Why Bitcoin won’t bounce back

Why Bitcoin won’t bounce back

This week everyone followed the rates passionately, being ready to either buy or sell (or hodl :-) quickly. Also, cryptoad is back, as well as those crypto folks, who were believed long lost. Redditors discussed everything and we tracked it down

  • Welcome back Ross! Ross Ulbricht — Silk Road owner:

Hi, this is Ross! I’m hoping to find my voice here after all these years of silence. It has been a strange journey, but I’m so grateful for all those who’ve shown love and support and held me up through the hard times. You give me strength.

Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road owner

Is it really him? Redditors try to figure it out, join!

  • The revolution will not be televised. Discussion with this topic fell under the censorship of sabreddit r/btc, but continues to recruit upvotes and comments. Hurry up while it's still there!
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