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Tron Arcade Welcomes New TRX Blockchain-based RPG Game CryptoDungeons

Another game has joined the Tron (TRX) platform. CryptoDungeons, a blockchain-based RPG, is the latest game to be launched on top of Tron. In order to do so, Tron Arcade provided support, allowing the game to reach a new user base. The information was announced by Tron Arcade in a blog post on February 9. Excited to announce our collaboration with @CryptoDungeons #blockchain #crypto #gaming — TRON Arcade (@TRONArcade) February 9, 2019 As per the official announcement, the game was developed for the Ethereum (ETH) network, a close competitor to Tron. The intention is to create a separate universe using the Tron network. The official blog post reads as follows: “Cryptodungeons revolves around the kingdom of “Brightdawn.” Brightdawn is preparing for war and has asked its people to start gathering supplies, weapons and armour in preparation.” Users can purchase Heroes to do different activities. For example, it is possible to gather food, craft in-game items and also explore dungeons. At the moment, there are five different races available: Angels, Dwards, Elves, Humans and Orcs. At the same time, there are 4 different classes, Mages, Priests, Rogues and Warriors. Users are also able to purchase units that are represented by NFTs. There is a store in which users can select and purchase the items they want. As the stats on a Hero improve, the more scarce it becomes. This drives up their real-world value. Since the game is going to be based on top of the Tron network, there are TRX prize pools for PvP tournaments and other in-game events. Although the game is still being developed, the intention is to launch it to the market in the near future. In the past, we wrote about Tron launching a new game called TronGoo. This game was also created for Ethereum (at that time it was called EtherGoo) but it moved to the Tron network.
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0xGames Partners With Tron Arcade (TRX) In Their New Blockchain DApp Game, 0xWarriors

0xGames Partners Tron In Their New DApp Game, 0xWarriors Following the success of their Blockchain-powered space strategy game, 0xUniverse, the legendary maker of blockchain-based games is at it again, although with a new partner on board. 0xGames is teaming up with Tron in a bid to take over the blossoming gaming industry again, this time with 0xWarriors. Ever since its release, 0xGames’ incredible strategy game, 0xUniverse has been topping the charts. This, therefore, insinuates that the amount of expectations from its adherents, especially with Tron’s blockchain platform in the mix, is indescribable. The new battle game has been tipped to revolutionize the everyday gaming experience. Given the fact that it’s another great game from a gaming company that has earned itself a name amongst lovers of decentralized gamers, 0xWarriors will truly be an exciting one. Tron will be credited for the DApp platform that helped design the game. You can take advantage of the presale that’s ongoing! A Little About The 0xWarriors Of course, it’s another exciting blockchain-powered game. However, that aside, we can simply describe it as ‘battler’ game whereby you will have to fight your way up if you are to be honored and celebrated. Essentially, it is a tournament game where, in order to win, you must get armored accordingly. The good thing though is the various prizes along the way. You collect gaming bonuses – items that you may later trade for useful goodies. The ability to personalize your warrior by giving him skills and looks of your preference is a great feature too. However, it is the ability to form multiple Blockchain troops and enter into alliances with other warriors for a profit that makes the whole game a lot more exciting! 0xGames – The Journey So Far It’s only the other day, specifically in early 2018, that 0xGames, a Cypriot outfit, finally became a success. It is when their 0xUniverse game shot to fame and announced them to the world as a serious maker of decentralized games. The subsequent 0xUniverse upgrades, as well as the start of 0xBattleships, cemented their status as a world-class gaming company. Later, the release of 0xWarriors, albeit in a Beta version, was another win. And as they team up with Tron, this not only signifies their quest for greatness, but also the fact that they have their clients at the heart of everything. As Sergey Kopov, the company’s CEO, says, having DApp platform at the core of their games goes a long way in ensuring that Blockchain is accepted in the future. Tron is a new partner, but it isn’t a surprising choice. The Tron’s devs believe that it will help their company get more exposure, earn more users and eventually increase the use of TRX, their very own cryptocurrency. More Gaming Companies Are Choosing Tron! 0xGames isn’t the only one partnering with Tron though. Two other famous brands namely TronGoo (or EtherGoo) and KuaiXiYou – a Chinese online game, has pitched camp on the Tron platform. There’s no doubt more brands will be joining in soon, as well! Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP (Ripple), and EOS Price Analysis Watch (Feb 7th)
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Tron’s Strong dApp Game: Growing Numbers & Top Ethereum dapp to Join Tron Arcade

Tron is aggressively working on its Dapp ecosystem with big plans ahead. A constant growth can be seen right from the launch of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) in October. Just a month after this, Tron founder and CEO, Justin Sun took to Twitter to announce the addition of over 20 dapps on Tron Network. This was when Sun stated that they have more than 80 dapps in the pipeline with 400 percent growth expected in December. We are excited to announce top Ethereum dApp @LordLessIo intends to join TRON Arcade. #blockchain #crypto #gaming — TRON Arcade (@TRONArcade) January 13, 2019 At the end of December, Sun delivered on his promise as 83 dapps were added on Tron Network, “TRON grows rapidly and has 83 Dapps in dapp_review now! Mission accomplished! We will surpass EOS on the number of Dapps (now 259) at the end of January 2019!” As per the latest Dapp weekly report of Tron, the numbers are continuously surging with Dice games still being the most active Dapps on Tron network. Source: TRON Dapp Weekly Report 01.05–01.11 The Dapp data, user insights, and market analysis provider website, DappReview also praised Tron’s Dapp growth, “We have been witness to the rise of TRON Dapps since late October. More and more devs and pro teams are joining the TRON ecosystem. Look forward to seeing more Dapps with complex game-play and mechanics.” The growth of Tron Dapp network is further evident from the fact shared by Sun recently on Twitter, “The number of Dapps on TRON has soared to 177 and 9 Dapps with a DAU of over 1000 respectively.” The latest development of Tron network is signaled by the recent announcement of Lordless, an Ethereum Dapp planning to shift to Tron Arcade. “We are excited to announce that the LORDLESS team has announced their intention to join TRON Arcade and port over many of their existing Ethereum Dapp game elements to the TRON network.” Tron Arcade published on its platform about the LORDLESS team being a top 10 Ethereum gaming Dapp that has consistently performed well and has Monthly Active Users of 5,462 as per the data on State of the Dapps. Lordless is a decentralized bounty distribution platform that promotes increased traction and usage of its tokens via rewards. “TRON's state-of-the-art blockchain technology makes LordLessIo even more powerful,” said Lordless over its intention to join Tron. Tron’s Dapp game is really strong as one of its Dapp, Tron Retrecently registered the trading volume of 25 million in the past 24 hours. Tommy Mustache, a Tron enthusiast took to Twitter to share this information, The 24hr volume on TronBet today is 1.1B TRX or $25M.The 7 days vol. is $104M. None of the other DApps from EOS is even coming close in terms of transaction in dollars. EOS Dice has $8.1M in volume and it is their best performing DApps. Tronbet is the clear market leader. — Tommy Mustache (@tommyp408) January 14, 2019 The 9th largest cryptocurrency by market cap of $1.6 billion is seeing a lot of action. Today, at the price front, it has been the only cryptocurrency that enjoyed greens and at one point surged over 10 percent. At the time of writing, TRX has been trading at $0.0235 according to Coinmarketcap while registering 24-hours gains of about 4 percent. Source: Coin360
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Tron Arcade Gaming dApp Platform Welcomes Blockchain Cuties Crypto Collectibles Game As First

Blockchain Cuties Launches On Tron Arcade As The First Gaming dApp One of the most popular collectable games in the blockchain market, Blockchain Cuties, will be ready to be used on Tron Arcade since December 28. In this way, the gaming dApp will be the first one to be launching on this platform. The information was released in a blog post by TRON Arcade. Blockchain Cuties Launched on Tron Arcade Tron Arcade will now have its first gaming dApp, the popular Blockchain Cuties. Vladimir Tomko and Andrey Pelipenko have been working with their team to launch this dApp on the Tron Arcade network. According to the official blog post, Blockchain Cuties will be the first gaming dApp to achieve interoperability and simultaneous gameplay in multiple blockchains. This will allow the company and the game to reach a larger audience and potentiate users’ gaming experience. Although Blockchain Cuties are a collectable game, there are some strategies that users can implement to create the most appealing Cutie. Each of these characters on the game has a genome that gives it different characteristics and features. Cuties can go on different adventures, fight against Raid Boss, celebrate events such as Christmas or Halloween and receive rare items as rewards. The Arcade has already started a pre-sale and prepare for the official launch of the game. There are some limited edition cuties ready for sale including a Justin Sun cutie for 250,000 TRX. This is not the first blockchain-game launched on the market. There were many others before, however, this is one of the most known and popular games on the blockchain. Tron has been working in order to create a scalable and fast network ready for games. On the matter, Justin Sun commented: “Tron strives to tackle existing issues faced by the gaming industry by leveraging the open, transparent, and immutability of blockchain technology. Tron Arcade will play a crucial role in encouraging developers to join in our mission and provide the best blockchain gaming experience to users around the world.” Another popular game similar to Blockchain Cuties is CryptoKitties, that had an important influence on the Ethereum network when it was launched back in December 2017. The network became congested very fast, increasing fees and transaction times.
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Blockchain Cuties Is the First Gaming Dapp to Be Launched on Tron Arcade

Blockchain Cuties, one of the most popular crypto collectible games today, is officially launching on Tron Arcade on December 28, making it the first full-features gaming dApp to launch on the platform, BlockTribune reported on December 25, 2018. Blockchain Cuties Collectibles Game Launches on Tron Arcade Blockchain Cuties, a crypto collectible game that rose to popularity for being the first...Read More. The post by Priyeshu Garg appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News
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Tron Foundation’s TRON Arcade Raises $100 Million for Blockchain Gaming Development

Tron Foundation launched the TRON Arcade, with a US$100 million fund dedicated to improving blockchain gaming wing of the company. Gaming on blockchain is currently on the uptake as more companies continue to enter the field. However, the global adoption rate of the $100-billion dollar gaming industry is still low compared to how earlier technologies like the internet and mobile phones gained adoption. This is where TRON is focusing its current TRON Arcade funding on, market growth and penetration. TRON Arcade presents a new field for gaming developers to develop games and sell them on the TRON blockchain platform. Tron Foundation not only offers a better platform to build but also an efficient, more secure and already established platform for these gaming developers. The prestige of Tron (compared to other gaming blockchains) and the current marketplace of over 600,000 users of Tron also entices the users to join Tron as opposed to other blockchains. With a $100 million funding already released for this developers, Tron is showing greater commitment to a gaming platform being created on the blockchain. The TRON Arcade Project Despite the meticulous rise in gaming in the past decade and blockchain’s continued growth in the same period, gaming on blockchains is still way off the mark in terms of adoption. Early blockchain 1.0 and blockchain 2.0, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have been faced with challenges such as scalability, security and speed. These problems have made the integration of gaming almost impossible on blockchains. Tron Mainnet, a blockchain 3.0 technology, solves these issues using its technology and support that have not yet been tested before. Tron recorded the highest transactions in a second at 1.3 million TPS surpassing Ethereum which shows the capability of the blockchain. The speed and efficiency on Tron’s platform offers a solution to the problems large games faced on previous blockchains. Tron is surprisingly cheaper on its fees than other blockchains offering gaming projects. Tron Arcade Better Than The Rest? The current state of Tron offers an advantage over the other blockchains in gaming industry. However, the transaction speeds need to handle millions consistently to make Tron the choice for gaming developers. Many blockchains have tried to keep it going and failed. Tron is still way behind in attracting the best gaming developers on its platform despite the advanced technology. Users require a game to play on Tron blockchain. Nonetheless, there are some gaming projects that have experienced massive success partnering with some of the largest companies in gaming. The number however falls short of what is expected in a massively growing industry. TRON Arcade Focuses On Global Adoption When the Tron Arcade was launched, one major impact they wanted to make in blockchain is to increase the global adoption rates of gaming as explained before. One of the most known companies in gaming is Decentraland, a blockchain based virtual reality ecosystem that has its own fund set for gaming development on its platform. The company set up the US$5 million fund, to incentivize developers to build on their platform as well as taking up gaming development as a career. To push for global adoption of gaming blockchains, TRON Arcade is focusing on improving their technology infrastructure as well as their marketing to influence the multitudes of users they hope to have on their system in future. In addition, the Arcade funding will help those developers with stalled projects due to costs of managing low traffic on external networks. Tron Arcade is literally doing the same thing with a larger customer base and more funding. The fund announced that they have already entered into a partnership with ten companies on the project fund. TRON Arcade Future In Gaming The blockchain gaming industry is still at its sprouting stage with multitude of challenges affecting the area. The promising and recognized projects are easing out the troubles facing the field as well as bringing new creative and innovative ideas to the industry. Tron Arcade is focusing on increasing the adoption of blockchain gaming by focusing on new recruits in the blockchain industry. The future of gaming lies in blockchain as most industries do. However, it all depends on the efforts of the players such as TRON Arcade to make it happen as time goes by.
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High ETH Prices Are (Finally) Good For Ethereum

Things are looking pretty bullish for Ethereum (ETH). The Ether price has surged by over ten percent in the past couple of days, and crossed above the psychological $200 barrier earlier this afternoon. That could be a strong buy signal for technical traders, as Crypto Briefing analysts reported yesterday.   Source: CoinMarketCap How High ETH Prices Harm Ethereum But what does a high Ether price mean for the smart contract network? There’s an obvious benefit for speculators and miners. But past experience has shown that anyone seeking to build dApps or just use the network could be severely hampered when markets turn bullish. That’s because the higher ETH prices get, the more expensive it is to use the platform. Users have to pay for everything they do on the network, from smart contract computations to token transfers. Rising gas fees could push end-users onto cheaper alternatives, like EOS or TRON, which offer similar functionality with lower fees. At least, that’s the received wisdom, which so far seems to be supported by experience. And it’s still technically true today: when it comes to using the ETH network, the downsides of a high Ether price tend to outweigh the advantages. Does Expensive ETH Mean A Stronger Network? However, Ethereum is (eventually) transitioning towards a Proof-of-Stake consensus model, which will require a financial commitment in order to participate. Instead of mining blocks through proof-of-work, block-producing nodes will have to stake ETH tokens as collateral in order to validate the network. That could have a significant impact on Ether’s market dynamics. Stakeholders will risk losing their hodlings if they fail to maintain connected and up-to-date node software. An expensive ETH would provide a strong disincentive to malicious or careless actors on the network. “If the chain is going to be secure, then there are inherent benefits from having high-valued Ethereum,” explained Nic Carter, Partner at Castle Island Ventures, in an interview with Laura Shin. A high Ether price, he added, would also provide “high-powered collateral, for DeFi applications for instance.”  Carter also pointed out that most networks have become too preoccupied with one or two “glamour metrics,” which may burnish their credentials but do not represent credible advantages. EOS, for example, has focused solely on scalability at the expense of decentralization. One tradeoff of those high speeds is that EOS relies on a small group of validators, which could present a systemic risk if they decided to collude or otherwise abuse their privileged positions. Ethereum’s key advantage is that it is the only platform with a vibrant community, Carter added, which comes with an “organic groundswell of usage and development.” Because of that organic usage, investors may be attracted to hold ETH for the long-term. “I think we noticed a little bit of a recalibration where initially [Ether] was computational gas,” Carter went on to say. “More recently, certain high-profile Ethereans have been saying, ‘well actually Ethereum itself is money.'” A strong Ether price could still push people off the network, but the community has been exceptionally resilient to market volatility and rival platforms over the past two years. The burgeoning DeFi space, and the added security after transitioning to Proof-of-Stake, could make high prices a net positive for the Ethereum network. The post High ETH Prices Are (Finally) Good For Ethereum appeared first on Crypto Briefing.
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