VeChain (VEN)

A general overview of VeChain (VEN), its idea and features.

VeChain cryptocurrency is a very volatile digital token of the VeChain platform, the global platform for transformation of information on a blockchain.

The first and most important place for VeChain technology is marking of products, drugs and other goods with a specific QR code. This QR code, providing all the necessary information on goods, can be read with phone or other device. It is impossible to forge data or a QR code, because information will be loaded at once in a blockchain.

Also VeChain serves for cars identification. VeChain platform creates a digital profile for each car and issues a digital certificate with all the information about it. As well as in the first option, all data is stored in blockchain, and nothing can be changed. Thus, VeChain can help to decrease risks of purchasing ‘grey’, beaten and other cars. At the moment of sale, all the transaction data is entered in a smart the contract, with all the details.

Besides, VeChain platform can be used in state regulation and other political moments.



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