VeChain and BMW plus Renault collaboration

VeChain and BMW plus Renault collaboration

In a Youtube live chat, Sunny Lu has hinted of their possible partnership with another automobile manufacturer. Mr. Lu also thanked the community and gave updates on the VeChain roadmap. According to the co-founder of the platform, the roadmap is progressing according to its mainnet timeline. He stated that majority of the ERC20 tokens has been successfully converted to VET (previously VEN).


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0.00000124 BTC 0.82%
Volume, 24h
11,580,667 USD
250,821,766 USD

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JP Morgan-Backed Firm Partners with Blockchain Startup Owned By Former Deloitte Exec

JP Morgan-Backed Firm Partners with Blockchain Startup Owned By Former Deloitte Exec JP Morgan-backed digital services firm Smartrac has partnered with SUKU Ecosystem, a blockchain startup owned by former Deloitte exec Eric Piscini, according to a tweet on Tuesday, Jan. 22. SUKU, which is parented by another Piscini-owned blockchain firm Citizen Reserve, will provide its platform to integrate with Smartrac’s supply chain. Smartrac is a radio-frequency… The post JP Morgan-Backed Firm Partners with Blockchain Startup Owned By Former Deloitte Exec appeared first on Altcoin Today.
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Ex-Deloitte Exec of Citizens Reserve Partners with JP Morgan’s Smartrac to Use SUKU Blockchain Ecosystem

Smartrac is a digital services firm with the backing of JP Morgan, but a new collaboration will allow them to use their manufacturing processes in a different way. SUKU Ecosystem took to Twitter today to confirm their new collaboration with the firm, using their supply chain to find a solution for digitization concerns. Eric Piscini, the owner of SUKU Ecosystem and former executive to Deloitte, is in charge of another blockchain firm that owns SUKU, which is Citizen Reserve’s subsidiary. The Citizen Reserve platform is planning to open their own crypto asset called ZERV, created upon an ERC20. Smartrac, however, is a manufacturer for radio-frequency identification (RFID) inlays. On the subject of RFID inlays, Piscini said, “RFID tags are critical when you think about supply chain and what we do, we do supply chain on blockchain, and when you need to track an item using the supply chain, whether it's components or it's a final product, you need RFID tags, and the partnership is really for us to be able to provide a complete solution to our clients.” Elaborating, CTO Dinesh Dhamija of the Citizens Reserve said, “The combination of Smartrac’s digital enablement capabilities along with Citizen’s Reserves’ SUKU platform will provide a unique identity for each physical product with a transparent and accessible supply chain solution.” Piscini discussed how the partnership plans to help with the major issues that arise in the digitization of the supply chain as well. The integration of blockchain will make it possible to improve the security, transparency, and tracking in the supply chain. After the digitization happens, the digital counterparts to all physical components will need to match. Smartrac, which is based in the Netherlands, specifically focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, earning them the title of the largest supplier of electronic passports inlays in the world. Though JP Morgan is still the largest shareholder, Alibaba Group acquired their own shares of Smartrac in July last year.
Bitcoin Exchange Guide and Milligan Partner to Build a Blockchain Powered Tolling.Network Using Hyperledger

On the 18th of January 2019, PR Newswire issued a press release, stating that a popular US Tolling company known as Milligan Partners has partnered with; a distributed ledger technology company, in unveiling Tolling.Network. According to the release, the newly unveiled tolling company is supported by Hyperledger Fabric and is designed to improve toll operations among both parties. The press release further stated that due to a conscious effort towards ensuring efficiency, interagency operations both within the national circle and across the country to the tolling industry, resulted in both firms combining resources to create Tolling.Network, which offers a unique blockchain based solution. According to the team, Tolling.Network offers an incredible solution that utilizes Blockchain technology in solving the challenges of national interoperability that has affected the tolling ecosystem of the United States for almost 10 years. They went to state that the technology makes use of smart contracts as well as Distributed Ledger Technology to make it easy for tolling agencies to directly and flawlessly communicate with each partner in the team. This feat has indeed defied what the present model could not achieve. Every transaction that is carried out on the Tolling.Network, are protected by both the encryption system and the advanced highly functional private channels. This delectable team involved in the Tolling.Network project asserts that agencies that are utilizing the platform have the choice to tailor or modify their business policies for every company they do business with, without necessarily abiding by the rules of a particular syndicate. In his response to this development, Matt Milligan, co-founder of and Managing Partner at Milligan Partners stated that: “For close to ten years, the toll industry in the United States has been trying it’s best in bringing solutions to the challenges that have bedevilled national interoperability, and there is no doubt that the solution lies in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). We are also certain that an open-source scheme is a good idea towards solving this problem.’’ He also pointed out that Tolling.Network will also serve as an affordable and groundbreaking solution to most government bodies. This development is coming in the wake of bitcoin’s and the entire cryptocurrency industry’s lackluster performance in 2018. Technologies like Tolling.Network highlight the impact and possible use case that blockchain technology can have in many industries. This, in fact, is a strong indication that these newly developed technologies would have a lot of benefits in store. An example of this is the BTC Manager’s announcement that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was really looking at incorporating Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) into its operations. Also on the 21st January 2019, a news report said that Venezuela, a country with its own national cryptocurrency will be launching its own blockchain backed ATM card. The possibilities of blockchain tech are quite limitless and can serve to further improve lives, solve previously impossible challenges and help industries attain new heights.
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