Who Are the Holders Of the Bitcoin’s Biggest Wallets?

Chinalysis has analyzed 32 largest Bitcoin wallets not on exchanges as of August 2018 to develop a taxonomy of whales. They represent roughly 1M Bitcoins, or about $6.3 billion

The data revealed four basic types of whales:

  • Traders: With nine wallets controlling over 332,000 coins, worth just over $2 billion, whales who actively trade make up the largest category, but only about a third of total whale holdings.
  • Miners/Early Adopters: The second largest group of whales includes 15 investors, also holding a total of 332,000 coins, worth a bit more than $2 billion. Current trading activity for this group is extremely low.
  • Lost: Lost whales make up another large part of the pod with five wallets holding over 212,000 coins, worth approximately $1.3 billion. These are wallets where the owner has lost their private keys and can no longer access their bitcoin.
  • Criminals: This is the smallest segment amongst the whales with three wallets, over 125,000 coins and just short of $790 million in asset value.
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