Vote-buying Allegation Surrounds EOS

Vote-buying Allegation Surrounds EOS

Vitalik’s blog post titled, Plutocracy Is Still Bad where he talks about the perils of a DPoS consensus (with EOS as an example) may have transpired as Huobi is alleged to have traded its voting power with money on the EOS network

The Trouble with EOS Consensus

Back in March, Vitalik Buterin had foreshadowed the event that is assumed to have recently happen in the EOS voting phase. In the past, EOS has been accused of being a more centralized system than a decentralized one because of its delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm.

The Purported Evidence

Screenshots of an Excel spreadsheet show supposed details that Huobi has accepted money in exchange for voting for specific governance decisions. This was revealed in a twitter post by Maple Leaf Central.

The Response and the Denial

Creators of EOS, has responded that they are aware of the unverified allegations regarding irregular block producer voting. The group has also said that a free and democratic election process is vital.

Huobi has denied the vote-buying allegation.

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