Yahoo! Finance welcomes cryptocurrency trading

Yahoo! Finance welcomes cryptocurrency trading

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are now available to buy or sell on Yahoo! Finance

A tweet by Anthony Pompliano confirmed the news, 'You can now buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin on Yahoo Finance.' on Yahoo!

As of writing, Bitcoin is trading at around $6,900, down by ~2.6%, comparing to recent growth. Ethereum is at ~$280, down by ~6%. Litecoin is at $59, down by ~5.7%.

The trading of other coins, such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, EOS, XRP, and others are not yet offered. But graphs, charts, and other coin information can be seen on the website.

It is not the first case. Another branch of the internet conglomerate has already showed interest in utilizing cryptocurrency exchange in its platform. April, 13, Yahoo! Japan Corporation, a major auction site in the country, has relayed its 40% acquisition of BitARG Exchange Tokyo, an FSA approved cryptocurrency exchange. Yahoo! Japan plans to launch an exchange by the middle of next year. According to information, the deal between the two companies is likely to total from two to three billion yen ($18.6—$27.9 million then).


3,598 USD


119.01 USD


31.74 USD

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