Two Views on Bitcoin Price Immediate Future: To Buy or to Wait

Two Views on Bitcoin Price Immediate Future: To Buy or to Wait

Ran Neuner, host of CNBC show Crypto Trader, is encouraging traders to buy Bitcoin. Rob Sluymer, a Fundstrat Global Advisors technical strategist, says traders should adopt a wait and see approach

A Positive Approach

Neuner attributes last year’s surge in Bitcoin price to the launch of BTC futures. This year he refers to the possibility of an SEC approval of Bitcoin ETF, which he considers to be a bigger deal, as the grounds for a market boom.  Hence, the Crypto Trader host is very bullish on Bitcoin and assessed that investors should start stocking up on the cryptocurrency.

A More Cautious Approach

By studying Bitcoin price chart, Sluymer observes that its price has not moved higher than the September highs, this is the supposed indication of an early trend reversal. Due to this, he advises investors to stay on the sidelines and wait for an indication of a reversal.

For weeks now, traders have seen a slowdown in the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Today, BTC is trading at around 6,548 USD (down by 29%) and ETH is priced at 224.69 USD (down by 1.59%).

These two differing views on market movement are highly illustrative. So, investors are as always encouraged to do their due diligence and study all the facts before making financial decisions, despite how authoritative an independent opinion is.

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