'We Know How to Save the Planet!' (Weekly Digest, Jan 28 — Feb 01)

NYSE + Blockstream, Wikipedia + BitPay (instead of Coinbase), Fujitsu facilitating careful usage of electricity, South Park as the first video robin onto Bitcoin SV blockchain, dire predictions from JP Morgan, stats of ETH-based scam, steps by Italy, Binance now accepting credit cards and NEM's big plans

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Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are one of the cheapest payment options available so more money goes to charity rather than paying fees. Wikimedia does so much good around the world that it is a privilege to help them raise money.

Fujitsu is a member of the RE100, which aims to have companies use 100% renewable energy for the electricity they consume, and is putting measures in place to build a carbon-free society. As part of these efforts, the company is carrying out verification of this system in a real-world environment, with the goal of commercialization from fiscal 2019.


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