Western Union Considers Embracing Crypto if the New Asset Class Gains Traction

Western Union Considers Embracing Crypto if the New Asset Class Gains Traction

Financial services and communications behemoth, Western Union, shows interest in taking up cryptocurrencies to give users of its services an alternative choice to send money and remit for local fiat currencies, but only if it is adopted by the public globally

I think cryptocurrency may become one more option of currency, or assets… to be exchanged between people and businesses. It that happens, we will be ready to launch.

Odilon Aleida, President of Western Union Global Money Transfer

Western Union President, Odilon Almeida, said in an interview with Reuters Plus that the company is considering the application of cryptocurrency to their services to give users another means to send and receive money. At the same time, they are looking into how blockchain can enhance their money service conveyance.

Almeida noted three obstacles that hinder the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies which are price volatility (may be resolved by stablecoins), regulatory compliance, and governance.

Western Union is working with over a hundred currencies and countries worldwide. Remittances can be done through their agent locations or through the company’s mobile app.

Western Union Tests Ripple

Back in June, the company held a test run of Ripple’s system using XRP for international payments settlement. After six months of tests Western Union CEO, Hikmet Ersek remarked that cost-efficiency, efficient enough to overhaul the system, is yet to be seen. He follows that the company is open to use XRP if it realizes more efficiency.

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JPM Coin caused an uproar in the cryptocurrency and financial market with its introduction of the JPM coin. However, the chaos was non-directed; the purpose of JPM Coin was unknown. Moreover, its contribution or competition to the cryptocurrencies was also unclear. Nevertheless, JPM coin received harsh criticism from the crypto community including Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse. The reason cited for the same was lack of interoperability. The general perception is that JPM coin is as an isolated centralized cryptocurrency. However, it seems that there is more to it that it meets the eyes. Beginning of a Banking/Blockchain Revolution? JPM Coin is built on a distributed ledger based on Blockchain. While the JPM coin does not add any economic value to the system, a variety of centralized blockchains can be made to interact with each other. Hence, JPM coin might not just be an isolated incident but the beginning of a Blockchain revolution in banking. According to Aaron Brown ” it (JPM) is designed to interact with any “standard” blockchain. It needs to be a blockchain to play with other blockchains and I think the distributed ledger means that JPM Coin will circulate outside the JPMorgan private blockchain. Those other ledgers might be private or public, centralized or distributed (probably mostly private and centralized), but the overall system is distributed. ” Tokenization of the Economy Furthermore, the increased interoperability between banks might also start to include other institutions in it. Hence, the centralized or decentralized entities will get an opportunity to transact in that ‘token’ as well. While this will help the cryptocurrency markets as a whole, it might hurt the price of Ripple’s XRP massively. Until now the XRP’s investments are majorly driven on its partnerships with banks and financial institutions. Therefore, if JPM cryptocurrency starts to provide utility and execute transactions as efficiently as XRP; XRP’s demand would decrease considerably as Ripple would start losing its partners.  “I think JPMorgan will earn seigniorage creating JPMCoin. I think the exciting potential is circulation outside the JPMorgan private blockchain.” The post Ripple Might Lose Its Banking Partnerships Due to the JPM Coin Phenomena appeared first on Coingape.

Crypto Bull Returns, Predicts Targets For Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin

Ever since Bitcoin’s break of its parabolic advance in December 2017, the entire crypto market has been locked in a brutal bear market that’s resulted in companies going under, widespread layoffs, and investors and miners capitulating. Even the largest cap coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, all have fallen 85% or more from their all-time high prices. The lack of bullish price momentum has caused many long-term bulls to sit on the sidelines, waiting for the bear market to end. One prolific Ethereum technical analyst that earned a reputation during the last bull run, has come out of an over 20-month-long hibernation to post some extremely bullish price charts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple – complete with wild price targets and predictions on when to expect each coin’s price to break out. TA Expert Returns With Bold Price Predictions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin Twitter and Reddit user ScienceGuy9489 has been missing from the crypto scene since June 2017, long before Bitcoin went parabolic and experienced a subsequent correction that led to a long, arduous bear market. In just a short while back, ScienceGuy9489’s charts have already topped Reddit, predicting that “we are set for the next bullrun,” but its his Twitter posts that have the crypto community buzzing. In the most recently shared charts, the trader has predicted the breakout dates for Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as price targets for the two cryptocurrencies, along with Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin. Related Reading | One Simple Chart Proves Altcoin Season Is Upon Us The trader suggests that Ripple is “set up for a break out opportunity” currently, as it is brushing up against key downtrend resistance dating back as far as the nearly $4 top set back in early January 2018. In fact, the analyst is calling for a breakout price target of $4 on Ripple. #Ripple #XRP set up for a break out opportunity at at moment. pic.twitter.com/DHxTI7mPX8 — ScienceGuy9489 (@ScienceGuy9489) March 20, 2019 Litecoin, he says, which has led the recently bullish momentum over the past few weeks, is “trying to breakout” currently. For the cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee, ScienceGuy9489 set a price target for $650, which would set a new all-time high for Litecoin. #LTC is trying to breakout. Other coins are also moving positive moves. pic.twitter.com/xJSc1Ew0D9 — ScienceGuy9489 (@ScienceGuy9489) March 16, 2019 On his Ethereum chart, which is the trader’s cryptocurrency of choice, he expects an oddly specific breakout date of April 24, 2019 with a price target of $2090, which would also set a new high for the smart contract-supporting crypto. ETH should be breaking out by April 24th pic.twitter.com/z8lwk9zMHY — ScienceGuy9489 (@ScienceGuy9489) March 11, 2019 Finally, with Bitcoin, the king of all cryptocurrencies, the trader has set the “liftoff date” at April 11, 2019, just a mere few weeks away. The price target for Bitcoin’s breakout? A new all-time high of $28,100. BTC Liftoff Due Date: April 11, 2019 pic.twitter.com/osscXh2TNI — ScienceGuy9489 (@ScienceGuy9489) March 11, 2019 Anyone viewing these charts and the outlandish price targets might be left scratching their head, however, it’s rare the entire cryptocurrency community gives one analyst such attention, and it’s even more unique to find a crypto analyst who disappeared during the last bull run, only to return again as the bear market is ending. Related Reading | Majority of Crypto Investors See Bitcoin Price at $100,000 to Millions Long-Term As for if the trader’s lofty predictions actually will play out, only time will tell. But it is certain that the entire crypto community will be watching closely to see if either the breakout dates are targets are reached with any accuracy. Featured image from Shutterstock Crypto Bull Returns, Predicts Targets For Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin was last modified: March 21st, 2019 by Tony SpilotroThe post Crypto Bull Returns, Predicts Targets For Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin appeared first on NewsBTC.

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