Trust), having received approval on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQX exchange. The company, which is behind a significant “Drop Gold” advertising campaign, has seen its bitcoin product rise in popularity since its launch. Per a recent quarterly report, Grayscale attracted $254.9 million in net investments for its products, with two-thirds of the inflows secured attracted by the Bitcoin Trust. The post Grayscale Files to Make Bitcoin Trust First to Be Regulated by SEC appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.
Bitcoin Magazine

Monero Website Hacked, Downloads Infected with Crypto-Stealing Malware

The official Monero website has been hacked and versions of its downloadable Command Line Interface (CLI) software have been infected with XMR-stealing malware. A security warning was sent out on Twitter alerting users that “CLI binaries available on may have been compromised at some point during the last 24h. Investigations ongoing.” #Monero Security Warning: CLI binaries available on may have been compromised at some point during the last 24h. Investigations ongoing. — Monero || #xmr (@monero) November 19, 2019 Shortly thereafter, Monero’s core development team confirmed the incident on Reddit, admitting that the infected files had been served from the website for roughly 35 minutes before they switched to a secure fallback source for serving downloads. Cautioning users to always check the integrity of downloaded files, the team said: “If you downloaded binaries in the last 24h, and did not check the integrity of the files, do it immediately. If the hashes do not match, do NOT run what you downloaded. If you have already run them, transfer the funds out of all wallets that you opened with the (probably malicious) executables immediately, using a safe version of the Monero wallet (the one online as we speak is safe — but check the hashes).” Monero Team Still Investigating The hack was originally discovered by GitHub user nikitasius who posted on the official Monero project repository that he had noticed that the SHA256 hash for the downloaded file did not match the SHA256 hash shown on Monero’s website. Upon further scrutiny, he also noticed that the hashes for monero-wallet-cli didn’t match either. At the time of writing, the Monero team is still investigating the incident to determine how the files were compromised. Although it is not known yet how many users downloaded the infected software, at least one person has come forward reporting that their Monero wallet had been drained after downloading and running the infected binary file. Reddit user moneromanz posted: “I can confirm that the malicious binary is stealing coins. Roughly 9 hours after I ran the binary a single transaction drained my wallet of all $7,000. I downloaded the build yesterday around 6pm Pacific time.” He added that it appeared that “the attacker forked from commit f07c326f1 in the public repo” and warned users not to run the binary in order to check the version. The automod in the r/Monero subreddit appears to have deleted the original for reasons unknown. The price of Monero abruptly fell by more than five percent Monday morning – from $62.43 to $59.12 in less than three hours. After falling further to $58.56 overnight, XMR has since begun to regain some lost ground and is currently trading at $60.03. The post Monero Website Hacked, Downloads Infected with Crypto-Stealing Malware appeared first on CryptoPotato.

Mimblewimble Attack is ‘Factually Inaccurate’, Grin Team Responds

The claim that hired computing power could “break” the Mimblewimble privacy tool for Litecoin (LTC) is inaccurate, according to a response from the Grin development team.  Weakness Did Not Reveal Final Senders or Receivers The Grin team admitted that the protocol held a known weakness, but directing hired computing power from AWS did not constitute an ‘attack’. The analysis of Ivan Bogatyy managed to glean some network data, but the conclusions that the flaw could not be repaired were also inaccurate. While transaction linkability is a limitation that we’re looking to mitigate as part of our goal of ever-improving privacy, it does not ‘break’ Mimblewimble nor is it anywhere close to being so fundamental as to render it or Grin’s privacy features useless The creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, also tweeted that Mimblewimble had a known weakness, but this did not challenge the system as a privacy feature for LTC. This limitation of MimbleWimble protocol is well known. MW is basically Confidential Transactions with scaling benefits and slight unlinkability. To get much better privacy, you can still use CoinJoin before broadcasting and CJ works really well with MW due to CT and aggregation. — Charlie Lee [LTC] (@SatoshiLite) November 18, 2019 The information that could be gleaned was not as valuable as previously thought. The breaking of Mimblewimble veiling could not yield addresses, but only information about transaction outputs. The Grin team added that this could not link identities to wallets and addresses, an approach often used by law enforcement. The team admitted that so-called “sniffer nodes” collected data, but only for a particular time period. By no means were all Mimblewimble transactions being tracked. Additionally, the information was not as relevant as previously thought, only linking outputs. For the team, this was old knowledge, which did not compromise the veiled identities of users. Another inaccuracy was that the analysis did not unravel the “transaction graph”, and did not arrive at any possible identifying information about counter parties. The “sniffer nodes” mapped the activity, but could not trace where transactions originated. Within the Mimblewimble network, transactions never appear as identifiable information to outside observers, and no addresses exist. Mimblewimble Offers Stripped-Down, Private Blockchain Mimblewimble was proposed back in 2016, as a protocol to obscure transactions for multiple coins. The protocol was most prominently adopted by Litecoin, as a tool to make the asset a rival to Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC). The Grin project is an implementation of the Mimblewimble blockchain. The protocol uses limited data to keep the distributed ledger, without linking addresses. So far, Mimblewimble has minimal usage, with very few transactions within the network. The GRIN token currently trades at $1.27, after a daily slide of 10% following a downturn across all markets. Mimblewimble is the brainchild of pseudonymous user Tom Elvis Jedusor, none other than the French anagram of “Je suis Lord Voldemort”. What do you think about Grin’s response? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Images via Shutterstock, Twitter @SatoshiLite The post Mimblewimble Attack is ‘Factually Inaccurate’, Grin Team Responds appeared first on

BUTTON Wallet building new exchange solutions for Zilliqa (ZIL)

BUTTON Wallet, a messenger-based cryptocurrency solution for trading and buying digital assets, announced today its involvement in the LongHash Hatch and ZILHive Incubator, a joint 12-week incubation program that provides a full range of support for early-stage blockchain projects. The BUTTON Wallet team is using the Incubator as an opportunity to further develop simpler, more […] CryptoNinjas: BUTTON Wallet building new exchange solutions for Zilliqa (ZIL)
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