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Volatility is the degree of variation of a trading price over time.

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Litecoin [LTC] Price Analysis: Mixed signals for the LTC market as coin struggles with volatility

The fourth largest cryptocurrency in the world with respect to market capitalization on CoinMarketCap, Litecoin [LTC] soared moderately during the early part of the day. The silver altcoin opened at $41.88 and climbed up to a high of $42.55, a day during which the price of the coin also fell to a low of $41.27. At the time of writing, the coin had a market capitalization of $2.58 billion with a 24 hour growth of 2.71%. Priced at $42.66, the total volume of LTC traded across the market space was around $932.14 million. The top three LTC pairs are trending at Coineal, ZB.COM and OKEx respectively. LTC/BTC at Coineal, is leading with a trading volume of $56.70 million and is priced at $42.69. The second position is occupied by LTC/USDT at ZB.COM with a volume of $45.01 million at $44.13. 1-hour: Source: TradingView In the hourly chart, LTC exhibited an uptrend from $40.97 to $41.76 and a downtrend from $43.97 to $41.19. The immediate resistance is noted at $46.42 and the support at $37.68. Parabolic SAR: The dotted markers are all oriented below the candlesticks, indicating that the price momentum of LTC is exhibiting a bullish trait. MACD: The MACD line above the signal line further marks a potential bullish trend for the silver coin. Awesome Oscillator: The AO indicator in the hourly chart suggests a bearish trend with the lines turning red. 1-day: Source: TradingView An uptrend from $33.12 to $42.09 and a major downtrend from $55.84 to $38.95 has been recorded for the one-day chart of the coin. The immediate resistance is marked at $46.42 and the support point is at 37.68. Bollinger Bands: The major expansion of the bands suggests high price volatility of the altcoin in the market. Chaikin Money Flow: The CMF graph is moving above the zero-line, suggesting that the bulls have initiated a flow of capital into the market. Klinger Oscillator: The reading line is treading below the signal line, indicating that the coin’s price is following a bearish pattern. Conclusion The CMF, Parabolic SAR and the MACD indicators give the edge to the bull. On the other hand, the KO and AO indicate the coin following a bearish trend supplemented by a degree of fluctuation. The post Litecoin [LTC] Price Analysis: Mixed signals for the LTC market as coin struggles with volatility appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Price Analysis: Sideways trend resumes as bears suck volatility out of the market

Bitcoin has been moving stagnantly in a sideways fashion for over a week now, ever since its short-term pump on 8 February 2019. The price of Bitcoin, at press time, was at $3,576 with a market cap of $63 billion. The 24-hour trading volume of Bitcoin is at $5.89 billion, and most of the trading volume for Bitcoin is coming from BitMEX by trading BTC perpetual contracts against the US Dollar. 1-hour Source: TradingView The one-hour chart for Bitcoin shows an uptrend that extends from $3,366 to $3,577, while the downtrend in the current time frame is not yet formed. The support at $3,358 is far from being tested ever since the above-mentioned rally. The resistance at $3,498 was breached a few days back however while the subsequent resistance at $3,577 is currently being tested. The Parabolic SAR markers have spawned below the price candles, pushing the price upwards in line with a bullish trend. The MACD indicator shows a bullish crossover as the MACD and the signal lines have crossed each other and are headed up. The Relative Strength Index is slightly above the 50-line but below the 60-line. This indicates that the buying momentum is increasing for Bitcoin. 1 Day Source: TradingView The one day chart for Bitcoin shows a dominant downtrend that extends from $9,800 to $3,590. There isn’t a major rally which would lead to the formation of an uptrend. The support at $3,189 is holding good since November of last year. However, the support at $4,111 has now become a resistance line. The long term resistance for Bitcoin can be seen hanging at $7,641. The Aroon indicator shows a further decline of the uptrend which was due to the recent short-term rally that occurred during the second week of February. The Stochastic indicator is showing a bearish crossover in which, the Stochastic line and the signal line are both moving downwards. The Chaikin Money Flow reads above the zero mark and indicates a decrease in the momentum of buyers i.e., the buyers getting exhausted while simultaneously the sellers gaining momentum. Conclusion The one-hour chart for BTC shows a relatively positive outlook as indicated and confirmed by the MACD, SAR and the RSI indicators. However, the longer time frame indicates a completely opposite trend for Bitcoin i.e., bearish trend, as indicated by the Aroon, Stochastic, and CMF indicators. The post Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Price Analysis: Sideways trend resumes as bears suck volatility out of the market appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Bitcoin Could Become Less Volatile Than XRP, Scholar Argues

The Bitcoin (BTC) price could become more stable than that of many other cryptocurrencies, including XRP, so long as investors can accept fluctuating prices, according to a financial academic. He says that Bitcoin becomes more volatile when there are more speculators in the market. Emiliano Pagnotta, Assistant Professor of Finance at Imperial College London, argues in a new academic paper that when Bitcoin holders are able to anticipate and tolerate fluctuating prices, the price dynamics allow the network to stabilize to a greater degree than that of XRP. When there is more short-term speculation, Pagnotta argues, Bitcoin becomes more volatile.  Titled: Bitcoin as Decentralized Money: Prices, Mining, and Network Security, the paper suggests Bitcoin’s value can be correctly determined by recognizing aspects of the network that drive demand, the economic viability of mining and ultimately, price stability. Like any other market, Bitcoin price is determined by the equilibrium between demand and supply. However, mining has a unique influence on price. Not only does it determine aspects of supply – allowing newly minted BTC to enter the market – it also determines the network’s security. Fewer miners means less hashing power, which necessarily makes the network less secure. Pagnotta says there is a direct correlation between the network’s security and the value of the underlying asset: a network at risk of a 51% attack is unlikely to attract many users. The hack on PoW protocol Ethereum Classic (ETC), in January, wiped $50M from the market cap in just one day, with similar attacks afflicting Bitcoin Gold and Vertcoin. “Consumers like more miners in the system because more miners means more security,” Pagnotta told Crypto Briefing in a telephone call. This creates a “feedback loop,” whereby a token on a secure network commands a higher price, with the added effect of attracting more miners and, therefore, more hashing power. A higher BTC value necessarily makes mining economically viable and profitable. How is this different from XRP? This is fundamentally different to XRP. Although the demand side is very similar – consumers buy both BTC and XRP for transactions as well as for speculative purposes – the network isn’t secured in the same way. Nodes are not rewarded for securing the XRP network; demand and the underlying XRP price never influence the network’s security.“Security remains constant for Ripple,” Pagnotta explains. “If XRP’s price goes from $0.3 to $0.5, so to speak, no one would argue that Ripple’s network is now more secure.” Whereas security – through higher hashing power –  can determine the bitcoin price, this doesn’t happen with XRP. Although Pagnotta points out the underlying Ripple tech could be upgraded and made more secure, the model is nonetheless “fundamentally different.” Nodes will not suddenly stop securing the network if the XRP price drops. Speculators create volatility Pagnotta believes this determines price volatility, depending on whether investors are myopic or forward-looking. “If I think prices are on some mechanical trend then I am myopic,” he says. “I am forward looking when I can take more factors – downward as well as upward influences – into the equilibrium.” BTC is less volatile than XRP when investors are more forward-looking, and more volatile when they are myopic. In the latter scenario, similar to the beginnings of 2018, a negative BTC price trend will cause more investors to divest, which will have a detrimental effect on the network’s hashing power. Although this also applies to XRP, a declining price doesn’t impinge security, meaning volatility is subdued. However, when investors and miners are forward-looking and able to accept fluctuating prices. Pagnotta argues that demand will likely increase and miners would be incentivized to “contribute more resources to security.” This is so they can preserve the token price and prevent additional negative pressure. “This effect on security moderates the initial negative effect of the network size drop, so the required appreciation on the token price is more moderate for Bitcoin than for XRP,”  Pagnotta says. “The opposite happens when there is positive demand shock. With consumers displaying rational forward-looking expectations, therefore, price volatility is higher for XRP.” What’s next? Pagnotta’s paper sets out a new pricing model for Bitcoin. His next goal is to determine what percentage of BTC holders are speculators, compared to those using BTC as an exchange or store of value. He says this will allow him to better understand volatility and even predict future prices, at least in the short term. But he’s confident that as the sector matures, with investors getting a better understanding of price movements and utility, there will be less short-term speculation and a greater preponderance towards forward-looking behaviors. “As bitcoin is used more and more for transactions, purely speculative price fluctuations should become less dramatic,” he said, in a follow-up email. Bitcoin went through a period of relative stability at the beginning of Q4 2018. For around a month, up until mid-November, BTC held a steady course at the $6,500 mark – it was sometimes even called an “unofficial stablecoin.” During that same period, XRP, which had been on a gradual decline since the summer, shot up in value. Pagnotta points out that there will never be a period where crypto doesn’t have speculators. But as the market saw in October, when the market reaches equilibrium, the BTC price can remain steady. It was only the controversial Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, and the SEC ordering two ICO projects to reimburse investors, which sent the sector into meltdown; bitcoin’s value was effectively halved. It will take time for BTC to become a store or exchange of value, and not a purely speculative tool; but as this takes place, the BTC price will become stable. Moonshots. When Lambo? 10x’ing. These are the last remaining vestiges of a forgotten world. The author is invested in digital assets, including BTC which is mentioned in this article. Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter! The post Bitcoin Could Become Less Volatile Than XRP, Scholar Argues appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

Looking Most Volatile Coins? Have A Look At This Portfolio Strategy.

ONE DAY MOST VOLATILE STRATEGY WITH TREND PROTECTION = BMxVTP token created by Blackmoon. This token is the asset token tracking performance of coins with the largest volatility in the previous 24-hour period. The strategy employs trend protection mechanism, that ensures that part of the funds is kept in cash in the downtrend market. The core objective of the strategy is to generate the returns corresponding to the yield of the cryptocurrencies with the largest capitalization. Tracks up to 20 cryptocurrencies with the largest volatility Provides downward trend protection Rebalanced and reconstituted daily Seeks to generate alpha to ETH irrespective of the cryptocurrency market performance Executed automatically 24/7 Cost efficient Highly liquid Trades on several eligible exchanges Designed and managed by an outstanding team of professionals Note! Highly volatile product. Your investment at risk.

Bitcoin [BTC] volatility works to investors’ advantage, says Financial advisor

One of the well-known Financial Advisors, Ric Edelman, the Founder of Edelman Financial Engines, spoke about Bitcoin, during his latest interview with CNBC. Here, he spoke about the reason he prompts investors to have only about 1% in cryptocurrency in their portfolio. Notably, this is not the first time the Founder elucidated on this topic. Previously, in an interview, Edelman had stated that he advises his investors to the hold up to 1% or 2% of the investment in cryptocurrency. This percentage, according to him, should definitely not exceed more than 5%. He reportedly stated that investors will have to be ready to hold the asset for a long duration, probably decades and that they will have to be prepared to lose their complete investment if they are looking into an extremely volatile market. More so, the Financial advisor has also spoken highly of Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the market. He had stated that the very first cryptocurrency is here to stay. He added that the coin’s presence for the past 10 years and its part in over $200 billion market makes it all the more evident that the coin will not be going anywhere. Edelman said: “But it’s because of the volatility, it works to your advantage. Instead of having volatility of 2 or 3 percent a day, this thing you typically you can see it got 10 or 20 percent on a day we’ve seen fifteen hundred percent in a year and that ridiculous level of volatility is what makes the bet, if it wins a huge winner but if it loses its 1% of the portfolio it’s really a numbers game” This was followed by Tom Lydon, the Editor-in-Chief at ETFTrends.com, stating that there is currently a lot of pent up demand. He added that over 74% of all the advisors the firm has interviewed have claimed to have talked to their clients about their interest in Bitcoin. He said: “so they need to step up when this happens because that money is gonna go elsewhere and you want to make sure you have managed that it’s part of the pool one thing we’re quite certain is the business overall is gonna grow three point six trillion we watch me grow year after year” Jakub agnieszka, a Youtube user said: “It has been proven over and over that crypto winning (bitcoin trading)is a combination of experience and good strategies and you can always join a winning team of more experience trader with already working and proven strategy,one of the best remains Williams Kris and with him I have been success in my trade, am grateful The post Bitcoin [BTC] volatility works to investors’ advantage, says Financial advisor appeared first on AMBCrypto.
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Crypto News: Elon Musk Talks Bitcoin and Binance Expands

The cryptocurrency market had quite the shakeup last week, causing a spike in most digital currencies. On Valentine’s Day, six days ago, JP Morgan announced that it would launch a test for its new JPM coin. This was the biggest crypto news to surface in quite some time. Now, digital currencies seem to have corrected, and most are trading red today. In today’s crypto news, we’ll discuss Elon Musk’s interview and the details behind him calling Bitcoin “quite brilliant.” Also, we’ll look into Binance’s new testnet they just released. Crypto News: February 20th, 2019 Elon ... ﾿ Read The Full Article On CryptoCurrencyNews.com Get latest cryptocurrency news on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our Terms Of Use and Disclaimer.
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XRP, BTC and BNB Price Analysis and Prediction

XRP achieves  a high of $0.35499 BTC Targets $4000 level BNB gets over $10 level XRP/USD The rally by XRP in the last few days seemed to have gained momentum as the currency yet again achieved new highs, before tracing its way back to its current level of 0.3380 as of going to press. XRP managed to weather off the bearish engulfing at the dawn of 19th as the bulls managed to strike a price reversal on the upwards and pushed the currency price to a new high of 0.35499. This didn’t last for long though as the bears came calling and pulled the price down to a low of 0.32820. Later, a death cross pattern was formed when the 21 day MA crossed over the 7 day MA seemingly signaling that the price would fall down even further. True to this, the bears pulled the price further down to a low of 0.32363. XRP Forecast Looking at the Moving averages, it seems that an intertwining is imminent.The RSI is between 40 and 60, seemingly portraying that the currency is set to trade sideways. This scenario would be ideal for an intra-range strategy with support levels at 0.32363 and resistance at 0.3521. BTC/USD The price of BTC seems to be striving to achieve and outlive the 4000 territory. Even though there have been instances on the last 24 hours when the bears have pulled the priced below the 4000 mark, the price is currently above $3980 with its next target set for $4000. The RSI is at around 60 seemingly signifying that the price should be headed for consolidation before the next rally. The 7 day and 21 day MAs are also seemingly getting intertwined. This may portray that sideways trading may be in the offing. BTC Forecast The current scenario is ideal for range bound strategies that would set the resistance levels at 4050-4100 and support at 3950-4000. Traders can go long if the price bounces back from the support levels and go short if it pulls back from resistance levels. BNB/USD In the last couple of days, BNB has been experiencing bullish growth last seen in 2017 when it was launched. Currently, RSI levels are close to 70 seemingly portraying that the currency is at overbought levels. The 7 day MA is still maintaining a significant margin against the 21 day MA. Recent efforts by the bears to pull the price back below 10 have borne no fruit. As it is, the currency seems to find solid support at 10.50. BNB forecast Current candle stick formation seems to point to a rising wedge. This may mean that a breakout is imminent and the price may be pulled back. If a breakout occurs, traders can go short and put their support levels at 10.50. The post XRP, BTC and BNB Price Analysis and Prediction appeared first on ZyCrypto.

Crypto Firm Gladius Tattles on Itself Before SEC Brings Down the Hammer

The SEC acknowledged a settlement with Gladius Network LLC today. Gladius raised almost $13 million in an ICO at the height of the crypto boom, from October to December 2017. The company tattled on itself last August, self-reporting potential violations to the SEC. As a result, the regulator has been gracious enough to opt not to impose additional financial penalties on Gladius. The catch? Gladius has to offer refunds on all ICO tokens. Gladius Reports Itself to the SEC The settlement is similar to the agreement NEO reached with Chinese regulators. In the case of NEO, the token had already The post Crypto Firm Gladius Tattles on Itself Before SEC Brings Down the Hammer appeared first on CCN

Elon Musk Praises Bitcoin: “Paper Money is Soon Going Away”

Notorious billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk once again expressed his enthusiasm for cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in the latest episode of ARK Invest’s FYI podcast: “On the Road to Full Autonomy With Elon Musk,” courtesy: bitcoin.com In an interview for Tasha Keeney, Musk pointed out several advantages that cryptocurrencies have over traditional fiat money. For Musk, the future of finance goes hand by hand with a global adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Musk supported Jack Dorsey’s idea that Bitcoin could become the native currency of the internet. This notion, which he described as “interesting” has been shared by several influencers such as Tone Vays, Jimmy Song and Max Keiser, who consider that although altcoins have important uses, Bitcoin is the best candidate to become the equivalent of money 2.0. Elon Musk: Bitcoin is The Future… But We’re Not There Yet However, aware that there is still a long way to go for cryptocurrencies to replace fiat money, Musk commented that at the moment he does not plan to invest in developments related to this technology, or even experiment with its use in Tesla: “I think that the Bitcoin structure was quite brilliant, it seems like there’s some merit to Ethereum as well, and maybe some of the others. But, I’m not sure if it would be a good use of Tesla resources to get into crypto.” Musk pointed out that one of the advantages of using crypto is precisely that it gives users the freedom to carry out financial transactions without the restrictions imposed by banks or government agencies. When Keeney commented that certain governments impose restrictions on some inhabitants, Musk pointed out precisely that the cryptos were born to combat this excessive control and that in the future, fiat money as we know it “is going away.” “It bypasses currency controls. Paper money is going away, and crypto is a far better way to transfer value than pieces of paper.” Musk has had a presence in the community for his optimistic statements and vision of the role blockchain technologies will play in the society of the future. Previously during the scams boom on Twitter, Musk jokingly commented  At this point, I want ETH even if it is a scam — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 28, 2018 The post Elon Musk Praises Bitcoin: “Paper Money is Soon Going Away” appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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