Tron X BitTorrent Project Atlas: Decentralization and Incentives

Tron X BitTorrent Project Atlas: Decentralization and Incentives

The founder of Tron introduces Project Atlas. The project was created to connect the BitTorrent network to Tron’s blockchain and its seeders will be incentivized

For more than fifteen years, BitTorrent’s system for content sharing was about altruism. Seeders upload and share content without expecting any rewards. But with the introduction of Project Atlas, content providers will be paid in Tron tokens (TRX) to invigorate the file-sharing environment. Justin Sun believes this will encourage more seeders. With more seeders there will be an upload bandwidth availability increase which will enable faster download speed.

Sun envisions a decentralized web through Project Atlas. He says the BitTorrent experience will be improved through having more seeders and an increase in download speed. There will be no need for a middleman to distribute content as the content providers will be able to distribute to its intended audience directly.

Tron acquired BitTorrent last August 2018. BitTorrent has over a hundred million users. Tron is the thirteenth largest coin by means of market cap.

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