Trending: Keep Up with What’s Up

Trending: Keep Up with What’s Up

In today’s clickbait culture it may at times come difficult to tune out media noise and make out the news that matter. At Finrazor, we have developed Trending, a handy tool to help you keep up with the most trending topics and events in an organized and rigorous way

There is no doubt that wide adoption of applied cryptography is upon us but the space has a lot of room to grow, but journalistic integrity is not something every news website is committed to. As a consequence, the experienced social media user learned to avoid clicking external links in order to not get bombarded with intrusive ads, cookie notifications, AI assistants, newsletters subscription prompts and all other sorts of pop-up windows.

At the same time media coverage, however honest or clickbaity it may be, does to a certain extent affect the cryptoverse at large because people actually do care about what others say, sometimes with little or no regard for the credibility or source of information. Take, for example, the recent incident with a fake screenshot of Binance’s USDT delisting announcement that circulated the web and presumably caused a sudden downward spike in Tether’s price.

But how to keep up with the constant updates and remain confident about their credibility, especially if this is not your full-time job? There is a need for a special tool which can keep count of all mentions across the sources in real time.

Trending by Finrazor

Finrazor developed a tool that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the space.

Finrazor analyzes over 180 crypto news sources from news aggregators to influencers’ personal blogs to keep you up to speed with what topics are trending at a given point. We have created a database of all relevant entities in the space, be it assets, ICOs, companies, funds, influencers, technologies, mining pools, wallets, and are keeping count of all topic mentions across the sources in real time.

Our goal is to focus not only on the number of the news provided but on their quality as well. It is not enough just to collect information and share it with users, the given information should be structured and organized. The information supported by figures gives the right to be objective and unbiased, therefore, we have created a tool that reflects changing of informational background in percent, so that users can choose what to pay attention to.

The Trending feature is one of the key elements of our News Influence Score, a more sophisticated tool that tracks the dynamic correlation between public interest in an asset and its price. Though we still have a lot of work to be done, we are proud of what we have already done so far and we will keep fixing bugs and rolling out new updates.

How It Works

Trending helps to navigate through the amount of news, to find a way to the most important information, to deliver value to your time spending in the infosphere.

We show trending topics over 1d/7d/1m, on a daily basis, which allows identifying the most discussed topics during these intervals. The number of mentions is an absolute value, and the percentage change shows the difference between the common media presence of the topic and its statistics in the given period of time.

Currently, Trending provides news divided according to the key topics of the cryptoindustry:

Let’s Dive in Examples

Have a look for yourself and go over to our Trending Companies page, for example.

ConsenSys results in Trending

As you can see Consensys is currently the most trending topic today with 70 mentions a month across our sources. If you click it, you will be taken to the Consensys page in our aggregator. Here you can see a short description of the company and all the recent news articles that mentioned Consensys. You can hop over to any of the articles and search for ‘Consensys’ to make sure we count mentions honestly. We do not favor any asset, ICO or company and strive to deliver real data that you can make use of however you deem fit.

Let’s explore some more prominent cases. For example, a massive amount of news in October was about Fidelity and NXMH.

According to our preliminary research, the topic with the biggest positive change in October was Fidelity. When you come to its page, you will see that Fidelity, the world’s fourth largest asset manager, announced its plans to launch a cryptocurrency trading and storage platform. This news immediately gained massive attention of the community. This indicates that space craves for recognition from the big players of the money world and seizes every opportunity to hype up each step of the way to the institutionalization of digital assets, which some may find as the opposite of Satoshi’s vision. Nevertheless, after last year’s $20K bull-run that was in many ways caused by the introduction of bitcoin futures, this year may seem like a huge letdown to many and people are in desperate need for every little hint at the ultimate—and some hope inevitable—bull run. In any case, the truth is Fidelity is the top topic of the past month and the conclusions are yours to infer.

Another big topic this October was NXMH — admit that the name of this company may not look like familiar.The reason NXMH became trending is the purchase of Bitstamp, and in the context of this connection it is much more convenient to study the information on the market participant who gained even more importance. Bitstamp, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced at the end of the month that it has been acquired Belgium-based investment company NXMH which in turn is owned by South Korean conglomerate NXC. The announcement is yet another possible indication of the growing institutional interest in digital assets. You may have missed this news if you are not a regular Finrazor visitor. But if you are, you can always go to the Trending section and see what’s currently hot in the space, for example, NXMH, a topic you wouldn’t otherwise have looked up yourself probably.

This two news was in the top because their percentage run up to thousands (namely, 5800% and 3400%). On other days indicators of trends hardly grew double or triple (as at the beginning of the current 45 week, for example), which also helps to draw a conclusion about the news background in general.

Screenshot of the main Trending page

On the one hand, trends help to find out the most important information in context using indicators of the popularity of news. On the other hand, they help not to miss the second most popular (perhaps not the least important) niche news.

The tool is new, we constantly calibrate indicators to provide accurate analysis. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.

Stay tuned!

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News coming from Seoul/Hong Kong indicate that Tencent Holdings Ltd, the Chinese Gaming titan is considering making a bid for Nexon. According to information obtained by Reuters, Tencent aims to do this by acquiring the holding company that currently holds overall control over Nexon operations. The sources intimated to Reuters that Tencent is hopeful that it will be able to enlist willing co-investors. Information obtained by the news organization also indicates that there are various private equity firms that have been studying their options in order to make a reasonable deal. Some have even contemplated making the openly listed corporation private. Nexon Shareholders A Korean Economic Daily newspaper earlier this month reports that Kim Jun-ju, the Nexon founder was interested in selling his stake in the NXC Corp holding firm. Kim and his wife, together with other related parties currently hold a ninety-eight point six four percent stake in the company. The total stake is valued at between eight trillion and ten trillion won, which is equivalent to between seven point one billion American dollars and eight point nine billion American dollars. This is based on the information obtained from reports published in the Maeil Business Newspaper and the Korea Economic Daily. According to Reuters sources, the sale is being run by Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank. The two financial institutions, however, refused to comment on the impending sale. According to the Maeil Business Newspaper, Goldman Sachs was picked by Tencent to act on an advisory capacity. The paper cited unidentified sources when releasing these reports. The paper goes on to add those other companies that may be interested in making an offer for the stake include MBK Partners, Carlyle Group, TPG Capital, and KKR & Co Inc. Tencent and NXC Corp have also refused to provide a comment on this sale. Nexon and Tencent—Brief History Nexon was founded in 1994. Since inception, it has been able to develop more than eighty games which have gone on to be distributed to more than one hundred and ninety countries. The IP-franchise, which produced major hits such as KartRider, Sudden Attack, Dungeon & Fighter, and MapleStory are also a part of the Nexon Corporation. Tencent currently happens to be the largest gaming company in the world in terms of total revenue generated from the sale of games. It holds an exclusive license to market and sell the Dungeon & Fighter game in China. It is worth noting that Tencent—which is a social media-to-payments company—recently had to contend with persistent crackdowns on its operations which were carried out by the Chinese authorities. The authorities had stopped issuing new titles in March 2018. This move had been informed by an overhaul of its regulatory regulations. The authorities said that it was necessary to overhaul the regulations as video games had started to become too violent. The gaming companies were also accused of producing games that led to myopia among the gamers, and which in some instances led to severe cases of addiction.
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Binance’s Changpeng Zhao: Bitcoin [BTC]’s price had definitely overshot in 2017

The founder and the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, spoke at the Binance Blockchain Week event in Singapore about his belief that the cryptocurrency market is undervalued. Chanpeng Zhao or famously known as CZ, also reflected on the sudden rise in crypto prices in 2017, according to Micky. CZ said: “I believe… at the end of 2017 there was definitely an overshoot on the price side… There was a lot of guys rushing in, very simple projects with very simple whitepapers. Then of course, as everybody rushed in…once that massive rush-in finishes the price declines.” However, CZ now believes that the bear market has extended beyond reasonable levels, and thinks that this is the longest of all bear markets in the history of Bitcoin [BTC]. CZ added supported his point by saying that in his personal view is that “we are actually overshooting on the lower side now”. The founder of Binance said that since there has been a lot of development in the cryptocurrency field, people are overshooting on the lower side, accepting the possibility that he could be wrong. CZ informed his audience that he barely ever checks prices in the cryptocurrency market and that his main focus in on building his product. CZ expressed his faith in the market and said: “I’m very, very confident that this space will get so much bigger; we just got to be prepared for when that happens.” The CEO took the opportunity to talk about the Blockchain Charity Foundation, which has implemented a number of programs throughout Africa. He said: “There’s two goals… Number one is to spread cryptocurrencies but I think something more important than just donating cryptocurrency to other people, is actually the process of educating people about cryptocurrencies.” Zhao informed the audience about a new initiative which will enable them to feed lunch to one child in Africa with every Binance coin [BNB] donated. James Radecki, Global BD head of crypto trading firm Cumberland, agreed to match all donations in Binance coin [BNB] received from Binance. The post Binance’s Changpeng Zhao: Bitcoin [BTC]’s price had definitely overshot in 2017 appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Top 10 Trending Artificial Intelligence Frameworks and Libraries

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the programming world. More and more developers, seeing the growing demand for AI technologies, familiarize themselves with this science. And when you start learning AI and how it can be implemented in programming, the first question which comes to mind is “What are the best languages/frameworks/libraries to use?” That’s exactly what we will cover today in this review of the top 10 AI frameworks and libraries every programmer must know.Let’s be honest, some languages are just not well fit for AI. For example, many Ruby developers who are into AI abandon their most beloved language and switch to Python because the latter is better suited for this purpose. However, the languages which are quite AI-friendly such as C++ offer an abundance of frameworks and libraries. We researched and selected the best of them. Here is the list we got in the end:TensorFlowTorchCaffeTheanoAmazon Machine LearningAccord.NetScikit-learnApache MahoutMicrosoft Cognitive ToolkitKerasLet us explore in detail each of them and see what makes them deserve a place in our list.TensorFlowThis one definitely deserves the first place on our list because of two reasons. First, it’s open-source. Secondly, it has become a favorite AI tool of the top tech giants such as AMD, SAP, Google, Intel, Nvidia, and others. Developed by Google’s AI department, it is perfectly suited for complex numerical computations of high volumes and is used in a vast number of fields such as Bioscience, for example. Perfect for someone who is just getting started in AI programming.TorchThis is a GPU-oriented AI computing framework which works on the basis of LuaJIT programming language. It is open-source as well and there is a sufficient amount of documentation and support. Also, it is used by Google, Facebook, Purdue, NYU, and Twitter.CaffeOriginally created as a Ph.D. project by Yangqing Jia (he works at Facebook now) at Berkeley, Caffe has become one the most popular machine learning frameworks out there. You should definitely check out their image classification demo. It is not perfect yet but at least it’s capable of recognizing dogs and cats:)TheanoAs we’ve already said, Python is perfectly suited for AI and deep learning. There already exist many notable AI libraries in this language. One of them is Theano which was developed quite a long ago — back in 2007. It is main function lies in working with math expressions: defining, optimizing, and evaluating them.Amazon Machine LearningAWS has a vast machine learning platform used by thousands of businesses and institutions around the globe. Its platform works with the major AI frameworks and provides a number of ready-to-use AI solutions.Accord.NetThis is a .NET-based AI framework which offers a significant number of ready-to-use libraries, mainly for audio and image processing purposes. It works with a range of the most popular AI problems such as Classification, Regression, Clustering, Distributions, and others.Scikit-learnDeveloped back in 2007, this is a Python-based machine learning library for working with the major AI problems, as well as data mining and analysis. It is open-source and built on matplotlib, NumPy, SciPy.Apache MahoutMahout by Apache is a machine learning framework which utilizes linear algebra. It also uses Scala DSL and is equally suitable for the major AI problems.Microsoft Cognitive ToolkitOf course, we can’t help mentioning Microsoft’s machine learning baby, Cognitive Toolkit. It is open-source and suitable for a variety of AI applications.KerasThis is one more framework written in Python. One of its peculiarities is its ability to run on top of other AI frameworks such as Theano, or TensorFlow. Its main focus lies in rapid experimentation.Final ThoughtsArtificial Intelligence is a very attractive niche in the programming world. Any self-respecting software development company must already have a dedicated AI development team. However, becoming a successful AI specialist requires intelligence, talent, patience, and hard work. If you have those then now is the best time to get into this field. Provided you already know some fundamental programming language such as Python and the basics of machine learning, all you have to do is to select the right AI framework and get to work.Top 10 Trending Artificial Intelligence Frameworks and Libraries was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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