We don't panic when the bear market hits heights

We don't panic when the bear market hits heights

The stable growth of the market last few days, the discussion of blockchain technology and the statements of @elonmusk — that's what Twitter users are about

  • @real_vijay explained the stages of bitcoin development as money.
  • The hash rate of #bitcoin jumps to 61.8 EH/s. An increase by 35% in 2 days. All about read in @ArminVanBitcoin profile.
  • @elonmusk: ‘At this point, I want ETH even if it is a scam’

Calling blockchains a "data structure" is missing the point. It's cryptography, economics and distributed systems and the way these fields interact in systems like BTC, ETH, etc that's interesting

Actually, we have casted some light on it.

  • @michael_nielsen: ‘I suspect no-one deserves the Economics Nobel more than Satoshi. It tickles me enormously that she/he/they(/it?) remain anonymous.’
  • @cz_binance: ‘I have a feeling this bull run will be a pretty significant one’. Hm-m...
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