Twitter Digs up Early Satoshi Emails

Twitter Digs up Early Satoshi Emails

Email exchanges from 2009 until 2011 between Satoshi Nakamoto and Mike Hearn, former Bitcoin developer is again the center of discussion, now on Twitter

Mike Hearn, who has left Bitcoin and is now a lead platform engineer at R3, has confirmed to Vice’s Motherboard, the authenticity of the correspondence. He shared some of the emails to CipherionX, a user in Bitcointalk forum, who published the set of five emails back in 2017.

Twitter Users Speculate

An excerpt of the email has sent some users to question what Satoshi meant when he implied that Bitcoin can already scale ‘better’ than Visa and for a fraction of the cost. Users were speculating Satoshi might have been expecting a block size upgrade to be done in 2-year intervals. Some users implied that Satoshi foresaw secondary layers and sidechains that will make the technology more versatile than being just a digital asset.

Blockchain scalability issues are being raised all the time. Besides the initial discussion with the emails-in-question, it was just last month when some users were talking about how Bitcoin is processing more transaction value than Visa and Paypal on Twitter.

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