Weekend, May 26-27, ’18

This weekend was pretty calm. The market still continues to decline, and, as usual, the voices of bulls are becoming more and more faint. Meanwhile, it turns out that the Bitcoin name was trademarked for at least 10 years in the UK. Read further to know what's going on.

  • A global real estate platform now accepts XRP as a form of payment for one of the listings on its site. Also, XRP just got added to Apple's stock app, a standard application that comes preinstalled on every new iPhone. Now, all Apple users can check its price against 12 fiat and crypto currencies.
  • More and more people in Venezuela turn to mining to raise some money. Their national currency, the bolivar, is subject to hyperinflation, but the electricity in the country is almost free, as the government-mandated utility price freezes. Cryptocurrency mining helps people to earn some passive income, up to $1,000 a month.
  • Market analyst, Naeem Aslam, thinks that the price of Bitcoin will rebound. Its hashrate still steadily increases, and it means that the miners don't lose their interest and keep investing money in it, so the prices should catch up, by Naeem analysis.
  • A British hacker was arrested and sentenced to ten years and eight months for selling stolen data for crypto. He stole private data of 165,000 individuals which he sold for £2,000,000 worth of crypto. Approximately £500,000 in Bitcoins were seized by British police while £1,500,000 remain unaccounted for.
  • Ethereum community has become so big it will start to run hackathons all over the world each month in many cities. At these hackathon participants can code new applications and present them to an audience. The demand is so high that a new non-profit organization, ETHGlobal, was created to specifically support these kinds of events.
  • The use of SegWit just reached its historical peak and continues to grow. Now, it's 40% of total BTC transactions. SegWit is a process that removes the signature data from a transaction, allowing to store more info in one block. It's one of the solutions that helps Bitcoin scale better.
  • An company called A.B.C IPHoldings South West LLC registered a trademark for the name 'Bitcoin' in UK. A trademark was registered on December 22. That's some bad news for everyone who sells Bitcoin-related merchandise, but it's legal and it's done.
  • Michael Sonnenshein, managing director of Grayscale Investments, sees only a binary outcome for Bitcoin. It will thrive and become all these amazing things that we think it can be if its developers continue to innovate, or it will go down to zero, being replaced by something else.
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