TRXMarket: Rumor or Reality?

TRXMarket: Rumor or Reality?

According to the ‘rumors’ Tron (TRX) plans to launch their decentralized exchange, TRX Market, and the team behind it have declared their candidacy for Tron’s Super Representative elections.

Today, a tweet from @WLFOFMYST stirred up the TRON Twitter-sphere. He hinted of a decentralized exchange service run by TRON for the TRON community. This rumored exchange is tagged as TRXMarket. This market will be founded on the TRON network and will be an exchange for TRC20 tokens.

TRXMarket itself has relayed its candidacy for a spot as a Super Representative. There are 26 SRs that will be elected. They will work together as a whole to facilitate and uphold the TRON community, as well as to enrich the development of the blockchain technology. Another candidate mentioned for SR is DAPPHOUSE.

The news presumes if TRXMarket is more than just a rumor, it will operate independent from the TRON Foundation.

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