Twitter: the Only Thing a Person Can Truly Own Is Bitcoin

Yesterday, the whole world congratulated Bitcoin with its anniversary, the twitter community wished the most popular crypto only one thing — growth. Let’s remember how it was and join the congratulations

It may be geins for some people, but for humanity it is just idiotic. At the moment, probably 0,5% of the electricity consumed (& produced) in the world is used for mining cybermoney, and it creates enormous amounts of internet traffic. There is better ways to use these resources.

  • @real_vijay: ‘When the Bitcoin network launched in 2009, very few people understood its significance. Today, ten years later, Bitcoin's market capitalization stands at over 100 billion dollars.
    The great Hal Finney RIP, the first person to receive bitcoins from Satoshi, grokked its import:’
  • @simondlr: ‘Happy birthday Bitcoin!’
  • @francispouliot_: ‘The email thread started 10 years ago by Satoshi's introducing Bitcoin to his fellow cypherpunks is mind-blowing.
    Fixed supply (gold standard), off-chain scaling discussed within 10 days. Surreal foresight.’
  • @dstadulis: ‘Roger can secretly re-long or re-short
    Certainly but they're limited to their available capital and suffer other opportunity costs.  An alternative bet: 'How many puts will you write to insure the price of bcash'? You want to force your opponent to be harmed if they're wrong.’
  • @medicicrypto: ‘Once expected asteroid prospecting by early 2020s, now bought by Consensys..’
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