Twitter: the Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn?

This week we invite you to discuss Vitalik’s statements, have a closer look at the value of blockchain and be surprised by Gwyneth Paltrow

I'm not sure that blockchain 'determines' what we agree on so much as it provides more options for agreement than were previously available via matching & filtering valuable data. Perhaps mechanically 'resolving' a dispute only counts as half an agreement?

  • @GwynethPaltrow: ‘Great piece with @billbarhydt on @goop today’
  • @iamjosephyoung: ‘I've been in crypto since 2013. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty is, when you think you know the short-term trend of the market, you really don't. Crypto never fails to amaze me’
  • @asglidden: ‘The problem with all these 'X on the blockchain' is that you need reliable data. But a blockchain is a mechanism for resolving intersubjective 'truths', not a mechanism for resolving *objective* truths. They determine what we agree on, not what's real.’
  • @zooko: ‘As 'Plasma' Stalls, SNARKs Become New Hope for Scaling Ethereum Now' — via @CoinDesk

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Chinese State Media Warns of Scams in the Name of Blockchain Amid the Tech Frenzy

Chinese state media has recently launched a strike-hard campaign to crack down on scams in the name of blockchain technology and digital currency amid the blockchain frenzy following President Xi Jinping openly endorsing the technology last month. On Nov.18, China Central Television (CCTV), the predominant state television broadcaster in Mainland China, aired an episode titled “Blockchain is not a Cash chain” in a prime-time program Focus Talk. The program tells viewers that there are currently around 32,000 companies in China that claim to use blockchain technology, while only less than 10% of these firms are actually using or working on the technology. Most of these companies are just taking advantage of the concept of blockchain technology to create financial gains, and even some are naked scams. According to data provided by the National Internet Emergency Response Center, 755 air coins (whose price has dropped near to zero) and 102 scam coins have been monitored so far. China Judgements Online shows that the number of legal rulings involving blockchain technology in the country has reached a total of 566 to date. The episode then reveals various forms of scams under the guise of blockchain and a number of illegal projects involving scam coins or air coins, so as to remind people to keep alert to them. The state-owned Xinhua News and People’s Daily have also warned of the chaos and scams related to blockchain in the market as the speculation fever returns. Experts point out that with the booming of blockchain in China, regulators should speed up the making of the regulatory framework for the industry. Chinese regulators have spent great efforts in removing frauds related to blockchain/cryptocurrency, while pyramid schemes running under the disguise of blockchain technology or digital currency shows no signs of abating, especially after President Xi’s blockchain endorsement and news that the country’s state-backed digital currency is coming out soon. Though its intention is to crack down on scam coins and fraudulent companies under the disguise of blockchain, crypto exchanges are targeted for the possibility that their platforms may provide transaction service for these scam coins. Last Friday, financial regulators in Shanghai has issued a notice to clean up illegal cryptocurrency trading within the region. Meanwhile, crypto exchange Binance’s Weibo (Twitter equivalent) account was blocked.

Blockchain development platform Morpheus adds CloudHUB as new distribution partner

Morpheus Labs, a Singapore-based blockchain company providing enterprises with a full-service Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS), has announced its newest partnership with CloudHUB Asia. The CloudHUB team will work with companies to implement blockchain solutions through the use of Morpheus’ BPaaS and is their first partner in Hong Kong. “One of CloudHUB’s key charter is to create a […] CryptoNinjas: Blockchain development platform Morpheus adds CloudHUB as new distribution partner

Chinese Military Mulls Blockchain Technology Adoption and Crypto Rewards for Soldiers

China’s military hierarchy is reportedly eyeing the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency rewards for its personnel. Global Times reports that the Chinese military is keen to enhance the confidentiality of data transmission within its armed forces. PLA Looking Towards Blockchain Earlier in November 2019, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) expressed plans to create modalitiesRead MoreRead More. The post by Osato Avan-Nomayo appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News\
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