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Warren Edward Buffett is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist who serves as the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

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Warren Buffett has Enough Spare Cash to Buy Two-Thirds of All Existing Bitcoin

Warren Buffett isn’t much of a bitcoin fan. He’s called it rat poison squared, a gambling device, delusional, and a seashell with no inherent value. But, if he wanted to, he could become the biggest bitcoin whale of them all. Buffett could buy two-thirds of the existing BTC supply… in cash. Warren Buffett’s investment firm […] The post Warren Buffett has Enough Spare Cash to Buy Two-Thirds of All Existing Bitcoin appeared first on CCN.com

Donald Trump still hasn’t responded to Justin Sun’s Warren Buffett lunch invitation

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, invited U.S. President Donald Trump to join him and several other crypto executives on a private lunch with Warren Buffett. Tron famously paid $4.6 million for the charity lunch with the Berkshire Hathaway CEO but postponed it in July due to alleged health concerns. Warren Buffett’s charity lunch could be the biggest event in crypto Warren Buffett’s charity lunches have been around for 20 years, but few have managed to stir as much controversy and attract as much media attention as this year’s event. The lunch, which was auctioned off for $4.6 million back in June, is yet to happen but is already regarded as one of the most notorious events in crypto this year. Justin Sun, the 28-year old founder and CEO of Tron, paid the astronomical price for the chance to sit down with the legendary Berkshire Hathaway investor, a vocal critics of cryptocurrencies. Sun wanted to use the opportunity to change Buffett’s stance on Bitcoin, saying that he was a “long-term believer” of Buffett and his value investing strategy. Previously, the billionaire investor famously called Bitcoin “rat poison,” and a “delusion.” However, Sun postponed the lunch back in July saying his health prevented him from attending the event in San Francisco. The move sparked even more controversy, as many suspected the Chinese government had something to do with it. Will Donald Trump join Buffett and Sun in discussing the future of crypto? Seen as a unique opportunity to bring traditional finance closer to crypto, Sun’s lunch with Buffett was set to host some of the most influential people in crypto. One of the first to confirm his attendance was Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Goldman Sachs-backed Circle. Hi Justin, I would be honored to join you and @WarrenBuffett next week to discuss crypto!! Count me in. Crypto is now a major global policy issue and there is a great deal for Mr Buffet to understand and for us to learn from him as well. https://t.co/PGY8bXQBcZ — Jeremy Allaire (@jerallaire) July 18, 2019 Yoni Assia, the founder and CEO of crypto trading platform eToro said he would be honored to join Sun and Buffett, confirming his presence in a tweet. Huobi’s Livio Weng also accepted an invitation to join the two in San Francisco, as did Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, said he would be unable to attend, but Helen Haiyu, the head of blockchain at the Binance Charity Foundation, will be taking his place. Sun unofficially invited other industry heavyweights, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, with most of them confirming that they wouldn’t be attending the event. However, Sun is still waiting for one person to RSVP—U.S. President Donald Trump. Sun extended the invitation to President Trump when the latter shared his unfavorable thoughts on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Sun said that Bitcoin and blockchain technology are “the best chance” for the U.S. and, using Trump’s own rhetoric, said that he was being misled by fake news. Mr. President, you are misled by fake news. #Bitcoin & #Blockchain happens to be the best chance for US! I'd love to invite you to have lunch with crypto leaders along with @WarrenBuffett on July 25. I guarantee you after this lunch, nobody will know crypto more than you! — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) July 12, 2019 While few expect Trump to accept the invitation and attend the lunch, there is a chance that he acknowledges the invitation extended to him. Even declining to join the two would prove to be monumental, showing that the word about crypto can travel as far as the White House. However, given the drama surrounding the lunch, it might be better that President Donald Trump was never part of the debacle. The post Donald Trump still hasn’t responded to Justin Sun’s Warren Buffett lunch invitation appeared first on CryptoSlate.

Justin Sun Picks New Date For Charity Lunch With Warren Buffett

In early summer, Tron creator Justin Sun won the right to lunch with Warren Buffett. The cost of the charity event was near $ 4.6 million. The event had to ... Запись Justin Sun Picks New Date For Charity Lunch With Warren Buffett впервые появилась Bit.news.

Tron CEO Justin Sun is rescheduling his lunch with Warren Buffett

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON and BitTorrent, is reportedly working to reschedule a charity lunch he had won with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett over two months ago. Finding a new date Sun was expected to sit down with Buffett on July 25 after winning a record bid of $4.6 million in a charity auction. However, the Chinese entrepreneur had to abruptly postpone the meeting due to health issues, according to the TRON Foundation. TRON Foundation announces postponement of Warren Buffett lunch, press conferences after founder Justin Sun falls ill with kidney stones. Parties agreed to reschedule at a later date. @GLIDEsf @WarrenBuffett — TRON Foundation (@Tronfoundation) July 22, 2019 Now, the TRON Foundation, Buffett’s team and the Glide Foundation, the homeless charity that received the proceeds from the lunch auction, are working together to figure out a date to reschedule the charity meal. But, finding a date that works for Justin Sun, Warren Buffett and the invitees has proven to be a challenge, said Cliff Edwards, TRON’s communications director, in an interview with Blocktv. Edwards added: “It took about two months for us to get all nine people to come to San Francisco and sit in one room for five hours with Warren Buffett. [Now] we are in the process of corralling all of those nine people again to get it back on track.” Among the six crypto proponents invited to the charity, lunch are eToro CEO Yoni Assia, Litecoin’s creator Charlie Lee, and Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire who pointed out that “crypto is now a major global policy issue” and it is a “great deal” to help others understand about the technology. Although Buffett’s team and the Glide Foundation acted “pretty nice” about the delay, several Chinese media outlets reported that Sun was allegedly being persecuted in China for a range of illegal activities. Background on the controversial news According to a report by Caixin, Justin Sun had was under border control the day he postponed the lunch with Warren Buffett. Along the same lines, the 21st Century Business Herald claimed that Sun was being accused of facilitating pornography-related transactions through his social media company, Peiwo, alongside a host of other accusations related to the TRON Network. Even though the accusations were never confirmed, later on, Sun appeared in San Francisco and published a statement on Weibo apologizing to the TRON community and Chinese authorities for “vulgar hype and marketing behavior.” Leonhard Weese, the president of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong said: “Justin Sun’s main crime is probably to have so openly flaunted his wealth. The authorities don’t like this kind of personality cult and this money being thrown around.” Besides Chinese regulators blacklisting one of Sun’s companies, Guangzhou Pei Wo Information and Technology, according to the New York Times, nothing further has been reported. The lack of clarity around the actions that the Chinese authorities are taking against the 29-year-old entrepreneur left a lot of questions unanswered and the market seems skeptical about the future of TRON and BitTorrent. Price analysis Despite the relentless marketing from CEO Justin Sun and his efforts to take TRX back into the top 10 by market cap and BTT into the top 30, the price of these cryptocurrencies continues depreciating. It seems like investors remain uncertain about the possible legal actions that Chinese authorities could take against the head of the company. In fact, TRON and BitTorrent have plummeted nearly 53 percent since Sun canceled the lunch with Buffett. At the moment, both TRX and BTT have broken below the 78.6 percent Fibonacci retracement level, which is a sign that their trend changed from bullish to bearish. Now, these cryptocurrencies could be in a free fall down to the 0 percent Fibonacci retracement level. The 7-day moving average could be used to identify if either TRON or BitTorrent are bound for an upswing. Therefore, if any of these cryptocurrencies moves above this moving average, they could certainly hit the next level of resistance given by the 30-day moving average. In the meantime, it seems like TRX is going to continue declining until it hits $0.0111 and BTT could go down to $0.00032. Although TRON and BitTorrent are sitting on bearish postures and appear to have more legs to go down, it is clear that their CEO Justin Sun has a tremendous impact on them. The new wave of marketing promotion that will come once the lunch with Warren Buffett is finally rescheduled, could allow these cryptocurrencies to rise again. However, while the legal actions that are undergoing in China against Sun remain unclear, trading any of these cryptocurrencies poses a substantial risk. The post Tron CEO Justin Sun is rescheduling his lunch with Warren Buffett appeared first on CryptoSlate.
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Tezos Price Analysis: XTZ Spikes 4.5% After Binance Listing But Can It Sustain?

Tezos saw an increase of 4.50% today and its price reached $1.11. This happened after Tezos saw a 11% hike over the past week. This latest spike is largely due to the fact that Tezos has now officially been added to Binance, the world’s largest exchange. Trading is expected to go live tomorrow (Sep 24) at 11:00 AM UTC. The cryptocurrency will be available for trade against BNB, BTC, and USDT. Tezos is now the 18th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $731 million. Looking at the XTZ/USD 1-day chart: Tezos has had an interesting year after breaking above the 100-days EMA in March and continuing to surge by a total of 140% to reach a high of around $1.82. The market has since moved sideways, unable to break above this resistance but has managed to remain, largely, above $1.00. Tezos now trades at resistance provided by both the 100-days EMA and 200-days EMA. From above: If the bulls climb above $1.12, the nearest levels of resistance lie at $1.17, $1.23, and $1.27. Above this, resistance is found at $1.34, $1.44, $1.54, and $1.68 (provided by the long term bearish .236 Fib Retracement). Higher resistance is located at $1.73, $1.83, and $1.97. From below: The nearest levels of support lie at $1.10 and $1.00. Beneath this, support lies at $0.96, $0.93, and $0.86 (July 19’ low). If the sellers continue beneath $0.86, support is expected at $0.81, $0.75, $0.68, and $0.61. The trading volume remains low but has seen a recent increase after the Binance addition announcement. The RSI has now rebounded higher from the 50 level which shows that the bulls are starting to take control over the momentum. If the RSI can keep rising, we could see Tezos head toward $1.20. Looking at the XTZ/BTC 1-day chart: Against BTC, Tezos suffered heavily over the past few months after dropping by a total of 70% from April’s high to June’s low. Since reaching the latter, Tezos rebounded slightly but is still trading sideways. The latest price increase caused XTZ to reach the resistance at the 100-days EMA as it trades around 0.0001121 BTC. From above: The nearest level of resistance lies at the 100-days EMA. Above this, resistance is located at 0.00012 BTC, 0.001287 BTC, and 0.000135 BTC (200-days EMA). Higher resistance is found at 0.00014 BTC, 0.00015 BTC, 0.000159 BTC (bearish .382 Fib Retracement), and 0.0001693 BTC. From below: The nearest level of support lies at 0.00011 BTC. Beneath this, support lies at 0.00010 BTC, 0.00009343 BTC, and 0.00008542 BTC. The trading volume has been low during September but has increased in today’s trading session. The RSI has also rebounded higher from the 50 level as the bulls attempt to increase their control over the market momentum. However, the Stochastic RSI is approaching overbought conditions with a bearish crossover signal suggesting the market may retrace slightly. The post Tezos Price Analysis: XTZ Spikes 4.5% After Binance Listing But Can It Sustain? appeared first on CryptoPotato.

What impact will Bakkt’s bitcoin futures have on the BTC price?

Bakkt’s long-awaited Bitcoin futures contracts are finally live. Even though Bitcoin has not experienced the volatility that it was expected, some of the most prominent analysts in the cryptocurrency industry believe that it may be a matter of time. Bakkt Bitcoin futures Bakkt, a subsidiary of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), announced that as of 00:02 UTC Sept. 23 the first physically-delivered Bitcoin futures contract was executed at a price of $10,115, marking the launch of its much-anticipated platform. Unlike other BTC futures contracts in the market like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), which is only settled in cash, Bakkt Bitcoin futures is settled using real Bitcoin at contract expiry. The firm is the first “federally regulated exchange” to offer Bitcoin trading services, according to Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler. This could allow more regulatory clarity into the industry by creating a scalable infrastructure that subsequently triggers conservative investors who have been waiting in the sidelines into adding Bitcoin into their portfolios, said James Putra, head of product strategy at TradeStation Crypto. Thus far, 28 BTC worth approximately $280,000 have already been invested into Bakkt’s monthly contracts. Although its initial volume is not what many analysts in the market were anticipating, Su Zhu, CEO of Three Arrows Capital, believes that investors could soon pour in massively. “Bakkt will be likely first a trickle and then a flood. The reality is that most regulated futures contracts get low adoption on day 1 simply because not all futures brokers are ready to clear it, many people want to wait and see, the tickers are not even populated on risk systems, etc,” stated Zhu. It is worth noting that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Bitcoin futures contracts traded $460 million on its first week. In May this year, the CME set a record of 33,677 contracts traded on a single day, worth over $1.3 billion dollars. As Bakkt’s new trading instrument matures, the more substantial its share of Bitcoin’s trading volume will become, implied Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream.  Back said: “Bakkt adding a new way to buy Bitcoin, adds a regulated market more institutions can use. but we won’t really “find out tomorrow” as it takes time for companies to setup accounts, decide trading strategies & for volume to build. Recall CME futures open vs today’s growing volume.” The crypto-settled Bitcoin futures contracts that Bakkt is introducing into the space could be the catalyst that takes cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, bringing institutional capital and liquidity into the space, said @Rythmtrader. However, its launch does not seem to have had the impact in Bitcoin’s price to take it out of the consolidation phase it entered after nearly reaching $14,000 on June 26. Bitcoin technical analysis For over the last three months Bitcoin has been consolidating, which has led it to form a symmetrical triangle on its 1-day chart. This technical formation represents a period of consolidation before the price is forced to break out in a positive or negative trend. A move above the upper trendline marks the start of a new bullish trend. Meanwhile, a move below the lower trendline indicates the start of a new bearish trend. By measuring the distance between the initial high and low, the symmetrical triangle predicts a 34 percent target in both directions. Due to the opposing views that the symmetrical triangle presents, the Fibonacci retracement indicator can also be used to confirm the different price levels that could lead to a breakout of the pattern. A break above the 23.6 percent Fibonacci retracement area ($11,300) could result in an upswing that takes BTC up to $13,750. Conversely, a move below the 38.2 percent Fibonacci retracement zone ($9,730) could lead to a breakdown of the pattern that takes Bitcoin to test the 65 percent Fibonacci retracement zone, $6,500. Despite the tepid impact that Bakkt’s Bitcoin futures contracts launch has had in Bitcoin’s price, it will certainly improve the trust that institutions will now have about the cryptocurrency market, according to Thomas Lee, the head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors. VanEck-SolidX recently set in motion a version of their originally planned Bitcoin ETF that has accumulated an underwhelming $41,000 since launch. As a result, it remains to be seen if Bakkt is actually able to trigger an influx of capital into the market that allows Bitcoin to reach new yearly highs as trading volume increases. The post What impact will Bakkt’s bitcoin futures have on the BTC price? appeared first on CryptoSlate.

Bitcoin Trading on ICE’s Bakkt Futures Platform Breaks $290,000 Barrier

Coinspeaker Bitcoin Trading on ICE’s Bakkt Futures Platform Breaks $290,000 BarrierEarlier today, Bakkt announced the live trading for its much-awaited Bitcoin Futures contracts. Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Contracts come with daily and monthly settlement periods along with its safe custodial solution called the Bakkt Warehouse.Bakkt Bitcoin Futures are now actively trading on ICE Futures U.S., while the Bakkt Warehouse continues to onboard bitcoinWe take our customers’ trust seriously, and are excited to serve this market— Bakkt (@Bakkt) September 23, 2019Bakkt entry to the Bitcoin market has not been a big-bang event as many might have expected! At press time, the Bakkt platform has traded 29 Bitcoin Futures contracts as per the official data with a total traded value over $290,000. According to Bakkt, the first trade execution took place at a BTC price of $10,115 after which Bitcoin slipped to $9938 levels, at press time.This soft launch of Bakkt has certainly not impressed the Bitcoin investors. However, experts from the crypto industry think that in the coming days, we can see higher institutional inrush. Experts say that we can’t estimate Bakk’ts futures contracts performance on the first day itself.This is because not all futures brokers are ready to clear the contracts on the first day. Moreover, it takes time for companies to set up their accounts, formulate their trading strategies and thus build volumes.Expert Opinions on Bakkt Bitcoin Futures LaunchLast week, popular crypto market analyst made some comparison of the Bakkt Bitcoin Futures launch with the CME Bitcoin Futures launch. In a Twitter poll, he asked his followers if Bakkt can manage to make the same impact as the CME.CME bitcoin futures traded $460 million on its first week. Current volume is around $700 million. The Van Eck fake ETF traded $0 on its first week.How much volume will Bakkt attract is a key variable for the week ahead. Would you expect Bakkt to flop or to launch successfully?— Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) September 22, 2019However, responding to it another crypto investor Ari Paul said that the nature of both these futures contracts is completely different. While CME’s Bitcoin Futures are cash-settled, Bakkt offers physical delivery for its contracts. Paul argues that physical contracts usually see a ‘gradual scale-up’, unlike the cash-settled ones.Probably a more gradual scale up since it’s physical. With CME futures, anyone with the right FCM could immediately trade on launch.— Ari Paul ⛓️ (@AriDavidPaul) September 22, 2019But I’d think the incremental demand (beyond CME) would come from people who want to buy or sell physical for delivery, at least at first. Receiving could be instant (use FCM to convert), but I kind of thinking depositing physical will be gradual.— Ari Paul ⛓️ (@AriDavidPaul) September 22, 2019Moreover, if we see the timing of the launch, the Bitcoin trading volumes during December 2017 were much higher in comparison to what they are today. According to data by Messari, the Bitcoin trading volumes today are only $367 million which shows the reason behind low volatility. On the other hand, the data by Blockchain.com shows trading volumes at $1.36 billion. Thus, only when we get a real idea of the Bitcoin price movement, we can get to know the true impact of Bakkt.Commenting on the matter further, Simon Peters, Analyst at eToro, said:“The Bakkt launch has already been priced into recent market movements, and we may see some early speculators who bought bitcoin in anticipation of the Bakkt release deciding to cash out their profits, following the popular ‘buy the rumour, sell the news’ maxim”.He further added:“For me, it’s price discovery which makes Bakkt an important and much welcome development for the community. As the platform won’t rely on unregulated spot markets for settlement prices, it will serve as a transparent price discovery mechanism to establish a better benchmark price for bitcoin going forward.”Bitcoin Trading on ICE’s Bakkt Futures Platform Breaks $290,000 Barrier

Binance.US officially launches, introduces fiat on-ramp and free trading

Binance.US, the U.S. branch of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, officially launched its digital asset marketplace. The U.S.-only exchange will offer a fiat on-ramp and free trading for all listed coins, which will begin on Sept. 24. The U.S. gets a new gateway to the crypto world The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Binance, has officially launched its U.S.-only branch. The platform will be operated by BAM Trading Services and license cutting-edge trading and wallet technology from Binance, the company said in a press release. It will exist as an entity completely independent from Binance and offer users unique functions and features, the company said. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, said that the partnership with BAM Trading “will open a new key gateway to America and beyond,” as well as increase use cases for both blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Catherine Coley, the CEO of Binance.US, said: “Binance.US is tailor-made for Americans at every step of its development.” Fiat on-ramp, free trading, seven crypto assets Trading on Binance.US will officially begin on Sept. 24 at 9:00 am EST. Verified users will be able to trade fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto trading pairs for free until Nov. 1, the company said, offering a $15 referral bonus for each new qualifying signup. At launch, Binance.US lists seven digital assets: Bitcoin (BTC), BNB, Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Tether (USDT), with deposits opened for an additional five assets: Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Stellar (XLM) and 0x (ZRX). The company said it plans on introducing new cryptocurrencies in batches following the initial launch. The batches, Binance.US said, will be “highly-curated” and meet U.S. regulations and compliance standards based on the Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework. Some of the cryptocurrencies that are currently under consideration for listing on the Binance.US platform are Cosmos (ATOM), Dash (DASH), EOS (EOS), IOTA (MIOTA), Chainlink (LINK), and Nano (NANO). The platform might also list several stablecoins in the following months, including Paxos Standard (PAX), TrueUSD (TUSD), and USD Coin (USDC). The post Binance.US officially launches, introduces fiat on-ramp and free trading appeared first on CryptoSlate.
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