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Casper code release, EOS launches Space Invaders, Bill Gates against BTC, Palihapitiya defends BTC, McAfee's prediction, Fundstrat's prediction, Novogratz partners with Bloomberg, Kohn's opinion, ETH image, Vitalik Buterin about privacy, SEC about understanding crypto, NYSE launches BTC trading desk, Telegram Passport test, Nvidia's revenue, blockchain development in China

  • Casper code v0.1 for Ethereum mainnet is released and will become a hybrid between PoS and PoW systems. This long awaited update for Ethereum mainnet will become a hybrid between Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work systems. Casper solution is designed to help Ethereum solve its problems with scalability, because PoS block generation is much faster.
  • EOS launches a Space Invaders game on its testnet. Anyone can play it. The game generates new private keys for user, thus no worries about the need to expose your own private keys.
  • Bill Gates doesn't like Bitcoin, says he would short it if he could. The only thing that stops him from doing it is that there's no easy way to do it. Tyler Winklevoss respond to Gates, explaining an easy way to short Bitcoin by buying futures contracts on CBOE.
  • Former Facebook executive and venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya defends Bitcoin against Buffet's criticism. He says that Bitcoin is like a non-correlated badge to the stock market.
  • John McAfee in a recent interview assures again that Bitcoin will go to $1 million by 2020. He explains that its users base expands quickly and there's a limited number of Bitcoins, thus someday everybody will need a small piece of Bitcoin, boosting the price.
  • Fundstrat, a global research company, has published its prediction saying that the price of Bitcoin could be $64,000 by 2019. The firm's calculations were based on growing hashpower.
  • Mike Novogratz, ex-hedge fund manager of the Fortress Investment Group, launched a new cryptocurrency index, in partnership with Bloomberg LLP. It tracks the performance of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Ethereum Classic, and Zcash.
  • Gary Kohn, who was the chief economic advisor to President Trump in 2017 and 2018, doesn't think that Bitcoin is something big,but he believes that someday the global cryptocurrency will eventually emerge. But he believes that someday the global cryptocurrency will eventually emerge.
  • Bitcoin is still more popular than Elon Musk or lambos in search engines, Ethereum is more popular than Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.
  • Vitalik Buterin claims that privacy could be more important than decentralization in case of private coins. Being an advisor for Zcash, he is sure that decentralization is a luxury, and it’s important only for coin’s long-term survival, but not for its privacy features.
  • Hester Peirce, the US’s SEC Commissioner talked about the importance of understanding crypto before putting forward any regulations. During a speech at the Medici Conference she expresses an idea that innovations must be treated kindly instead of banning them straight away.
  • New York Stock Exchange is going to launch a new trading desk for Bitcoin trade allowing large investors to buy and hold Bitcoin. It would allow large investors to buy and hold Bitcoin, that was impossible for them to do until now.
  • Telegram is testing a new service called Telegram Passport which will be used to keep personal details, copies of IDs, banking statements and other documents to identify users on Telegram Open Network. It will be used to keep personal details, copies of IDs, banking statements and other documents to identify users on Telegram Open Network.
  • Nvidia reveals its $289 million revenue from crypto miners in the first quarter of 2018. The demand was higher than expected and brought in $289 million in revenue.
  • China wants to release blockchain standard by the end of 2019. China officials claim that the development of blockchain technologies may become an important step for China in global technological competition.


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P2P bitcoin marketplace LocalBitcoins implements new ID verification process

CryptoNinjas LocalBitcoins, the popular Finland based person-to-person bitcoin trading site, announced it is currently developing a more efficient and reliable identity verification process. The new ID verification system will build upon recent updates by introducing 4 individual account levels per trade and BTC transaction... P2P bitcoin marketplace LocalBitcoins implements new ID verification process

XRP Price Looks Bound to Drop Below $0.3 as Bears Won’t Relent

As the day trucks along further, it seems there is no real improvement in terms of overall market trend. The top markets remain subdued and there is no real enthusiasm among traders to speak of. For the XRP price, it remains to be seen if and when the price will drop below $0.30. The current mounting pressure seems to indicate this is merely a matter of time. XRP Price Shows no Signs of Recovery Under normal circumstances, one wouldn’t expect XRP to follow Bitcoin’s negative trend so blindly. This time around has proven to be very different in that regard, although it remains a big mystery as to why this is happening as of right now. While the world’s leading cryptocurrency remains bearish first and foremost, it seems the other markets will face their own share of bearish pressure for some time to come. That in itself is not what traders and speculators have hoped for, but it seems unlikely anything will change in the foreseeable future. Over the past 24 hours, the XRP price has lost another 2.24% in USD value to drop down to $0.301. There is another 0.31% loss in XRP/BTC, which pushes that ratio down to 7m642 Satoshi. Not entirely surprising where this latter development as concerned. However, it also confirms the 8,000 Satoshi level is well out of reach for this popular asset as of right now, which will displease a lot of holders.  A drop to 7,500 Satoshi seems rather plausible at this point, although there is no real indication as to how the markets will evolve exactly. When looking across social media, it seems there are a lot of different opinions regarding XRP and Ripple. Cryptoguru075 expects there to be a lot of bearish pressure moving forward. Claiming Ripple hasn’t released any news for a full year might be a bit of a stretch, though, There have been quite a few key developments, although it remains to be seen if there can be any meaningful impact for XRP in the process. #XRP holders on suicide watch. The final shakeout is taking place. @Ripple not releasing news for over a year on purpose is exactly what whales want. — God (@cryptoguru075) March 26, 2019 Berite is speculating how exchanges might be dumping their XRP all of a sudden. It is remarkable to see someone openly name Binance in this regard, even though there is zero indication that company – or any other – is effectively liquidating XRP. There wouldn’t be any reason for doing so either, as XRP is simply following Bitcoin’s bumpy trend as of right now. No manipulation appears to be taking place, especially with such bleak trading volume. It is uncanny what traders come up with when the momentum remains bearish for more than a few hours. This tweet has been deleted ever sicne it was first pointed out, unfortunately.  For those who are mainly interested in the actual price chart, it is evident the coming hours will prove to be crucial in many different ways. If the trendline is broken, there may very well be a drop to $0.28 or slightly lower in the coming days. Most of this will depend on what happens to Bitcoin first and foremost, as that market dictates the overall momentum. For XRP, things simply are not looking great, unfortunately. Moment of truth time for #xrp pic.twitter.com/7ChVBXhMCr — XRPress (@XRPress) March 26, 2019 All of the market momentum seems to confirm there will be even further bearish pressure across all markets. While traders will not like this in the slightest, there is no remote indication things will turn around on a dime. Hourly candles still remain bearish for all top markets, which only further confirms the bear market is not over. How low all of these markets will go in the coming hours and days, remains to be determined. Anything is possible in this industry. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. Image(s): Shutterstock.com The post XRP Price Looks Bound to Drop Below $0.3 as Bears Won’t Relent appeared first on NullTX.

Yahoo! Japan Enters Crypto Despite Bear Market, Plans May 2019 Launch of Bitcoin Exchange

Taotao, a crypto exchange based in Japan, is planning to launch in May with the approval of Japanese authorities. According to a CNBC report in April 2018, Yahoo! Japan said that it will acquire a 40 percent stake in BitARG Exchange Tokyo, which has since reportedly been rebranded to Taotao. “Yahoo Japan Corp said on Friday it would buy a minority stake in a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange, becoming the latest major Japanese financial services provider to shrug off security concerns and join the digital money industry,” the report read. Prior to that, in March 2018, CCN reported that Yahoo! Japan The post Yahoo! Japan Enters Crypto Despite Bear Market, Plans May 2019 Launch of Bitcoin Exchange appeared first on CCN

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