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What Is BitTorrent (BTT)? | The World’s Largest Decentralized File Sharing Protocol

What Is BitTorrent? BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol that recently launched a new cryptocurrency, BTT. The network enables you to download several different types of files quickly and for free from the Internet. Currently, over 170 million people use the protocol each month. In this guide, we’ll go over: How Does BitTorrent Work? BitTorrent Team & Progress Trading Where to Buy BTT Where to Store BTT Final Thoughts Additional Resources How Does BitTorrent Work? For illustrative purposes, it’s crucial to separate BitTorrent, the original peer-to-peer protocol, from BTT, the cryptocurrency that the protocol implements as a monetary incentive. BitTorrent BitTorrent is an online peer-to-peer communication protocol for files and other types of data. Similar to a blockchain, BitTorrent is a distributed system with no central entity. Here’s how it works. Seeds host files, otherwise known as torrents. When hosting, the seeds split the torrents up into several pieces, so that you can download them more efficiently. BitTorrent implements a peer-to-peer network of seeders and downloaders for quick and cheap file sharing. | Source: Wikipedia/Scott Martin When you download a file on BitTorrent, you receive different pieces of that file from multiple seeds. While downloading and after completion, you can opt to become a seed as well to help the network further. Choosing to not seed earns you the title of a leech. BitTorrent needs seeds for the system to survive, so leeching is frowned upon. The entire network of uploaders (seeds) and downloaders for a particular file is a swarm. BitTorrent’s distributed architecture enables you to upload and download large files more cheaply and efficiently and helps to reduce Internet congestion. BTT Tokens BitTorrent existed long before the BTT token. Even today, you can use the free protocol without the token. According to the project’s whitepaper, “BTT [acts] as a general purpose mechanism for transacting in computing resources shared between BitTorrent clients and a liquid market of service requestors and service providers.” Alongside BTT, the development team introduces BitTorrent Speed. Because there’s no financial incentive to seed in the original protocol, swarms often die out prematurely. To solve this problem, BitTorrent Speed offers BTT rewards for users that continue to seed after downloading a file. On the other side of the BTT equation, you can buy priority access to seeds, the continued availability of a file, and the use of others’ resources with your tokens. The end goal for the BTT implementation is for BitTorrent to become an entire content ecosystem, including content delivery, decentralized storage, and proxies. There is a total supply of 990,000,000,000 BTT, of which: 20 percent went to the TRON Foundation 19.9 percent stay with the BitTorrent ecosystem 19 percent reside with the BitTorrent team and foundation 17 percent were sold in private, public, and seed sales 10.1 percent are part of a six-year Tron airdrop program 10 percent are part of the BitTorrent airdrop program 4 percent are partnership tokens BitTorrent Team & Progress Bram Cohen created BitTorrent in April 2001 and released an updated version in 2013. In June 2018, Tron founder Justin Sun purchased BitTorrent for $120 million as a means to expand Tron’s Project Atlas. Cohen is no longer with the company, and several original staff members have left as well. Following the acquisition, BitTorrent held an initial exchange offering (IEO) through Binance’s Launchpad program, raising $7.2 million. There is still a lot in development for the merger of the two decentralized companies. BitTorrent Speed isn’t available yet, but the team states that they’ll launch it sometime this quarter. Additionally, BitTorrent Live, a live video streaming service, is accepting sign-ups for an upcoming beta. However, the team has not announced a release date for this product. Competition With over 100 million users between Tron and BitTorrent, this project is leading the pack of peer-to-peer file sharing systems. Another popular blockchain-based file sharing platform is Upfiring. However, Upfiring encrypts every file that seeders host whereas BitTorrent does not. With the nearly endless number of use cases in file sharing, there should be room for both to prosper. Trading BitTorrent has been one of the better performing cryptocurrencies of 2019. BTT launched with an IEO price of $0.00012, and after some initial volatile trading, the price settled in around $0.0008. The price started climbing in the middle of May, peaking at an all-time high of $0.0018 at the end of May. There doesn’t appear to be any news correlating with this run-up, so we can chalk it up to the price just following the market at that time. The BTT price currently sits around $0.00134 – already ten times higher than the price during its ICO. baseUrl = "https://widgets.cryptocompare.com/"; var scripts = document.getElementsByTagName("script"); var embedder = scripts[ scripts.length - 1 ]; (function (){ var appName = encodeURIComponent(window.location.hostname); if(appName==""){appName="local";} var s = document.createElement("script"); s.type = "text/javascript"; s.async = true; var theUrl = baseUrl+'serve/v3/coin/chart?fsym=BTT&tsyms=USD,EUR,CNY,GBP'; s.src = theUrl + ( theUrl.indexOf("?") >= 0 ? "&" : "?") + "app=" + appName; embedder.parentNode.appendChild(s); })(); If investing, keep your eye out for the upcoming Speed and Live releases. Both of these products could give a nice boost to the price. Where to Buy BTT Your exchange options to purchase BTT are virtually endless. UpBit currently has the highest amount of BTT trading volume as a pair with KRW. Because you likely don’t own any KRW, you should look to Binance for your BTT trading. It’s available in exchange for BTC, BNB, and various stablecoins on the platform. If you’re new the cryptocurrency investing, check out our guide on how to buy bitcoin to get started. Where to Store BTT BTT is a TRC-10 token utilizing the Tron network, so you can store it in any wallet that supports TRX. Tron has a whole host of community-created wallets that the team promotes on the project’s official website. Final Thoughts Besides KIN (which is likely to end horribly), BitTorrent is one of the most extensive attempts to tokenize an already successful network. On the surface, adding a token to incentivize seeders in the system makes sense. We won’t know for sure, though, until Speed and other additions like Live hit the market. Until then, it’s just another game of altcoin speculation roulette. Additional Resources Website Whitepaper Twitter Telegram Blog The post What Is BitTorrent (BTT)? | The World’s Largest Decentralized File Sharing Protocol appeared first on CoinCentral.
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Swarm 2.0 Goes Live – Swarm Facts

The highly anticipated Swarm 2.0 update went active this month. The update pushes the platform’s already impressive open-infrastructure a step further. Now, businesses can issue security tokens on multiple blockchains at reduced rates. Currently, Swarm can launch security tokens on Ethereum, Stellar, and Tron. What is Swarm? Swarm 2.0 is an enterprise-level tokenization and issuance platform. Businesses can tokenize any asset utilizing swarms SRC-20 protocol. Currently, Swarm tokenizes a wide-variety of assets including securities, equities, and even fine art. This strategy lowers investment entry-levels and provides companies with access to a global investment community. Importantly, the platform incorporates some unique features that make it stand out amongst the growing token issuance crowd. Zero Upfront Fees Swarm raised eyebrows across the cryptocommunity after announcing a zero upfront fee structure for companies seeking to host an STO. The company’s new pricing model removes the high-costs often associated with crowdfunding ventures. In the past, analysts cited these costs as one of the main roadblocks delaying mass security token adoption. Now, businesses have a cost-effective blockchain-based crowdfunding strategy to utilize. Swarm via Twitter Open-Source Swarm is an open-sourced concept which pushes the boundaries of tokenization to the next level. One example of the firm’s advantageous approach to the market occurred in August 2018. At this time Swarm revealed it had tokenized employee equity in the hugely popular Robinhood trading app. Ironically, Robinhood had no idea, who, or what, Swarm was when questioned about the move. The company never announced or even planned to offer public shares. Luckily, the Swarm functions in a manner in which the company doesn’t require permission to offer these products. Here’s how Swarm managed to pull off this maneuver, without any approval from Robinhood, and why it’s legal to do so. How Swarm 2.0 Works In this example, the company utilized a combination of broker partnerships and syndicate managers to source equity from past Robinhood employees. These employees wanted to liquidate their equity prior to the firms IPO. Once enough equity was gathered, it was locked into a shell company. Then, Swarm tokenized shares of the shell company as SRC-20 tokens. Importantly, SRC-20 tokens integrate automated legal and regulatory compliance considerations directly into the protocol. This makes SRC-20 tokens flexible in their use case scenarios. Market Access Protocol Interestingly, Swarm 2.0 utilizes a Market Access Protocol (MAP) to enable seamless cross-blockchain transactions. This feature makes SRC-20 tokens more attractive to investors because it allows the tokens to achieve higher interoperability. Also, MAP can function with other security tokens besides Swarm’s SRC-20 token. Swarm 2.0 Masternodes Another key feature to Swarm is the use of Masternodes to keep its blockchain secure. These nodes function similar to Bitcoin in that they verify and add transactions to the blockchain. Masternodes earn SWM tokens for their services. Luckily, anyone can become a Masternode. You just need to Stake 50,000 SWM tokens. You will be glad to learn that SRC-20 tokens are compatible with the ERC-20 protocol. Consequently, this compatibility means that you can stake your SWM holdings in any ERC-20 wallet. Once you have your tokens gathered, simply download the masternode software and you are official. Big Partnerships Partnerships are an important part of Swarm’s business strategy. Notably, the company partnered with the UK-based crypto custodial service provider, Copper. Speaking on the partnership, Swarm CEO and co-founder, Philipp Pieper, described the compatibility of the companies. He also took a moment to explain why Copper was a great fit. Copper provides institutional grade security for digital assets. Swarm it Up Swarm continues to develop its platform in a manner that separates it from the competition. The firm’s use of a zero-upfront fee structure showcases that this firm is serious about pushing crypto adoption further. You can expect to see a “Swarm” of new projects launched from this platform in the coming months. The post Swarm 2.0 Goes Live – Swarm Facts appeared first on .

A Month in Review – May 2019

Digital Securities May presented as a mixed bag for digital securities.  While cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as a whole, saw continuing positive trends, digital securities floundered slightly.  Despite this, there was no shortage of positive developments seen.  Read on to learn more about this industry progression through or original coverage and interviews. Partnerships Various partnership were announced throughout the month of May.  These ranged from usage of consultation services, to custodial solutions.  The following articles demonstrate multiple key partnerships furthering the sector. DigiMax to Consult During Leonovus Security Token Offering Copper to Provide Security Token Custodial Services to SWARM Licensure / Regulations iSTOX, a Singaporean capital markets platform, was granted admittance to a FinTech Regulatory Sandbox. A product of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the sandbox will play a pivotal role in iSTOX achieving full regulation in the future. MAS FinTech Sandbox Welcomes Capital Markets Platform ‘iSTOX’ Failure to Launch While plenty of good news was delivered through may, there is no denying that multiple letdowns occurred as well.  These came in the form of reduced investments and cancelled security token offerings.  Read on to learn about these events, and the companies affected by them. GSR Capital Reduces tZERO Investment by Over $390million Blockport STO Fails to Gain traction – Platform to Shutdown In Other News Vertalo, the cap-table specialists, caught our attention on multiple occasions over the month of May.  This U.S. based company saw, not only the continued adoption of their services, but announced the release of their V-Token software. Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo, states, “The current high cost of tokenization is the main impediment to widespread adoption and roll out of digital assets.  Today, Issuers who are interested in digital approaches are being asked to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to design and produce tokens before they have successfully raised capital.  The unit economics need to change.” Vertalo to Provide Vital Services to seriesOne Vertalo Releases V-Token Software for Usage During Tokenization Interviews Remy Jacobson, CEO of RealT RealT is a recently launched crowdfunding platform, with an eye on real estate.  CEO, Remy Jacobson, spoke with securities.io about their goals, and how they plan on attaining them. Read More Syed Hussain, CEO of Liquidity This blockchain based, fintech firm, has set their sights on developing a comprehensive investment platform, serving the ‘digital economy’.  With years of experience surrounding blockchain, CEO, Syed Hussain, took the time to discuss this project and how it will change digital securities. Read More The post A Month in Review – May 2019 appeared first on .

SWARM's Next Generation Zero-Fee Digital Securities Issuance Platform Live Now.

BERLIN, June 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SWARM, a non-profit providing open infrastructure for digital securities, announced today the launch of its next generation technology which enables the issuance of digital securities across major blockchains."Today we launch the latest technological incarnation of our mission to make investment markets more trustworthy and accessible to all. Our experience in the 18 months since launching and operating our blockchain for digital securities indicated that issuers needed a higher degree of flexibility and customization than what the market had to offer. At the same time, users were facing usability issues combined with high fees, presenting barriers for issuers and users to enter a very nascent market. As a result we were able to build an infrastructure that offers state of the art issuance, onboarding, and custody - and made it entirely free. We believe this will contribute to bringing a swath of opportunities to the market, and start to deliver on the long promised potential of STOs," said SWARM Co-Founder Philipp Pieper.SWARM's next generation issuance platform, alongside its Market Access Protocol (MAP), allows issuers to compliantly bring their digital securities ...Full story available on Benzinga.com

Bitcoin.com’s Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Gathers Thousands of Pre-Launch Signups

On June 4, Bitcoin.com is gearing up to launch our peer-to-peer trading platform Local.Bitcoin.com. After the exchange was announced, the public were invited to create their accounts and place orders. So far the exchange has seen a huge swarm of interest, with over 4,500 signups to date. Also read: Bitcoin.com Celebrates 4 Million Wallets Created Local.Bitcoin.com Pre Launch Accounts Surpass 4,500 The development team behind Bitcoin.com’s Local.Bitcoin.com exchange has been very busy getting ready for the platform’s grand opening. In about a week’s time, on June 4, the peer-to-peer trading platform will begin to allow trading and people from all around the world can participate. In the buildup to the June 4 launch, anyone can sign up and even create a trade so they’ll be prepared for the big day. Of the 4,500+ accounts, there’s been 1,445 unique makers created and over the last 24 hours, 239 accounts were added. The over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform has seen signups from people all around the globe, with the most popular regions being the U.S. (21%), Indonesia (5%), India (5%), Philippines (4%), Nigeria (4%), U.K. (4%), Canada (3%), and Zimbabwe (3%). Local.Bitcoin.com is also seeing signups from countries like Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, and Sweden. The number of signups throughout the world has been fascinating as it shows that citizens are very interested in the peer-to-peer exchange of BCH. Additionally, accounts can earn extra bitcoin cash by generating a referral code enabling them to earn 20% of the fees for the lifetime of users who sign up through their code. Spreading Economic Freedom One Trade at a Time Our pre-launch statistics recorded on May 27 show there are 1,817 offers and 1,284 active offers available. Local.Bitcoin.com has around 402 active users per day and roughly 2,418 users per week as well. At Bitcoin.com, we’re psyched to be able to offer people a place where they can trade freely and most importantly in a noncustodial fashion. We believe that there will be great interest in an OTC trading platform that lets people swap their fiat for sound peer-to-peer electronic cash. At the moment, the most popular offer types of trades include bank transfer (32%), cash in person (15%), Paypal (15%), cash deposit (7%), and “Other.” Alternative choices Local.Bitcoin.com users chose were methods like Western Union, Gift cards, Skrill, Moneygram, Transferwise, and Venmo. Creating a Local.Bitcoin.com account is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete a profile and initiate a trade. At Bitcoin.com we want open and free trade to flourish and we think that bitcoin cash is going to change the world. Over the last decade, cryptocurrency exchanges have been looted for billions of dollars worth of bitcoins and this is because people have to leave funds in limbo in order to trade regularly. With Local.Bitcoin.com’s peer-to-peer solution, all trades are noncustodial and users have full control over their funds. So if you are just hearing about Local.Bitcoin.com and need step-by-step instructions on how to sign up and create a trade, check out this informative article. At Bitcoin.com, we’re thrilled to be able to give people the ability to buy and sell bitcoin cash in a way that allows for a far more personal trading experience. If you like what you hear and want to trade fiat for bitcoin cash or vice versa, then sign up for Local.Bitcoin.com today. Additionally, if you have questions or want to give us feedback then check out the dedicated English Telegram channel or Spanish Telegram channel. What do you think about the new peer-to-peer marketplace Local.Bitcoin.com? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below. Image credits: Local.Bitcoin.com, Jamie Redman, and Bitcoin.com. Did you know you can also buy Bitcoin Cash online with us? Download your free Bitcoin wallet and head to our Purchase Bitcoin page where you can buy BCH and BTC securely. The post Bitcoin.com’s Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Gathers Thousands of Pre-Launch Signups appeared first on Bitcoin News.
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DIY —  Build Your Own Decentralized Thermostat

DIY — Build Your Own Decentralized ThermostatIn this blog post, we’ll be exploring how to build a “decentralized” thermostat and, in the process, we’ll be exploring the concept of decentralized IoT.Decentralized IoT is, in its most basic definition, IoT that doesn’t rely on centralized cloud services or middlemen for its communication.In the past few years there has been work on building P2P messaging networks that are entirely decentralized. Decentralized messaging networks include Whisper, Swarm PSS, and Bitmessage.Once a decentralized messaging network matures to become scalable and reliable, it can offer a number of benefits compared to centralized devices, including the following:It’s serverless. You won’t have to setup a server or some intermediary to communicate with your device.You have constant access to your device. Since you’re relying on a P2P network rather than a server (a single point of failure), your uptime is significantly higher and without the overhead of maintaining a server.Your communication can be completely private, including metadata. A number of decentralized messaging networks, like Whisper, use dark routing and encryption to support private communication with no reliable way for an outsider to trace metadata.Mind you, all decentralized messaging networks are still very nascent, and are still missing some core features for them to be reliable and scalable (an incentivization layer, for instance). But, hey, we’re hackers, and if we’ll not be messing around with experimental tech, then who will?Without further ado, let’s move on to building our highly experimental decentralized thermostat.Strictly speaking, decentralized thermostats have existed for quite some time. Here’s a classic example of one:A classic “decentralized” thermostatThe above thermostat is decentralized in every sense of the word. It doesn’t rely on any centralized cloud services or middlemen, and communication with it is private including any metadata (unless you don’t trust your household).But, in this blog post, we’re more interested in building a smart decentralized thermostat. At the very least, we want to be able to control it remotely via our phone. Here’s a rough sketch of the functionality we want to provide:A mockup interface for the functionality/data we want to expose to the phone from the thermostat.The above is a very basic mockup for the functionality we want to build. Specifically, we want to be able to do the following:Set the target temperature.Display the target and actual temperatures.We’ll now explore two possible implementations of the communication layer between the thermostat and the phone using decentralized technologies. The focus of our discussion will solely be on the communication layer and not on the internals of the hardware.Implementation #1: WhisperWhisper is Ethereum’s decentralized messaging protocol and, if you’re familiar with Ethereum, it comes bundled with geth . Normally, you’d have to setup a Whisper node on your hardware, tune it so that it doesn’t consume too much of your hardware’s resources, generate keys for communication, gracefully handle any crashes, set up auto start on boot, etc.Alternatively, you can use Elk. Elk is a hardware development board for building decentralized and blockchain-connected devices, and it provides support for Whisper out of the box. It handles key management and generation, and it provides an Arduino-like SDK without the hassle of setting up a Whisper node on an embedded device.Elk: A hardware development board for building decentralized and blockchain-connected devices.Here is the outline of our thermostat code (also known as sketch) written using raw Whisper and Elk’s SDK. If you aren’t familiar with the Arduino way of coding, you can learn more about it here./* Initial target temperature (in Celsius) */unsigned int targetTemperature = 23;// 1. Setting a topicString TOPIC = "0x11223344";void setup() { // 2. Listening to incoming Whisper messages. Whisper.subscribe(TOPIC, &handleMessage);}void loop() { // logic related to running the thermostat goes here}void handleMessage(WhisperMessage message) { // 3. Handling incoming whisper messages. if (message.payload == "increaseTemperature") { targetTemperature += 1; setTemperature(targetTemperature); // Send acknowledgement that message is received. Whisper.send(message.from, TOPIC, "ack"); } else if (message.payload == "decreaseTemperature") { targetTemperature -= 1; setTemperature(targetTemperature); // Send acknowledgement that message is received. Whisper.send(message.from, TOPIC, "ack"); } else if (message.payload == "currentTemperature") { // Respond with current temperature Whisper.send(message.from, TOPIC, readTemperature()); } else if (message.payload == "targetTemperature") { // Respond with target temperature Whisper.send(message.from, TOPIC, targetTemperature); }}/* Stub of setting target temperature. */void setTemperature(unsigned int target);/* Stub to read current room temperature from temperature sensor. */float readTemperature();Let’s examine the above code more closely:Setting a topic. Whisper relies on topics to make its routing more efficient. This is essentially 4 bytes of arbitrary data that you set and both the sender and receiver need to communicate using the same topic. You can learn more about topics here.Listening to incoming Whisper messages. Elk provides key management and automatically uses its auto-generated Whisper key (which you can override if you wish). The device essentially listens to any message sent to the topic that it’s able to decrypt.Handling incoming Whisper messages. This part of the code is self-explanatory and it defines an interface used for turning messages the device receives into functionality.The code above is an outline of a working implementation of a smart thermostat that we can use to set and monitor the temperature remotely using Whisper. There are a number of issues though with the implementation above:There’s no authentication. Anyone can send commands to the thermostat. One easy way to resolve this is to check that the message is encrypted by you.Message delivery in Whisper isn’t guaranteed, which isn’t ideal when it’s a hot Summer day and you’re trying to tell your thermostat to cool the house down on your way home.You’ll need to build out a mobile app or some other UI to use this. Whisper is a low-level protocol and doesn’t have a UI.Implementation #2: Elk Protocol + AppThe absolute easiest way to build the communication layer of the thermostat is using Elk along with the Elk protocol and mobile app. The Elk protocol extends Ethereum’s Whisper protocol to simplify communication with IoT devices. It offers the following advantages compared to Whisper:It includes authentication out of the box.It includes a mechanism for retries and timeouts.It automatically generates a mobile interface to communicate with your device. The Elk app generates a basic UI for you to get started using your devices quickly.Below is the code you’d need to communicate with your thermostat using the Elk protocol:/* Initial target temperature (in Celsius) */unsigned int targetTemperature = 23;void setup() { // Define a name for the sketch to be used in the Elk app Elk.setName("Thermostat"); // Exposing variables Elk.expose("Current Temperature", &readTemperature); Elk.expose("Target Temperature", &targetTemperature); // Exposing functions Elk.expose("Temperature++", &increaseTemperature); Elk.expose("Temperature--", &decreaseTemperature);}void loop() { // logic related to running the thermostat goes here.}void increaseTemperature() { targetTemperature += 1; setTemperature(targetTemperature);}void decreaseTemperature() { targetTemperature -= 1; setTemperature(targetTemperature);}/* Stub of setting target temperature. */void setTemperature(unsigned int target);/* Stub to read current room temperature from temperature sensor. */float readTemperature();The code above is all we need to implement the communication layer of the thermostat. The code exposes two functions for increasing and decreasing the target temperature, as well as two variables for the target temperature and current temperature. I stubbed out the hardware related functionality for brevity.What happens when we deploy the sketch above to the board? You can now download the Elk app, scan the QR code of the board, and voilà! The Elk app communicates with the board using Whisper, fetches metadata about your sketch, and generates an interface for the functionality we exposed in the sketch.Adding a sketch to one’s phone with the Elk app and the Elk board’s QR code.The interface also provides feedback that a message has been received successfully by the thermostat.The interface generated by the Elk app from our sketch. The interface is dynamically generated without having to code anything. Variables like target and current temperatures are updated in real-time.Note that the current implementation allows anyone to communicate with your device. For security, you can easily whitelist only yourself as the user of the board through its IDE config.That’s it! We are now able to control our thermostat using a decentralized messaging network — no middlemen or servers required. Wasn’t that easy?At Elk, we’re on a mission to bring decentralized technologies into the physical world and to make its development experience 10x better. If that’s something that interests you, check out our development board.https://medium.com/media/3c851dac986ab6dbb2d1aaa91205a8eb/hrefDIY —  Build Your Own Decentralized Thermostat was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Copper Chosen by SWARM as Preferred Digital Custodian

SWARM, an infrastructure provider for the issuance and trading of digital assets, has selected Copper as its preferred digital custodian. The integration of Copper’s solution will provide the institutional grade security fundamental to the mass market trading of digital securities.  Copper’s technology will secure assets held or managed as well as delivering settlement services through APIs, which trigger subsequent processes for the SWARM (SWM) that are wrapped to be invested into for investment opportunities on the SWARM platform. Copper already provides custody for multiple crypto funds and investors operating a full range of investment strategies. The company also plans on providing custody for fiat in the future. Copper has recently improved the security protocols of its custodial service further by adding military grade optical air-gapping. This enhancement ensures the complete security of an offline repository of asset owners’ sharded keys during the transaction signing process. Philipp Pieper, Co-Founder of SWARM, has commented: “The integration between Copper and SWARM is a great fit due to the compatibility of our technologies as well as our teams. Copper provides the level of institutional grade security and convenience that is absolutely essential for the adoption of digital securities by institutional investors and the retail market. Philosophically, we have found in Copper a team who are committed to the growth of a broad ecosystem for digital securities, who share our innovative spirit, and who know that we will all get further, faster when we build together.” Dmitry Tokarev, CEO and Founder of Copper, said: “SWARM is at the forefront of the emerging security token investment industry and we are excited to enable its vision. Although the crypto industry is evolving rapidly, it still needs large institutional involvement before the space can fully-mature. This cannot be achieved without proper custody solutions ensuring assets are secure alongside solutions that help institutions easily navigate the industry. The partnership between SWARM and Copper puts us at the forefront of developing the infrastructure for financial services 2.0”. The post Copper Chosen by SWARM as Preferred Digital Custodian appeared first on The Fintech Times.
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Copper to Provide Custodial Services to SWARM

Custodianship Recognizing a need for reliable custodial solutions, tokenization platform, SWARM, has announced a partnership with Copper, today. Copper is a company which specializes in institutional grade security solutions for digital assets. In this case, their services will be made available to token issuers on the SWARM platform. Copper provides cold storage solutions, which make use of a technique known as ‘air-gapping’. This is a simple idea, which brings high levels of security, by ensuring that, not only are their storage computer not connected to the internet, but they are not connected to any other device connected to the internet. This practice does not hinder user experience, as a simple scan of a QR code allows for signing transactions. While Copper only offers its services for digital assets, it intends to expand support for FIAT in the future. Commentary In announcing their partnership with one another, representatives from both Swarm, and Copper, took the time to discuss what this move means. The following is what each had to say on the matter. Philipp Pieper, Cofounder of Swarm, stated, “The integration between Copper and SWARM is a great fit due to the compatibility of our technologies as well as our teams…Copper provides the level of institutional grade security and convenience that is absolutely essential for the adoption of digital securities by institutional investors and retail market…Philosophically, we have found in Copper a team who are committed to the growth of a broad ecosystem for digital securities, who share our innovative spirit, and who know that we will all get further, faster when we build together.” Dimitry Tokarev, CEO of Copper, stated, “SWARM is at the forefront of the emerging security token investment industry and we are excited to enable its vision…Although the crypto industry is evolving rapidly, it still needs large institutional involvement before the space can fully-mature…This cannot be achieved without proper custody solutions ensuring assets are secure alongside solutions that help institutions easily navigate the industry. The partnership between SWARM and Copper puts us at the forefront of developing the infrastructure for financial services 2.0” Copper Copper is a London, United Kingdom, based company, which was founded in 2018. This young company looks to tackle issues that plague the world of blockchain, such as custody solutions. The partnership discussed here today validates their choices to date, as they begin experiencing real adoption through various funds. Company operations are overseen by CEO, Dmitry Tokarev. Swarm Swarm is a fast growing, United States based company, which was founded in 2018. Above all, Swarm specializes in the tokenization of assets. This entails the creation, issuance, and ongoing management of security tokens. These tokens, which Swarm tokenizes free of charge, are often backed in a variety of ways, ranging from equity, debt, real estate, and more. Company operations are overseen by Cofounders, Philipp Pieper and Timo Lehes. In Other News Custody solutions are an ongoing hot topic among participants in the blockchain industry. While some have developed in-house solutions, others turn to security specialists. Here are a few articles showing various solutions companies have turned to for digital asset custody. TokenSoft Announces ‘Knox Wallet’ – A Mobile Custody Solutions for Security Tokens TokenSoft Global Markets Adds Coinbase Custody, Expanding Security Token Services Smartlands Releases Stellar Powered Wallet Supporting Security Tokens The post Copper to Provide Custodial Services to SWARM appeared first on .

SWARM Partners With Copper For Secure Military-Grade Crypto Custodian Solution

SWARM, a crypto trading infrastructure provider, has recently decided to start a partnership with Copper, a digital asset company, in order to improve its digital asset custody services. Copper, which is based in the U. K., is an important company which also provide brokerage services to crypto firms. Another service offered by the company is […]
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Resolute.Fund to Launch Tokenized Real Estate Fund through Swarm

Inaugural Launch After months of hard work, the time has come for Resolute.Fund to launch their inaugural real estate fund. Built upon the Ethereum blockchain, this STO will see up to $5 million USD worth of tokens distributed to qualified investors. These tokens will be made available over a 4 week span. Investors in these tokens are rewarded with fractionalized ownership of real estate, proportionate to the size of their holdings. The real estate, itself, is curated by a team of professionals, with decades of experience in the industry, ensuring that the most profitable opportunities are brought forth. Beyond the transparency afforded through use of blockchain, event participants are expected to experience high levels of liquidity in their assets – a trait not often seen within real estate. The entire event is being facilitated by market leading platform, SWARM. This U.S. based company provides a variety of services tailored towards the creation, issuance, and management of security tokens. Commentary We reached out to Andy Strott, CEO of Resolute.Fund, regarding this upcoming event. The following is what he had to say. Q: Swarm has proven to be an increasingly popular platform for tokenization. What was it that drew you to Swarm vs the various issuance platforms on the market today? A: “For the size of our offering (USD5MM), Swarm’s no fee model makes the most sense for our investors. In a fund structure, we must be very focused on keeping fees as low as possible. In addition, Swarm’s reputation in the industry as a leader and pioneer in the space, as can be seen in Swarm being a founding member of International Token Standardization Association (ITSA). Finally, their open source infrastructure will be well received by our investors and partners.” Resolute.Fund Resolute.Fund is a United States based real estate fund. Launched in 2018, this fund is curated by a team with decades of experience in the industry. Resolute.Fund looks to bring new opportunities to real estate investing, through the implementation of blockchain technologies. This will, ideally, lead to greater levels of transparency, efficiency, liquidity, and accessibility through fractionalized ownership. Company operations are overseen by CEO, Andy Strott. Swarm Swarm is a United States based tokenization platform, which was launched in 2018. Under the watch of CEO, Philipp Pieper, Swarm has gone on to become one of the more popular solutions within the digital securities sector. To date, Swarm has successfully aided in the tokenization of project such as TheArtToken, and now hopefully, Resolute.Fund. In Other News While various companies have identified real estate as one of the more promising implementation of security tokens, Resolute.Fund was one of the first to make this their goal. Operating under the name Realecoin at the time, we had the privilege of interview Andy Strott, months ago, regarding the endeavour discussed here today. Check out the following articles to learn more about Swarm, Andy Strott and Resolute.Fund. Interview Series – Andy Strott, Founder and CEO of Resolute.Fund Swarm to Create Security Tokens for FREE The post Resolute.Fund to Launch Tokenized Real Estate Fund through Swarm appeared first on .

Copper chosen by SWARM as preferred digital custodian

SWARM, an infrastructure provider for the issuance and trading of digital assets, has selected award-winning Copper as its preferred digital custodian. The integration of Copper’s solution will provide the institutional grade security fundamental to the mass market trading of digital securities. Copper’s technology will secure assets held or managed as well as delivering settlement services … Continue reading Copper chosen by SWARM as preferred digital custodian The post Copper chosen by SWARM as preferred digital custodian appeared first on CoinSpectator Blog.
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XRP Spikes 10% on Ripple MoneyGram Partnership News

Big partnership announcements have been thin on the ground for many of the major crypto companies recently. That changed for Ripple a few hours ago when the firm announced a strategic partnership with one of the world’s largest money transfer companies, MoneyGram. XRP Climbs 15% in a Week Compared to bitcoin and litecoin, XRP has been asleep for the past two months. Even Ethereum has outperformed it in terms of percentage gains. That all changed a few hours ago when XRP awoke from its range bound channel at $0.42 and surged almost 10% to hit an intraday high just over $0.46. A minor pullback followed in the hours after the announcement but XRP is still one of the day’s top performers. XRP price 1 hour candles – Tradingview.com XRP 00 has climbed almost 15% over the past week as it was trading just under $0.40 this time last Tuesday. Daily volume has just topped $2 billion as XRP market capitalization approaches $20 billion. The gap to ETH in second place is still $10 billion in terms of market cap, however. It has been one of the best weeks for XRP in terms of gains as the Ripple token has only made 27% since the beginning of the year. Big Partnership Driving FOMO The San Francisco based firm announced the partnership on its company blog late last night. It stated that the initial partnership will last two years during which Ripple will become the key partner for MoneyGram’s cross border payments and foreign exchange settlements. A substantial capital commitment of $50 million has also been pledged by the blockchain company enabling MoneyGram to draw it over a two year period in exchange for equity. Ripple’s xRapid system will be deployed for the partnership. It facilitates on-demand liquidity enabling instant transactions by reducing reliance on pre-funding. The XRP token will be used as the ‘real-time bridge’ between different currencies. Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, stated; This strategic partnership will enable MoneyGram to greatly improve its operations and enable millions of people around the world to benefit from its improved efficiency. This is a huge milestone in helping to transform cross-border payments and I look forward to a long-term, very strategic partnership between our companies. MoneyGram has a $600 billion global remittance market supporting multiple currencies in more than 200 countries. Traditional forex markets requiring advance purchases are currently used for international transfers. The partnership and leverage of Ripple’s native token are expected to reduce costs and increase transfer speeds for the firm. Alex Holmes, MoneyGram Chairman and CEO, added; Through Ripple’s xRapid product, we will have the ability to instantly settle funds from US dollars to destination currencies on a 24/7 basis, which has the potential to revolutionize our operations and dramatically streamline our global liquidity management. Will XRP hit $0.50 this week? Add your comments below. Images via Shutterstock, Tradingview.com The post XRP Spikes 10% on Ripple MoneyGram Partnership News appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

XRP Gains 5% as Ripple Forms Strategic Partnership with MoneyGram; Last Resorts for Both Firms?

Ripple bought a share issue from MoneyGram worth $30 million at $4.10 per share to acquire 8-10% of the company. MoneyGram would also have an option of infusing another $20 million over the next two years. A strategic partnership will now ensue where Ripple will become the critical service provider for cross-border payment and foreign exchange settlement using digital assets. The digital asset they will be leveraging is Ripple, using Ripple’s xRapid Product. This partnership is a massive step towards the vision with which Ripple began, and investors put money is XRP. Also Read: Ripple Fathers’ Day Gift Propels It Past $0.4400 as Bulls Return Until now, MoneyGram has had to use banking services to provide settlements for payments they initiate. Due to the difference in time of settling payments, MoneyGram has to take loans to increase the required liquidity. However, by deploying xRapid, they will now be able to leverage XRP’s liquidity to provide cheaper and faster settlements. MoneyGram Chairman and CEO, Alex Holmes noted, “Through Ripple’s xRapid product, we will have the ability to instantly settle funds from US dollars to destination currencies on a 24/7 basis, which has the potential to revolutionize our operations and dramatically streamline our global liquidity management.” MoneyGram reported a net loss of $24 million in 2018 compared to a net loss of $29.8 million for the fourth quarter of 2017. The money transmitting service provider has been working towards developing, and 2019 will be part of the roadmap. Hence, the success of this strategic partnership is crucial for MoneyGram. Also Read: Bitcoin Vs Facebook Coin: Should Bitcoin Hodlers Care About Facebook Coin? Currently, MoneyGram works independently by leveraging money from banks. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse told the media,  “This will eliminate the need to deploy foreign bank accounts. That’s why MoneyGram has negative working capital. It will help customers and also smooth out their treasury operations,” XRP/USD 4-Hour Chart on Bitstamp (TradingView) Moreover, while XRP recorded gains around 5%, it rose from $0.43 to a reach high at $0.46. Notably, a partnership like this back in 2016 or 2017 would have likely propelled the price by 30%. This can be attributed to an apparent decrease in the use case for MoneyGram itself. Digital payment is quickly becoming more accessible than ever with major firms working on implementing or integrating digital currencies on their respective platforms. Facebook is the most prominent example of it. Do you think MoneyGram and Ripple will be able to increase their volume and user base in the current environment? Please share your views with us.  The post XRP Gains 5% as Ripple Forms Strategic Partnership with MoneyGram; Last Resorts for Both Firms? appeared first on Coingape.

Ripple Partners MoneyGram to Enhance Cross-border Payments with XRP

Ripple has secured another major partnership with international money transfer company MoneyGram. This will allow the company to use Ripple’s native token XRP to provide liquidity for international payments to MoneyGram customers. This is in a bid to enhance the speed and efficiency of the payment system that MoneyGram operates. In an interview with Fortune on the partnership, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said: “This will eliminate the need to deploy foreign bank accounts. That’s why MoneyGram has negative working capital. It will help customers and also smooth out their treasury operations.” The partnership also gives Ripple an 8% to 10% stake in MoneyGram by paying $4.10 per share. This, however, does not give Ripple a voice in the dealings of MoneyGram for now as part of the agreement. MoneyGram, on the other hand, will have the opportunity of reviving its financial standing from Ripple’s investment which it direly needs after its share price crashed significantly.  It will also increase the efficiency of the payment platform, the management said. “We are very pleased with the terms of the Ripple investment which supports the Company with permanent capital and additional liquidity,” Larry Angelilli, chief financial officer of MoneyGram, said in a statement. “This partnership also provides MoneyGram with the opportunity to improve operating efficiencies and increase earnings and free cash flow,” Larry Angelilli, the chief financial officer of MoneyGram said. Ripple is the leader in remittance services as far as the blockchain industry is concerned. Its xRapid is second to none in terms of transaction efficiency and speed. With the new partnership, XRP which will be used for liquidity will be exposed to MoneyGram’s customers in over 200 countries globally. MoneyGram is the second largest provider of money transfer services in the world and while partnering with Ripple will ensure better service delivery to its customers, it is also a huge breakthrough for Ripple which has been looking to expand its reach further into the world. With hundreds of clients using Ripple’s payment platform, the company has grown significantly thus improving the international remittance settlement market by improving customer experience in conventional financial institutions. The post Ripple Partners MoneyGram to Enhance Cross-border Payments with XRP appeared first on ZyCrypto.

Ripple (XRP) enters key partnership with MoneyGram; invests $30 million

Ripple (XRP) enters key partnership with MoneyGram; invests $30 million - CryptoNinjas MoneyGram, a global money transfer company, announced today it has entered into a strategic agreement with Ripple (XRP), the provider of enterprise blockchain solutions for cross-border payments. The deal will enable MoneyGram to utilize Ripple’s xRapid product, leveraging ripples (XRP) in foreign exchange settlement as part of MoneyGram’s global payment process With an initial term […] Ripple (XRP) enters key partnership with MoneyGram; invests $30 million - CryptoNinjas

Ripple Announces Game-Changing Partnership With MoneyGram

By CCN Markets: Ripple announced a partnership with money transfer giant MoneyGram today. Two Year Exclusive Agreement, Ripple and MoneyGram According to Ripple Labs, a two-year partnership has been struck with MoneyGram which makes Ripple its exclusive digital assets partner. The purview of Ripple’s use case here might be more limited than expected. It depends on how many of the transactions are sent and received using Ripple’s technology and how much they’re worth. Whatever the case, the partnership doesn’t, for example, mean that you’ll be able to buy and sell XRP at any MoneyGram location. Something along those lines would The post Ripple Announces Game-Changing Partnership With MoneyGram appeared first on CCN Markets
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