Trending: Keep Up with What’s Up

Trending: Keep Up with What’s Up

In today’s clickbait culture it may at times come difficult to tune out media noise and make out the news that matter. At Finrazor, we have developed Trending, a handy tool to help you keep up with the most trending topics and events in an organized and rigorous way

There is no doubt that wide adoption of applied cryptography is upon us but the space has a lot of room to grow, but journalistic integrity is not something every news website is committed to. As a consequence, the experienced social media user learned to avoid clicking external links in order to not get bombarded with intrusive ads, cookie notifications, AI assistants, newsletters subscription prompts and all other sorts of pop-up windows.

At the same time media coverage, however honest or clickbaity it may be, does to a certain extent affect the cryptoverse at large because people actually do care about what others say, sometimes with little or no regard for the credibility or source of information. Take, for example, the recent incident with a fake screenshot of Binance’s USDT delisting announcement that circulated the web and presumably caused a sudden downward spike in Tether’s price.

But how to keep up with the constant updates and remain confident about their credibility, especially if this is not your full-time job? There is a need for a special tool which can keep count of all mentions across the sources in real time.

Trending by Finrazor

Finrazor developed a tool that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the space.

Finrazor analyzes over 180 crypto news sources from news aggregators to influencers’ personal blogs to keep you up to speed with what topics are trending at a given point. We have created a database of all relevant entities in the space, be it assets, ICOs, companies, funds, influencers, technologies, mining pools, wallets, and are keeping count of all topic mentions across the sources in real time.

Our goal is to focus not only on the number of the news provided but on their quality as well. It is not enough just to collect information and share it with users, the given information should be structured and organized. The information supported by figures gives the right to be objective and unbiased, therefore, we have created a tool that reflects changing of informational background in percent, so that users can choose what to pay attention to.

The Trending feature is one of the key elements of our News Influence Score, a more sophisticated tool that tracks the dynamic correlation between public interest in an asset and its price. Though we still have a lot of work to be done, we are proud of what we have already done so far and we will keep fixing bugs and rolling out new updates.

How It Works

Trending helps to navigate through the amount of news, to find a way to the most important information, to deliver value to your time spending in the infosphere.

We show trending topics over 1d/7d/1m, on a daily basis, which allows identifying the most discussed topics during these intervals. The number of mentions is an absolute value, and the percentage change shows the difference between the common media presence of the topic and its statistics in the given period of time.

Currently, Trending provides news divided according to the key topics of the cryptoindustry:

Let’s Dive in Examples

Have a look for yourself and go over to our Trending Companies page, for example.

ConsenSys results in Trending

As you can see Consensys is currently the most trending topic today with 70 mentions a month across our sources. If you click it, you will be taken to the Consensys page in our aggregator. Here you can see a short description of the company and all the recent news articles that mentioned Consensys. You can hop over to any of the articles and search for ‘Consensys’ to make sure we count mentions honestly. We do not favor any asset, ICO or company and strive to deliver real data that you can make use of however you deem fit.

Let’s explore some more prominent cases. For example, a massive amount of news in October was about Fidelity and NXMH.

According to our preliminary research, the topic with the biggest positive change in October was Fidelity. When you come to its page, you will see that Fidelity, the world’s fourth largest asset manager, announced its plans to launch a cryptocurrency trading and storage platform. This news immediately gained massive attention of the community. This indicates that space craves for recognition from the big players of the money world and seizes every opportunity to hype up each step of the way to the institutionalization of digital assets, which some may find as the opposite of Satoshi’s vision. Nevertheless, after last year’s $20K bull-run that was in many ways caused by the introduction of bitcoin futures, this year may seem like a huge letdown to many and people are in desperate need for every little hint at the ultimate—and some hope inevitable—bull run. In any case, the truth is Fidelity is the top topic of the past month and the conclusions are yours to infer.

Another big topic this October was NXMH — admit that the name of this company may not look like familiar.The reason NXMH became trending is the purchase of Bitstamp, and in the context of this connection it is much more convenient to study the information on the market participant who gained even more importance. Bitstamp, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced at the end of the month that it has been acquired Belgium-based investment company NXMH which in turn is owned by South Korean conglomerate NXC. The announcement is yet another possible indication of the growing institutional interest in digital assets. You may have missed this news if you are not a regular Finrazor visitor. But if you are, you can always go to the Trending section and see what’s currently hot in the space, for example, NXMH, a topic you wouldn’t otherwise have looked up yourself probably.

This two news was in the top because their percentage run up to thousands (namely, 5800% and 3400%). On other days indicators of trends hardly grew double or triple (as at the beginning of the current 45 week, for example), which also helps to draw a conclusion about the news background in general.

Screenshot of the main Trending page

On the one hand, trends help to find out the most important information in context using indicators of the popularity of news. On the other hand, they help not to miss the second most popular (perhaps not the least important) niche news.

The tool is new, we constantly calibrate indicators to provide accurate analysis. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.

Stay tuned!

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